Instruction in file

Instruction in file

Your group is responsible for creating a unique (and short) text-based adventure game while utilizing the techniques leamed throughout this course. Your text-based adventure game should include the following: © A unique story with a minimum of 2 ending. Text files containing the script of the game including all possible dialog. Utilization of STL lists, STL stacks and/or STL queues to manage groups of data. A minimum of 4 rooms to traverse and explore with puzzle elements to challenge the player. 2.word commands to interact with objects in your game world O Ex: "Pickup Axe’, “Go North, “Swing Sword", etc... O Ensure proper error detection if an incorrect command is issued. Your application should be polished and guide the player through the experience your group has constructed for them. Submission © Allnecessary .h and .cpp files to ensure your project runs © All necessary external files (.txt, dat, etc...) to ensure your project runs.
Apr 17, 2023

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