Your Task During this subject so far, you have been exposed to various theories about innovation and creativity. Being able to apply these concepts in a practical manner is a key outcome of this...

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Your Task

During this subject so far, you have been exposed to various theories about innovation and creativity.

Being able to apply these concepts in a practical manner is a key outcome of this subject.

You will work in-class to explore new solutions to a contemporary workplace problem, using techniques, concepts and theories discussed during the class and share ideas and information.

You will be given time in-class (Week 3 and 4) to work on your “creative” journey, share reflections inclass and explore the use of a variety of tools.

Using the ideas and information from your in-class participation you in writing and submitting an individual reflective essay.

Assessment Description

Your task is to identify a work-related problem that you are currently experiencing at work or by choosing one from the list below.

You will need to develop new solutions by using techniques, concepts and theories discussed during your classes.

Some suggestions include: “fishbone diagrams”, “how to statements” or “levels of abstraction”.

Some possible work problems:

1. How do you communicate effectively while maintaining social distance?

2. How to encourage people to recycle in their office?

3. How to improve overall workplace participation?

4. How to maintain workplace morale while “working from home”?

Assessment Instructions

1. There are a wide variety of creativity quizzes and tests online, have a look and see what you can find. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

a. Free online creativity test - TestMyCreativity (Week 1)

b. Test: What's your creative style? | Psychologies (Week 1)

2. A “Genius Hour” will be conducted in-class. The genius hour will facilitate the sharing of ideas

in-class. What will be your approach? Your creativity test results, your fears, passions, ideas etc. Some tools you can use include (but not limited to) Brainstorming, Mind Mapping,

Storyboarding or Visualisation (Week 3/4).

3. Every week try to create and add a “creativity pool” (Weeks 1 to 4). During these classes you will be given some tools to facilitate your creative thinking. You may also want to do some further individual research and use any tool you like such as Synectic Pinball Machine, Six

Thinking Hats or Checklists.

4. Write an individual reflective essay about your creative journey. Make sure you include all the theory, concepts, tools that you have used. Do not forget to integrate theoretical concepts and refer to at least 4 academic references to support your ideas.
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Answer To: Your Task During this subject so far, you have been exposed to various theories about innovation and...

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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Workplace Related Problem    3
Theory of Innovation and Creativity    3
Tools to Improve Innovation and Creativity    4
Force Field Analysis    5
Driving Forces    5
Restraining Forces    5
Brainstorming of the Forces    6
Cause and Effect Diagram    7
Reflection    8
Conclusion    8
References    9
The innovation and creativity are the two major tools, which help, in an organizational change. There are several theories about innovation and creativity, which helps in the proper communication in a workplace, produce an effective solution to a problem and increases the motivation, self-concept, goal orientation, and cultural values in a workplace. The innovation and creativity towards solving a problem in a workplace can be acquired through several theories and tools. In a workplace, one may face several problems such as low motivation for work, low work satisfaction, lack of communication within the employees, low rate of workplace participation and several others.
Workplace Related Problem
The current workplace related problem placed by me is the cyber-crime. Due to the current situation of working from home, the cyber-crime has increased in the workplace where the workers tend to hack the profile of other employees to steal their identity. The work done by one employee is represented as their own work by the hackers. This creates a reputation problem in the workplace and often demotivates the trustworthy employee who works hard to produce the work. Such problem in a workplace can be analyzed through the root cause analysis of the problem using the Fishbone diagram.
The driving forces of such issues must be analyzed in the first place to represent it clearly through a Fishbone diagram. The theories and tools of innovation and creativity used are depicted below:
Theory of Innovation and Creativity
To handle such cyber-crime situation in a workplace, the innovation theory of Technology Acceptance Model which will lead to the innovation in information system for the better prediction of the user and its use. As stated by Ajibade (2018), this innovation theory deals with the proper knowledge about the use of technology and its resources, which increases the flexibility of the user. This in turn helps to increase the productivity in the workplace by creating an intrinsic motivation towards the work process.
The theory of creativity helps to overcome the negative issues in a workplace through creating dedication towards the work, performing a task in several different ways creates a motivation within the workers and motivates others to work better. To deal with workplace cybercrime in the situation of working from home, the componential creativity theory can be applied relating it to the Herzberg’s two-factor theory. As mentioned by Adil and Ab Hamid (2019), the social and psychological components of an individual are essential to produce creative work. The creative factors are driven by the two-factor model given by Herzberg, which represents the several factors at workplace, which create satisfaction and dissatisfaction in a workplace.
The satisfaction factors in a workplace must be increased through proper leadership skills and tools of creativity to produce a maximum outcome. The several tools of creativity increase the motivation of a worker to produce a work of worth. According to Ramos, Figueiredo and Pereira-Guizzo (2018), the working environment acts as the main factor to induce a self-motivation and efficacy to workers....

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