You arecompany is interested in search engine optimization (SEO) of their website and in learning more about search engine marketing (SEM) and would like for you to make recommendations about a Google...

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You arecompany is interested in search engine optimization (SEO) of their website and in learning more about search engine marketing (SEM) and would like for you to make recommendations about a Google AdWords campaign as well as techniques to improve organic traffic to their website.hired! For your final project, you will take the role of a consultant who has been hired to help a brand with their digital presence. Specifically, theThe company has set aside a budget of $5,000 per month for a Google AdWords campaign and would really like to understand your rationale behind the keywords that you recommend. You will need to recommend how the company uses this budget and why. Also, the company is willing to spend $5,000 on improving their website through SEO techniques that you recommend. The company is unschooled in both SEO and SEM, and therefore you will need to clearlydefine the pros and cons of each and set clear expectations. If this project goes well and you are able to show results, the company will continue to work with you on a retainer to have you consult on SEO/SEM initiatives.You will create a search engine plan for the company and culminate with a one-page recommendation in which you will summarize and explain your strategies to the client.Specifically, you must address the critical elements listed below. Most of the critical elements align with a particular course outcome (shown in brackets).
. Company Analysis: In this section, you will analyze different internal and external factors and explain why your company would benefit from an SEO and SEM campaign.a) Company Selection: Provide a brief description of the company you selected in the Module One Final Project Discussion. What keyword did you select from the list provided? What is this company about?b) Internal Factors: Create SMART goals for your specific company that build on the needs and budget presented above. What are the long-term goals for your specific company?c) External Factors: Analyze a competitor’s website to gather ideas regarding keywords and organic traffic. In your answer, consider the following:i. What local results appeared on the first page?ii. What ads did you find on the first page?iii. Why do you believe the first site from your search is the top site for organic traffic?iv. Will the search term be too competitive and therefore out of budget for the project?d) Justification: Based on your findings from the internal and external factors analyses, explain why your company would benefit from an SEO/SEM campaign. Make sure you justify your answer with research and specific examples from the previous sections.II. SEO Strategy: In this section, you will conduct an SEO audit of your website and then recommend three SEO techniques for your company.a) Keywords: Using the Google Trends tool, select five keywords to target that align with your website’s theme. Present your keywords in abulleted list and provide a screenshot of the results from Google Trends. Keep in mind that you will make your SEO recommendations aroundthese keywords.b) Audit: After conducting a website SEO audit using this checklist, present your findings, highlighting your website’s strengths and weaknesses.Present your answer in the form of a two-paragraph summary.c) SEO Techniques: Recommend three SEO techniques to improve organic traffic to your website. Make sure you support your answer withfindings from research and specific examples from previous sections.III. SEMStrategy:Inthissection,youwillproposeaneffectiveSEMstrategy.a) Keywords: Based on the keywords you selected in the previous section, you will use Keyword Planner and Google AdWords to select final keywords that would be plausible based on the assigned budget and the website’s theme. Keep in mind that you can select the number of words you consider necessary. Present your keywords in a bulleted list.b) Reasoning: Explain the logic behind your keyword selections, supporting your answer with findings from research and examples.c) Tools: Provide screenshots of the results you obtained from Google AdWords and from the Keyword Planner spreadsheet.
IV. Implementation:Inthissection,youwillcreateanactionplantomeasuretheeffectivenessofyourSEOandSEMstrategiesandwilldiscussthelegaland ethical principles to consider when implementing the campaign.a) Google Analytics: Based on the goals you defined and the proposed strategies, you will explain how you plan to measure your campaign. Make sure you address the following:i. Recommend three Google Analytics reports explaining what each report intends to measure.ii. Explain the reasons why you believe those three reports should be used to measure the effectiveness of your strategies. Support youranswer with research.iii. Describe how you will use the data you collect to make decisions regarding optimization of your SEO/SEM campaign.b) Industry Standards and Regulations: Based on the decisions you have made, discuss the ethical and legal principles that will have to be considered when implementing each of the strategies. Make sure you address the following:i. Identify the ethical and professional standards that apply to your SEO/SEM campaign.ii. Identify current regulations that must be considered when implementing your plan. Are there any state or federal regulations thatshould be considered?iii. Explain how you will address the ethical and legal considerations for promoting positive brand awareness and ensuring compliance withindustry standards and regulations.V. Report: In this section, you will filter through the entire process to submit a focused 1-page recommendation for your chosen company. In this report,you will explain to your client the SEO and SEM strategies you selected and how they are going to be implemented.
Guidelines for Submission: Your search engine plan must be 9 pages in length (in addition to a cover page and references) and must be written in APA format.Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

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Running Head: MARKETTING MANAGEMENT                        1
MARKETTING MANAGEMENT                                3
Table of Contents
Company Analysis    3
Company Selection    3
Internal Factors    3
External Factors    4
Justification    4
SEO Strategy    4
SEO Techniques    6
SEM Strategy    6
Keywords    7
Reasoning    7
Implementation    8
Google Analytics    9
Industry Standards and Regulations    9
Regulations for Implementation    10
Recommendation    11
References    13
Company Analysis
    The company deals with the manufacturing of fragrances based on customer’s preference. There are many competitors out there in the market of fragrance industry but the strength of our company ‘The Creative Minds’ lies in the process of customisation of the odour according to the customer’s choice. The company faces a huge cost burden in the process which can be reduced by achieving more customers. The competitors in the business are Yardley and Axe who possess a targeted audience and campaigns accordingly to increase their sales. For increasing the sales, a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Management (SEM) campaign is mandatory.
Company Selection
    The selected company is The Creative Minds which deals with the manufacturing of fragrance. So, the keywords searched are ‘fragrance’, ‘body spray’, ‘perfume’, ‘Axe’, ‘Fogg’, ‘fragrance business’, ‘organic search growth’, ‘best customised fragrance manufacturer’ and ‘best fragrance to sustain the whole day’. These keywords are used maintaining the search keywords used by the customers which are long tailed, to make the website accessible to many people. The company also endorses cele
ities through their customised fragrances, and this must also be included on the website to attract customers.
Internal Factors
    The long-term goal of the company is to sustain in the business by retaining the customers. It aims to be the number one customised fragrance
and through search engine optimisation and management campaigns. The company aims to increase 20% organic customers through internet searches by 2023. The budget provided is 5000 US dollars which can be divided and used for the optimisation and management of the search engines through expending on proper keywords which has less competition in the market.
External Factors
    The competitor’s website considered is Axe which is a most popular
and for grooming man. The first page of the search showed the website of the
and. The local result showed several kinds of updated Axe products. The Ads included the applications like Amazon, Nykaa, and Myntra who were selling such products on their platform. The first site of the search is the best for organic traffic as it is the original website of the product cataloguing all the updated products of the company. Organic search provides a long-term benefit in maintaining the position of a company. The search terms will be too competitive and hence out of budget. So long terms must be incorporated to target our website.
    From the internal and external factors analysed, the company will benefit from the SEO and SEM campaign as a proper specific search term will help it to get identified and gain organic customers through searches. The organic searches are more useful in gaining a long-term success than the google ads of the products and hence the budget must be used to buy key terms and increase the organic search results. As mentioned by Giomelakis, Karypidou and Veglis (2019), when a proper SEO and SEM strategy is followed by a company, the chances of attracting the customers and clients increases. It is seen in the example of the Axe
and how it had gained organic searches. Hence the campaigns are of much importance to build the company’s position in the market.
SEO Strategy
    After conducting the audit of our website, it is found that it misses the proper keywords to gain organic searches. The keywords used are:
· Fragrance
· Perfume
· Best Body spray
· Women perfume
· Men cologne
The SEO audit resulted in the finding of gaps on the website and the strength and weakness of the company. The mobile friendliness of the app was checked, the google competency were checked, the speed of the site was considered, similar pages created were deleted, the indexing problem were deleted, and the organic search traffic were checked.
    The strengths were found in the website friendliness in both mobile and other devices. The speed of the website is reasonable which can be increased, and the google competency was good. The weaknesses lied in the organic search traffic, indexing problem and similar other websites which reduces the visit o the clients.
SEO Techniques
     Keywords can be generated through the techniques of ‘People Also Ask’ optimisation strategy where a list of keywords used by the people in search engine is provided, using supporting contents to generate long-tailed keywords, and studying the competitors page to derive ideas of organic search process. According to...

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