Write a Management Research Paper in APA Format Write a research paper discussing the top management skills. I plan to use this paper in a meeting with our CEO to better direct the management in this...

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Write a Management Research Paper in APA Format

Write aresearch paperdiscussing the top management skills.I plan to use this paper in a meeting with our CEO to better direct the management in this company. It is important this paper is written following APA format and cites to references to support your statements. Please see below for very specific directions.

Assignment Directions (complete each step)

  • Write a 600-word count paper (word count only counts the subject written in your paper....headers, title pages, abstracts and reference pages do not count as words).
  • Write in APA format (header, title page, Times New Roman Font 12, double spaced)
  • Include 5 sections (paragraphs) with anIntroduction, Body of Research (topics 1 to 3) & Conclusion, with at least 3 reliable Internet sources with inline citation.
  • Include headings, a reference and title page, and citations to the sources referenced within the text of your paper.
  • Head each section of your paper to correspond to the topics 1, 2, 3 below. This website is very helpful in guiding you regarding APA format:https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_style_introduction.htmlf

Cover All of these Topics in Your Paper

  • Introduction Paragraph
  • Body of Research (Topics 1 to 3)
  • Topic 1 - Top 10 Management Skills from the Experts (Title as Such)

Research online to find 2 reliable articles/sources that identify 10 of the top management skills according to management experts or management consultants.In a paragraph or two, explain what these articles identify as the top ten skills. Be sure to use APA format to reference these sources and cite them in the text of your paper. (Be sure to use paragraph format, rather than listing out the skills in bullet points).

Topic 2 - What Do You Feel Are the Top 5 (Title as Such)

Choose 5 of the management skills from these articles that you find most important and discuss why you chose these. Use the learning in the course so far, your experience, and your personal philosophy to explain what you feel are the five of the most important management skills a manager needs to have. Think about how you would like to be treated if you were an employee being managed.

Topic 3 - Future Trends in Management (Title as Such)

Research online to find 1 reliable article/source that discusses what the experts seeas trends for future management and leadership skills. In a paragraph or two discuss the article and what you think about the future of management and business. Think about what management skills may be needed in the future, whether managers have these skills today, and how they would develop them for the future. Be sure to use APA format to reference the sources and cite to them in the text of your paper.

Conclusion Paragraph

Please remember that this assignment is for your researched thought. If you describe an opinion, it should be grounded in citation and referenced based on your research. The purpose of the assignment is for you to critically examine issues, using research as your foundation for your ideas. Ideas built from research create credibility with the reader. It also enhances your critical thinking as well as your own enlightenment. Many times, we have an opinion that after we research the opinion, we find that there is evidence of counterintuitive concepts that lead to new ways of looking at our original idea.

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Answer To: Write a Management Research Paper in APA Format Write a research paper discussing the top management...

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Running Head: Management Research Paper 1
Management Research Paper
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
10 management skills    3
Top 5 skills in my opinion    3
Future trends in management    4
Conclusion    5
References    6
In this paper it will be discussed about the leadership and management skills. First it will be identified the top 10 skills of management by analysing two articles. The top five abilities from these publications that, in my opinion, are most crucial for being reasonable will also be emphasized. Lastly, the paper will conclude by discussing Future trends in management.
10 management skills
According to a poll of more than 332,860 workers in the article, managers should be able to encourage and inspire their staff. Effective managers are able to develop company plans that take into consideration the shortcomings and strengths of their staff. Additionally, managers must be open to developing real connections with and getting to know the team members. Managers should evaluate the areas and skills of improvement of their staff members. When communicating or acting, they should consider how others might perceive them.
al cues can convey messages more effectively than words can, therefore managers should pay close attention to them. A frequent component of management procedures should be real...

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