will post book in chat need 3 slides and speaker notes that dose not include tittle or reference page

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1. Will provide book in chat must use scholar sources
2. Tittle of ppt is Reinforcement
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Reinforcement is used to strengthen a behavior and increase the chances that the desired behavior will continue in the future. The way in which reinforcement is used can differ from situation to situation, and may depend on the desired behavior. This assignment has you work with your team to determine how reinforcement, both positive and negative, is used within an applied setting. 
Imagine your team has been asked to present to a high school psychology class on how behavioral principles are used in different settings. 
Choose one setting in which to apply principles of behavior. Settings include schools, hospitals, prisons, or businesses. The setting is school
Evaluate the use of various types of reinforcement in the chosen setting. 
Create  3 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® (not counting the title and reference slides) presentation to show to the high school psychology class. Ensure you:
· Provide a
ief overview of the setting you have chosen. The setting is school
· Describe how reinforcement is used in this setting, including the different methods.
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Reinforcement Behavior Modification
Behavior Modification
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t - By the virtue of this presentation, I would be presenting the Reinforcement Principles that shape behavior and actions
Target – I have selected setting of Schools where these behavioral principles especially the positive and negatives ways of reinforcement will be applied on students
A core association between the stimulus as well as the response creates an operant actions
ehaviors. If provided consistent response which is further followed by certain desired consequences like a reinforcer. This will definitely will enhance the likelihood of the similar actions in certain situations in the future. Individuals' behavior is susceptible to various contingencies of the reinforcement which is called as operant behavior. The operant conditioning can be explained with the outcome of the contingencies on the actions of operant/ class students in this scenario
Reinforcement theory
According to this theory, children’s behavior and actions are complete function of experiences as well as consequences.
Majority of individuals are fundamentally based on the law of effect
Essentially Reinforcement theory is based on the law of effect, behavior of individual with positive consequences tends to be repeated. However, behavior of any individual will be more inclined towards rewards received from positive experience. Therefore, positive reinforcing those actions. However, on the other hand if...

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