Write your essay(minimum 5 pages)base on answering these questions in relation to the work you picked (explain wherein the picture and how it is working): INCLUDE AT LEAST TWO ARTICLES (CITE THE...

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Write your essay(minimum 5 pages)base on answering these questions in relation to the work you picked (explain wherein the picture and how it is working):



What era, culture, time, and style of art this work is belonged to? Explain the main characteristic of that particular style/type of art and whether the piece you picked is showing those characteristics? How?


Analyze the types of lines created in the pieces, their angles (horizontal, vertical, angled, curved, etc), expressions of the lines, emotions, speed, if the lines are creating soft edge or hard edge, if they are creating the illusion of space and distance (like perspective lines or overlaps lines), if they are revealing forms (contour/cross contour line, hatching) and finally if there are some implied lines in the picture that are revealing some other important points.


Find general directions and angels (of poses or big shapes or pointing fingers or eyes looking at something)

Find out which kind of compositional style is used: circular, triangular, S composition, T composition or spiral composition

Find the focal point/s of the image.


What type of shape do you see in the artwork? where do you see them?




Abstract or Nonobjective

Amorphous or implied shape

Where do you see positive and negative shapes in the picture?


Decide about the simplified shapes of light, medium tone and dark tone of the picture?

Is this picture low key or high key?

Where do we see the maximum contrast?

Is the soft change of value/blended or dramatic changes?

Do you see modeling or chiaroscuro technique in showing the light and forms?


Do you see mostly warm or cool colors? Where in the picture?

Are there tinted colors or shaded?

Is there a use of any pairs of complimentary colors of the color wheel?

Saturated or less saturated?

Is there any use of symbolic color?

Can you find any local color, perceptual color, and arbitrary color?

Doesthis painting belong to the style of Impressionism, Pointillism, Pop art or a plein air painting?


Is it a two-dimensional space or an illusion of a three-dimensional space

If it is three dimensional, which of these are used to create this illusion:




Size change



Color Saturation

Amount of details

TEXTURE, TIME, AND MOTIONIs thereVisual Texture or Actual Texture used in this work?Is it two-dimensional work or three-dimensional? If it is three-dimensional is it in a form of kinetic art?

Is it a narrative picture? If yes, what do you know about the narrative?

If it is a two-dimensional picture can you see any Implied movement in it? How is it shown?Do you see any optical illusion in the picture?PRINCIPAL OF DESIGNHow do you describe balance in this work? Is it balanced composition or is it not?If it is balanced, is it a Symmetrical (vertical and horizontal) balance, Asymmetrical,or Radial balance, and how?Where is the focal point in this work?How the artist used elements of design to emphasize and show this focal point in this work?What is the scale of this work and how does it relate to the concept?Are the different elements in this workshow realistic proportion or not?Do you see and repetition of elements or patterns in this work? where and how?Is there any rhythm in this work? where and how?Does the whole work show any unity? how about variety?FINE ART MEDIAWhich form of fine art media is used? (Drawing, Painting, Print or photography)Explain the exact medium and how it is used to create the piece.INCLUDE AT LEAST TWO ARTICLES (CITE THE SOURCES CORRECTLY) IN YOUR ESSAY.
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Answer To: Write your essay(minimum 5 pages)base on answering these questions in relation to the work you...

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Art and Artwork
Part 1    3
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2    3
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Part 2    4
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Part 3    7
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References    9
Part 1
by Tamara de Lempicka (Hill, 2022)
This piece is from European culture. This was created in 1920 by a Polish artist. This style was art deco. She's outfitted in leather gloves, a complementing helmet, and a grayish-white scarf encircling her neck (Hill, 2022).

Art Deco was a prevalent design and artwork style during the 1920 era.
The shades of the Art Deco period are bold and striking. Colors were commonly punctuated and paired with high-shine silver, black, or chrome accents.
Art Deco paintings have elongated and sleek figures (Elliott & Windover, 2019).

Yes, this piece, created by Tamara de Lempicka, completely follows all of those characteristics. The shades of this piece are striking and bold. The green colour is paired with a high-shining chrome color. This art piece has a sleek figure.
Part 2
Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (Greenberger, 2022)
Directional line- Yellow and red lines
Focal points- Two blue circles (Pouyet et al., 2020)
The Mona Lisa's composition is pyramidal. Her softly lighted, rounded face captures the focus as she looks to be staring at oneself. The subject is depicted in this composition with a broader baseline at her hands and her arms constituting the front corner, as well as everything in position to drive the eye up the...

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