You are to write a consulting report of no more than three pages in length for the body (Introduction to Conclusion), plus all calculations in appendices (which can be as many pages as you need). ...

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You are to write a consulting report ofno more than three pagesin length for the body (Introduction to Conclusion), plus all calculations in appendices (which can be as many pages as you need).


Local councils and businesses wish to consider the idea of pumped hydropower as an energy storage option for the Eyre Peninsula and beyond.

Your Task

You have been asked to conduct a preliminary study to identify one location on the Eyre Peninsula (South Australia) that may be appropriate for a pumped hydropower facility. The client has provided nothing specific, nor any data.

It is expected that you will:

Identify at least one potential area for pumped hydropower systems.

Provide an indication of work required for installation of any farms/systems.

Justify any assumptions you make.

Report information

Remember that you are writing a consulting report for the client/consortium that wish to invest in the establishment of one or more wind farms. Consequently, this report may be read by technical experts, and/or non-technical staff. You should have the following sections in the report:








I expect to see an analysis related to elevation, potential power generation, reservoir volumes and thus potential energy availability, diameter, length, and flow rates related to penstocks.

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Answer To: You are to write a consulting report of no more than three pages in length for the body...

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Project Report
Introduction- Hydropower is a renewable, non-polluting and economical source of energy/ In the year 2020, hydropower plants generated around one sixth of the world'
s electricity, approximately 4500 TWh. Presently, the Pumped hydroelectricity energy storage (PHES) systems are utilized as the most substantial type of large-scale energy storage around the world. In PHES, the energy is initially stored by transfe
ing the water from the lower water reservoir to the other pool placed at a higher elevation which is further converted into electricity by fleeting this stored water over a tu
ine that can generate electricity and returning it to the lower water reservoir.. These plants are designed to lift water to higher elevation reservoir at low electricity demand and use tu
ine water to produce electricity when the demand of electricity is high. The capacity of PHES to generate electricity is nearly 1200 GW. Due to its high electricity generation capacity, constructing PHES facilities is increasing globally as a progressing electricity supply system. The Cu
ent PHES capacity of Australia is approximately 1.5 GW, and many suitable prospects for the construction of further large-scale Pumped hydroelectric power plants. However, among the various possible sites, the most appropriate site should be selected; otherwise construction of PHES may lead to loss of biodiversity.
In this project among the different possible sites in the Eyre Peninsula (South Australia) for the installation of the Hydropower facility, we selected the East Eyre 2 sites. This site is situated beside the eastern coast of the southern Eyre Peninsula at an elevation of 100-200 m above sea level. This location is selected because it has an optimal dam site suitable for the RCC dam, which is of...

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