(yemi) Please follow Assignment Guidance Leadership and Developing Others Assignment Guidance Leadership and Developing Others Examine the role of leadership in the development of a service...

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(yemi) Please followAssignment Guidance Leadership and Developing Others

Assignment Guidance Leadership and Developing Others

Examine the role of leadership in the development of a service improvement programme within a defined area of practice. Students will select an appropriate quality improvement approach and examine the role of leadership and development of others to improve patient experience and outcomes (2000 words)


Set the scene with the area where you consider service improvement is required (ensuring information is anonymised),

Main Body

● Identify the service improvement approach you will be utilising/recommending.

● Explain why you will be utilising this approach.

● Identify what leadership and development of others will be required to make the improvement a success.

● Explain how the success of the improvement will be measured along with timescales for the change.

You may wish to use appendix to demonstrate what tools you are using (for example patient stories, fishbone diagram etc.)


Draw together your discussion to identify the improvement and leadership to enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes.

Potential Service improvement methodologies might include methodologies such as those found here:


MSC Leadership and developing Others

Platform 5:

Leading and managing nursing care and working in teams Registered nurses provide leadership by acting as a role model for best practice in the delivery of nursing care. They are responsible for managing nursing care and are accountable for the appropriate delegation and supervision of care provided by others in the team including lay carers. They play an active and equal role in the interdisciplinary team, collaborating and communicating effectively with a range of colleagues.

5. Outcomes: The proficiencies identified below will equip the newly registered nurse with the underpinning knowledge and skills required for their role in leading and managing nursing care and working effectively as part of an interdisciplinary team.

At the point of registration, the registered nurse will be able to:

5.1 understand the principles of effective leadership, management, group and organisational dynamics and culture and apply these to team working and decision-making

5.2 understand and apply the principles of human factors, environmental factors and strength-based approaches when working in teams

5.3 understand the principles and application of processes for performance management and how these apply to the nursing team

5.4 demonstrate an understanding of the roles, responsibilities and scope of practice of all members of the nursing and interdisciplinary team and how to make best use of the contributions of others involved in providing care

5.5 safely and effectively lead and manage the nursing care of a group of people, demonstrating appropriate prioritisation, delegation and assignment of care responsibilities to others involved in providing care

5.6 exhibit leadership potential by demonstrating an ability to guide, support and motivate individuals and interact confidently with other members of the care team

5.7 demonstrate the ability to monitor and evaluate the quality of care delivered by others in the team and lay carers

5.8 support and supervise students in the delivery of nursing care, promoting reflection and providing constructive feedback, and evaluating and documenting their performance

5.9 demonstrate the ability to challenge and provide constructive feedback about care delivered by others in the team, and support them to identify and agree individual learning needs

5.10 contribute to supervision and team reflection activities to promote improvements in practice and services

5.11 effectively and responsibly use a range of digital technologies to access, input, share and apply information and data within teams and between agencies, and

5.12 understand the mechanisms that can be used to influence organisational change and public policy, demonstrating the development of political awareness and skills.

Elevator Pitch

Consider that you are in an elevator and you have 3 minutes to promote your planned project to Matt Hancock who is in the lift with you and your Director of Nursing. Tell them about:

· Your project.

· What you are doing.

· Why you are doing it.

· What benefit will it have for patient and carers.

The goal is simply to convey the overall concept or topic in an exciting way. Make sure you leave them wanting to know more!


· Plan and Structure Your Speech

· Memorise Your First and Last Lines

· Practice!

· Don’t Bury Your Face in Notes and do make Eye Contact

· Use Pauses

· Repeat Yourself on key points.

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