1Leadership Development PaperName: XXXXXXXXXXSubmission Date: Instructions (1pt.): XXXXXXXXXXpages in total; (2) Do not change the...

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1 Leadership Development Paper Name: Submission Date: Instructions (1pt.): (1) 4-5 pages in total; (2) Do not change the format of the document, which is already programmed; (3) Delete the yellow-highlighted sections in your final deliverable; 1. Create and present your OWN definition of leadership (boldfaced; 3pt.): · Note that the creation of your own definition of leadership should be based on the outcome of your contemplation, not from simply copying some course materials. · Explain your logic that supports the created definition (e.g., Why do you think it is suitable for representing the quality of leadership that you understand?) Your definition: 2. Explain your answers for the following questions, respectively. Note that you should be specific enough for me to see the evidence-based critical/logical thinking: (1) What are the TWO representing strengths and weaknesses of yourself (as a leader) (2pts.); (2) Why would those strengths and weaknesses matter in terms of growing your leadership quality and skills, linking them to your career aspiration, goals, and plans? Please be specific enough to see the critical/logical thinking (2pts.); and (3) How can you strengthen and improve the identified strengths and weaknesses (2pts.)?
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Leadership Development Paper
Name: Submission Date:
1. Create and present your OWN definition of leadership (boldfaced; 3pt.):
· Leadership is the capability of the ability of the indivi
duals to influence and guide the followers of the other members in the organization by making an effective decision and creating an articulating vision that establishes the individuals to achieve their goals and providing the followers with the necessary knowledge is and tools that are effective for achieving the goals and the productivity of the organization. 
· Leaders are found in the most required aspects in the society and in the organization and it is effective to note that the effective leaders possesses the aspects of the self-confidence and a strong communication skills such that they can influence the followers with an innovative and creative procedure and the perseverance such that they can take all the responsibilities of the failure and  the context of the particular prospect regarding the business decisions and the strategic and the visionary aspects of the organization.
· Moreover,  the leaders requires individuals to possess certain key traits as the communication skills and the other assertiveness that makes an individual’s develop the characteristics that are associated with the leadership and the numerous consultants which are aimed at helping the individuals to develop those traits that are extensively required by the organization and are consequently one of the most important aspect for demonstrating the sound behavior for the organization and the context of the organizational success
· Leadership is one of the most important aspects that the organization must have in order to motivate the employees and in order to enhance the performance level of the employees in the organizer. It is also effective to understand the positive correlation between the productivity of the organization with that of the effective leadership that the organization has in order to motivate the employees and address the requirements of the organization with a proper and more deliberative approach. Leadership is the basic requirement in order to exponentially direct the human resources in the organization to a proper management of the entire organization by addressing the basic requirements and the prospects that are holistic for the organization and for the overall success of the organization. 

Your definition:
Personally, I think that leadership is a method of social influences that maximizes the efforts of the other people towards the accomplishment of the unified goal and it is being able to and...

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