1) DISCUSSION BOARD (200 WORDS What are the three key factors that you would consider in picking a location for a Network Operation Center? (NOC)? Which of these do you think is the most important?...

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  • What are the three key factors that you would consider in picking a location for a Network Operation Center? (NOC)?</o:p>
  • Which of these do you think is the most important? Why?</o:p>
  • Discuss at least 5 areas of physical security that you would pay attention when constructing a NOC. (For this assignment, you should also consider natural disaster and man-made disaster).</o:p>
  • What are some concerns regarding wireless security when planning for disaster and how does this fit into your business continuity plan?</o:p>



Write a 5 page paper that fully answers the following questions and supports your opi5ion. The paper should be written using the following content and structure recommendations below:</o:p>

  • Title Page</o:p>
  • Introduction (1 paragraph)</o:p>
  • How does disaster recovery planning ensure business continuity? Disasters like the 9-11 attacks are extreme and fairly unlikely to happen in your environment, but these disasters sometimes do happen and there is no substitute for preparation. (1-2 pages)</o:p>
  • If you were brought in as a consultant to an organization, which is really concerned about its business continuity, what guidelines would you have for them? (1-2 pages)</o:p>
  • Conclusion (1 paragraph)</o:p>
  • APA Reference List</o:p>

Explain to them the consequences of not following each of the guidelines you recommend.</o:p>

With regard to MY assignments (IP’s, GP’s, DB’s), consider the source before you include information from Web sites.</o:p>

    • Who sponsors the Web site?</o:p>
    • Is the information on the site supported by theory and research?</o:p>

WIKIPEDIA, Yahoo Answers, dictionaries, encyclopedias, or similar websites, may NEVER be used or cited under any circumstances, on any assignment, discussion, or response for this class





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Answer To: 1) DISCUSSION BOARD (200 WORDS What are the three key factors that you would consider in picking a...

Rushendra answered on Aug 07 2022
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Question 1:
NOC keeps track of the network and is the heart of the network. So the area should be secure with proper vigilance and monitoring. It should be free from physical as well as software disasters.
Both natu
ral and artificial disasters should be minimized. The area should be monitored electronically. As well as the area should be free from natural calamities
Three factors for picking location for NOC:
Physical security is considered before picking up the network operation cente
Noc is the central area where people monitor networks and troubleshoot systems.
We should check if it is a geographic area that can cover a lot of users
We choose a city that has maximum power availability
Biometrics and other security features are available to access the area.
Proper fencing, security guards, etc are available to check the area's secure
We check area is properly located with a proper security camera
Alarms and monitoring should be enabled 24 hrs in the region
Background verification for employees to be ca
ied out before letting anyone inside the region
All backups are properly maintained
Don't allow employees to use personal devices in the area
Check whether the area is disaster-resistant, etc
It should be away from areas prone to earthquakes, floods, etc
Question 2
Disaster PLANNING & recovery
Businesses require a number of plans, technology, and money. Natural calamities like volcanoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes can harm business. Environment factors like equipment failure and system
eakdown can fail a business. Some other disasters are
Cooling plant failure,
Cyber attacks
Mischievous activity by disgruntled employees
Security Breaches
Sensitive information disclosure
System damage
orist Attacks
Theft, etc
Thunders, electric storm
Volcanic Eruption
When an unfortunate event occurs the recovery is impossible and businesses come to a halt.
But technology and data backups can be used to recover data so that at least information can be...

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