Week 3 Assignment - Ideal Work Environment Think about your work history or even places where those you know have worked. What was that work environment like in each place? What did you like at each...

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Week 3 Assignment - Ideal Work Environment

Think about your work history or even places where those you know have worked. What was that work environment like in each place? What did you like at each of those places? What was not so pleasing?Now, keeping in mind those past work experiences, describe an ideal work environment for you. What are the working conditions? What about the salary or opportunities for advancement? What about the kind of work being done?For this assignment, write a 4–5 page paper (before including a title page and a reference page) in which you respond to the following:
  • Describe a great working environment for you.
  • Evaluate specific policies and practices that create a cohesive organizational culture.
  • Discuss managerial behaviors that should be common in a great working environment.
  • Discuss how ethics/morality and diversity issues impact an organization.
This paper will require research beyond your experiences, specifically looking at existing policies and practices in organizations, managerial behaviors and ethics/morality, and diversity issues and their impact on organizations. You will need to referenceat least three quality sourcesin your paper.This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
  • Evaluate policies, practices and behaviors that create a cohesive organizational culture.
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Answer To : Week 3 Assignment - Ideal Work Environment Think about your work history or even places where those...

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Title: Work Environment & Work Culture
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Good Working Environment
The ideal working environment is the particular environment in the workplace where working as a part of a team becomes immensely opportunistic for the career and enhances the productivity of the employees. It is always preferable to be in an environment in which the team members and the coworkers encourage each other and developed a culture of knowledge sharing to enhance the efficiency of the employees thereby enhancing the organizational productivity. A good working environment allows the employees to enjoy the work and continue to grow their skills both personally and professionally. It is also obvious that certain individuals prefer to work independently even though they work efficiently to be a part of a team (Dhir). A collaborative working environment in an organization can be associated with an effective and balance teamwork and independence which helps the workers to thrive in the cohesive and specific working environment. It is the core values of the organization that also directs the working culture and the working environment of the organization. Hence employees look for an organization that needs to have definite core values and enhances teamwork abilities.
A good working environment is also diverse and inclusive which gives equal opportunities to all the employees in the organization and developed a culture that shows cases professional traits and the desire to take initiative in the group projects or other operations within the organization. Moreover, a good working environment gives a flexible schedule to the employees by balancing the work and life by providing more generous paid time off with accommodating individual requests and a supportive work environment that understands personal and family obligations. So an ideal work environment is defined by cohesive organizational values that encourage equality, diversity, and inclusiveness.
Cohesive Organizational Culture
Cohesive organizational culture is defined by a situation in the workplace in which the employees have a sense of belonging and they feel that they are valued. It is also apparent that the employees have a culture of working effectively to commit they are personal and organizational goals. So a cohesive working culture is known...

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