You are supposed to do the "Identify the Problem or Opportunity for Improvement" part listed in the attached file. Please view the file carefully and do the above part which is explained in the file...

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You are supposed to do the "Identify the Problem or Opportunity for Improvement" part listed in the attached file. Please view the file carefully and do the above part which is explained in the file in detail. THE COMPANY CHOSEN IS MAINFRIEGHT.
Assessment 3 (Group Assignment)Assessment 3 (Group Assignment)The purpose of this assignment is to develop students’ capability in applying quantitative skills and knowledgeto solve a real world supply chain problem and promote deep learning which occurs through interaction. Processof completing this assignment is explained as below:a. Group Formation• Form your own group with at least 4 but no more than 5 students.• Once the group has been formed, all group members are required to sign up to the same self-sign up groupin the Canvas.– All members of a group are required to get to the ‘Group’ tab in the ‘People’ section of the Canvascourse site. You will see a number of pre-populated groups (e.g. Group 1 - Group 20).– Students of the same group should select a group number which has not been occupied by othergroups. To put it simply, you need to select an empty group.– All members of the group should sign up to the same group number.Notes:• You must identify/select your group members in your own stream first (after attending the first lecture).Once you formed a group with 4 to 5 students, then each member should sign up to the same group on theCanvas. To make it short, form your group first, and then sign up on the Canvas.• Group assignments which would be completed individually will not be accepted.• It is student’s responsibility to find group members. If you have difficulty in finding group members, youneed to contact your tutor before week 4.• If there is a dispute in a group, group members are required to inform the tutor immediately. If the issueis raised at least four weeks prior to the assignment due date, the tutor will intervene to resolve the issuein an amicable way and requests all members to complete the meeting minutes after each group meeting,record the contribution of each member, and send a copy of the meeting minute to the relevant tutor. Ifthis method will not be effective, peer review process will be in place.b. Selecting a CompanySelect a local company or an international company which operates locally in the country where you are currentlystudying. Contact info of the selected company should be provided in the Introduction section of the report.c. Identify a Problem or an Opportunity for ImprovementStudents are advised to review the processes and functions of the selected company’s supply chain to identify aproblem (or an opportunity for improvement) which can be addressed by at least one of the quantitative methodscovered in this course. Having an initial discussion with the company will help you choose the appropriatetechnique(s).If you are unsure regarding the selected company or topic, it is recommended to have a chat with your tutor.Your tutor will advise you whether the selected topic and/or company would be suitable for this assessment task.d. Selecting a Quantitative MethodStudents are required to choose any or a combination of the discussed quantitative methods in this course. Hereare some suggested topics:1• Linear/Integer Programming and Sensitivity Analysis• Waiting line models• Simulation• Risk Analysis• Decision Theory and Multi-criteria Decision Making• Game Theorye. Data Collection > Problem Formulation > Analysis > Results and Discussion > Recommen-dationThe ultimate goal of this assignment is to provide the most insightful and informative recommendation forsolving a supply chain-related problem or offering an opportunity for improvement. Therefore, students arerequired to analyse the identified data, discuss the findings, and provide recommendations accordingly.Using multiple sources of data is highly recommended, e.g conducting interview with company’s key staff andalso using the company’s historical records.f. Writing ReportSuggested structure of the report:1. Executive Summary2. Table of Content3. List of Figures/Tables4. Introduction5. Identify a Problem or an Opportunity for Improvement6. Choosing the Quantitative Method7. Data Collection/Selection8. Problem Formulation9. Analysis10. Results and Discussion11. Recommendation12. References13. AppendixNotes:• In the ‘Introduction’ section, students are required to provide background information regarding thecompany including size, business type, areas of operations, competitors, supply chain structure, key staffcontact information, etc.• Students are required to clearly explain why the nominated quantitate method is selected and what arethe advantages and disadvantages of using the selected method compared to other techniques.• To solve your model, if some required data is missing, you can use the competitors’ information, if available.If no data is available for a specific part of your model, you can solve your model using assumed data.However, all assumptions should be clearly explained.g. Assessment CriteriaYou can find below a list of requirements and assessment criteria for the group assignment.Section Requirements Weight1 Introduction Detailed background information regardingthe company and its supply chain structure.5%2Section Requirements Weight2 Identify the Problemor Opportunity forImprovementExplain the problem or the opportunity forimprovement that you identified in thecompany. Explain the assumptions.Provide detailed information regarding thechosen topic. Why is this topic chosen?Clarify current status of the topic in theselected company. Note: Students arerecommended to avoid selecting a verysimple or very complex problem to solve.Selecting very simple problem which doesnot add significant value to the companydoes not attract a high mark. Selecting avery complex problem may require toomany assumptions which impacts thevalidity of the model. If you are unsure,please contact your tutor.20%3 Choosing theQuantitative MethodExplain advantages and disadvantages ofthe selected quantitative method. Justifywhy the selected method is the besttechnique to addressing the company’sproblem or making an improvement.5%4 DataCollection/SelectionA comprehensive data collection/selectionto provide all required inputs for theselected quantitative model/method.Students are required to collect real datafor the chosen topic.5%5 Problem Formulation Step by step developing a model orformulate the quantitative method to fullyaddress the identified problem or theprocess which is expected to be improved.If any assumption is made to develop themodel, it should be clearly stipulated.10%6 Analysis Perform the analysis and provide Exceloutputs with explanations. Clearexplanation about all steps, calculationsshould be provided.10%7 Results andDiscussionThe outcome of analysis should be wellexplained and discussed. The situation ofthe company’s selected process/functionshould be compared before and afterresolving the issue. The effectiveness of theselected quantitative method and findingsneeds to be discussed. If thesolution/decision is impacted by the modelassumptions, sensitivity analysis orre-testing the model by using differentvalues of the assumed factor is required.15%8 Recommendations Providing a realistic recommendation to thecompany. If some assumptions couldimpact the validity of the recommendation,they should be clearly stipulated.10%9 Overall Presentation Providing high quality report with correctreferencing, well developed executivesummary, table of content, list of figures/tables, page numbering, cover sheet,appendix (if any). Effective academic andprofessional writing requires good grammar,spelling, and punctuation. All sectionsshould be clearly presented in the report.20%3h. Submission of written assignment• One of group members should submit the group assignment report.• Students are required to submit both Word and Excel files.• Submission of a zipped file attracts no mark.• Failing to submit the Word or Excel documents will result in no mark (zero).• The naming convention for both Word and Excel files is: ‘Group XX’, where XX is your group number.• Students must avoid using their nickname in the submission process. Student’s name should match withThe University records.Notes:• All written assignments must be submitted electronically using the assignment submission tool which isavailable under the ‘Assignment’ section of the Canvas.• Providing assignment reports via email or submitting the hard copy of report is not accepted.• As assessment 3 is a summative assignment, if you require feedback on this assignment, please contactyour tutor after two weeks from the assignment due date.• For information about academic integrity at RMIT visit Peer Review AssessmentAll group members are required to work equally towards the completion of this assessment task. In case you thinkthe level of contribution among your group is not equal and fair, you need to contact your tutor immediately(at least 4 weeks before the assignment due date). From this point forward, a meeting minute, as a supportingevidence, should be prepared at the end of each group meeting. The minute should be circulated among membersand the tutor should be CC’ed on that communication. The tutor will try to identify the root causes of potentialissue and eliminate them. If the issue still persists, the tutor will request all group members to complete thePeer Review Assessment form individually. In this case, each group member will receive an individual markbased on the average contribution level which is awarded by the student’s peers.All information and communications will remain confidential. Please note that if you have no complaint you donot need to complete this form.4 Group Formationb. Selecting a Companyc. Identify a Problem or an Opportunity for Improvementd. Selecting a Quantitative Methode. Data Collection > Problem Formulation > Analysis > Results and Discussion > Recommendationf. Writing Reportg. Assessment Criteriah. Submission of written assignmenti. Peer Review Assessment
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Companies are facing different problems, while analysing different inter
national companies we can understand that the supply chain shortage can be called as the major issue faced by the companies. In this research paper we are analysing the supply chain issues faced by the American based company Sta
ucks. For managing the supply chain management issues, the company required effective skills and abilities. They have to adopt different quantitative techniques and strategies; in this paper we are identifying the solution for managing the supply chain issues faced Sta
ucks started its operation in the year of 1971, and the company have operations in different parts of the world. The headquarters of the company is situated in Seattle in US and the products offered by the company includes;
1. Tea
2. Coffee
3. Baked goods
4. Sandwiches
Kevin Johnson is CEO of the company and more than 384,000 employees are working in the company. The company is giving more importance to providing best quality products to the customers. During the time of COVID the company faced serious issues related with its supply chain activities. We know the fact that companies required apt materials for delivering best products to the customers. While analysing the case of Sta
ucks we can understand that the company was failed to meet the needs of the customers. Now we can analyze the...

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