write an essay that explains and analyzes two different police-citizen interactions. The first interaction will feature a situation in which the citizen (suspect?) was critically injured and/or died...

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write an essay that explains and analyzes two different police-citizen interactions. The first interaction will feature a situation in which the citizen (suspect?) was critically injured and/or died at the end of the interaction. It is your job to fully research this encounter, present the facts of the case, the actions of the police and that of the perp and then analyze the encounter step by step, explaining the actions and the reactions. In almost all cases there should be some sort of legal resolution on these interactions whether it be conviction, acquittal or no charges being brought (no true bill for a Grand Jury).The second incident must involve a situation in which the police officer was critically injured or killed by the suspect. Be judicious in choosing this interaction because the key aspect of this analysis is whether the use of force continuum was used correctly and whether any of the academic theories have any credence in this story. For example, were the police officers the aggressors? Did they follow protocols and the law? Was the suspect the aggressor? Was this an arrest situation? What happened? How did it go wrong? What do the experts say? The analysts? The pundits?The essay must be carefully annotated, using APA format for source citation and a bibliography (reference list). You must use at least five reputable, peer-reviewed sources. Newspapers are certainly acceptable as well as magazines.
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Running Head: EXPOSITORY ESSAY                            1
EXPOSITORY ESSAY                                    7
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Analysis of the Cases    3
Legal Resolutions    5
Conclusion    5
References    7
The police-citizen interaction is a complex process where the victim and the guilty must be identified properly to produce co
ect judgment according to law. In this essay, we will encounter such two cases where the police and the citizen are encountered in the act of crime, which gave an outcome of two different results.
In the first interaction, we will thoroughly analyze the Eric Garner case, which occu
ed in 2014, where the suspect was choked to death by the police officer. In the second case, we will analyze the Harlem case, which occu
ed in 2021, where a gunman shot the police officers and among them one of the officers died.
Analysis of the Cases
The first interaction of police-citizen deals with the Eric Garner who was suspected to sell cigarettes openly in the streets of New York (The New York Times, 2019). In this case, Eric was suspected to sell single cigarettes on the streets of New York and when charged he showed the signs of being harassed which led the police officer in a
esting him. While a
esting, the police officer holds Eric by his neck and choked him eventually despite Eric continuous pleading chanting, “I can’t
This case shows that the police officer is the aggressor who attacked on the suspect first according to video evidence. The protocols and laws were not maintained for a
esting Eric and the police officer was completely liable for such action. According to Cuomo (2021), the mandatory a
est laws are implemented for the police officer to a
est without any wa
ant. In this case, the a
esting of wa
ant on the spot would have been acceptable but choking a suspect to death is an offence.
This was an a
est situation only to properly investigate about the truth and search for cigarettes from Eric. When Eric did not allow the search and tagged the police officer as harassers, the police officer Daniel Pantaleo held him from behind his neck to take him to the jail. In executing such action, Eric was choked to death and the black people started to become a rebellion against the police department of New York. The case went wrong...

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