Treatment of Personality Disorders Debate Assignment Content Book chapter 10-11 Top of Form Consider theoretical models based on current research. Choose a treatment option for personality...

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Treatment of Personality Disorders Debate
Assignment Content
Book chapter 10-11
Top of Form
Consider theoretical models based on cu
ent research. 
Choose a treatment option for personality disorders. (Narcissistic personality disorder)
Create a debate that includes an argument that supports the treatment and an argument that opposes the treatment. 
Format your debate consistent with APA guidelines. 
References and cite scholarly sources
Bottom of Form
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Treatment of Personality Disorders Debate                            
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    Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is defined by a heightened sense of importance about an individual's self, a deep-seated need for attention and admiration from others, difficulty maintaining personal and professional relationships, problems with interpersonal communication, feelings of jealousy, and an overall lack of empathy towards others. Despite a good show of self-confidence, individuals who suffer from this disorder hide the poor conviction about themselves and are usually highly susceptible to criticism. They often also show depression, substance abuse, or other mental health issues.
Proposed treatment
The usual treatment of an individual diagnosed with NPD follows a two-pronged process involving psychotherapy and medication; however, the Alternative DSM-5 Model for Personality Disorders (AMPD) takes into account certain dimensional variations in the conceptualization of NPD. Such a view opposes the traditional one-size-fits-all idea; rather, a combination of dimensions and traits, along with new
eakthroughs in neuropsychological research, has opened new avenues of diagnosis and treatment of patients with NPD. Following this line of argument, I propose a treatment that follows the basic model of self psychology as propounded by Heinz Kohut, powered by advanced insights from modern neuropsychology on the various structures of selves and how the different parts of our
ain affect their personality.
    The central tenet of self psychology is understanding the patient through their subjective experiences that lead to interpretations of the self. The fact that an individual's notion of selfhood is embedded deep within the human psyche forms the basis of Kahut's theory. Great emphasis is given to empathy,...

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