write physical and chemical properties of oxygen family

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write physical and chemical properties of oxygen family
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Running head: OXYGEN FAMILY

Oxygen Family
Oxygen group could be found in 16
column of the periodic table. It is constituted via elements
such as; Oxygen, Sulfur, Selenium, Tellurium, Polonium, and Ununhexium (O, S, Se, Te, Po,
and Uuh) respectively which are also known as; Chalcogens. All of the elements belonging to
Oxygen group consists of 6 electrons in their valence shell and form -2 ions. (go.hrw.com)
Physical Properties
(1) Physical state
In Oxygen family, only Oxygen is gaseous by nature while, other elements are solids.
(2) Atomic radii
There might be noticed an increment in atomic radii down the group because, increment in the
number of inner shells may overweigh the increment in nuclear charge. (science.widener.edu)
(3) Ionization energy
Down the group, there could be observed reduction in the ionization energy which may be owing
to increment in atomic radii of elements and shielding effect. (ptable.com)
(4) Electro negativity
Electro-negativity may reflect reduction in a group in downward direction because of increment
in atomic size. (education.jlab.org)
(5) Electron affinity
High electron affinity is reflected via elements of this group which shows reduction down the
group. (go.hrw.com)
Oxygen Family

(6) Non – metallic and metallic character ...

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