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Unifolks is a top-notch student-oriented program directed at helping students achieve their best in high school, colleges, degree courses, and more.

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About Us

Guaranteeing excellence for students in every step forward.

Unifolks is an online homework assistance provider. Founded by two management and marketing pros, Ankit Garg and Pankaj Sharma, Unifolks works with a perennial mission to assist students in preparing better and graduating confidently.

Unifolks helps students in their unique learning pathway as they seek assistance and resources for better coursework comprehension, learning and memorizing, and preparation for the exams. Our platform presents the students with two unique options. They can either access and employ the myriad of learning materials like textbook solutions, practice questions, study guides, and step-by-step explanations for every topic in every subject or contribute to these solutions. All our solutions are prepared and uploaded only on experts’ recommendations. We have an expansive team comprising over 100,0000 faculty members spread across different parts of the world. It includes top educators and professors from Australia, Canada, the United States, and India who regularly share their resources, audit, collaborate with other faculty members, and devise the newest instruction strategies.

Our Vision

We aim to enhance the overall return on investment in education.

Guaranteeing excellence for students in every step forward.

At Unifolks, we put students first. In every step, our objective is straightforward – aiding students achieve their maximum potential across their academic life. As stated, we aim to help students amplify the overall return on investment in education by assisting them in learning more in less time. Since Unifolks is a portmanteau word comprising University and Folks (Students), we can say for sure - Nobody Cares for Your Academic Progress More Than Us.

We believe in helping students and accelerating the pathway from learning to earning. As you may know, students often struggle with several subjects. But practice makes a man perfect. So, if you seek comprehensive training in any subject of your choice, Unifolks can provide you with a host of homework questions with their answers. Once you have ample practice around it, working on papers and excelling in examinations becomes a cakewalk. Not just that, our assistance extends beyond the classroom. We can help you in every step to shine in all aspects of your education. For this, our focus is always on listening to your needs. Hence, amplifying and elevating your voice by taking real action towards providing top-notch solutions becomes our course of action.

That’s not the absolute depth and girth of our vision. We also aspire to leave a positive impact on everything that we do. So, we associate with only the best experts and make them available for the students in case of any doubts and queries. On special requests, we can also provide you with homework solutions.

As stated above, we put students first in our work, but at our workplace, we also put our team first. Our team comprises 100,000 faculty members and support representatives, all working together with a common passion for assisting the students. Unifolks thrives on dreaming big, but innovation and transparency are our two pillars across all levels. So, we hope to create an environment wherein people can motivate themselves to work without compromising their personal lives. Our constant aim is to ensure they find a balance between their personal and professional lives while simultaneously creating a culture of recognition and employee satisfaction.


World-Class Experts At Your Disposal

We have an expansive team of professionals who share a common goal of assisting fellow experts by amplifying their teaching skills and helping students to learn better and succeed in their academic and professional life. At regular intervals, our experts make it a point to interact, engage, and collaborate with other members and amplify their skills for instructions. Even though they are the best industry professionals or lecturers from top universities and colleges globally, we train them regularly to learn the newest strategies and skills via a series of event formats like community gatherings, discussions, and workshops. We do not stop here. We only begin from where we are to a successful future for all of us.

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