1. Read: (ATTACHED) “Conceptualizing Gender” chapter in Introducing Gender and Women’s Studies (IGWS) . Fausto-Sterling, A. (1993). “The Five Sexes: Why male and female are not enough” Kessler, S....

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1. Read: (ATTACHED)

  • “Conceptualizing Gender” chapter inIntroducing Gender and Women’s Studies (IGWS).
  • Fausto-Sterling, A. (1993). “The Five Sexes: Why male and female are not enough”
  • Kessler, S. (2008). “The Medical Construction of Gender”
  • Lorber, “The Social Construction of Gender”

2. Watch:

  • The 3minute video entitled "Gender/Sex-Planation: Sex/Gender"https://youtu.be/hUusvxMgKWk
  • The 3 minute video entitled "Gender/Sex-Planation: Sex/Gender,Part2"https://youtu.be/DnMgRMRLwDM
Below is the list of key terms that we will use throughout this course.



Gender/ Gender identity/expression/conformity

Hegemonic masculinity

Heteronormativity/ Compulsory heterosexuality

Homosexual/Heterosexual (history of definitions)


Intersections of identity /intersectionality/etc.






Privilege (male, white, heteronormative)


Sexist Language

Sexual orientation

Social construction




For this assignment post,you need todraw a connection among these 6 sources.

  • First, find athread--perhaps a term (from the Key Tems list) or a quote from one of them,or an idea--that runs through each source and explain how you understand this connection.
    • For example,if you choose the concept "sex and gender" you could review how each of the sources discusses this idea--how they define it.
  • Regardless of how you choose to link these sources, make sure you aredetailed in your responseand that youcite directly from the sourcesto illustrate your point. When quoting or paraphrasing, make sure you provide page numbers (if applicable) or tell us where the information is coming from (Fausto-Sterling, for example, or Sex/Gender video part 1).
  • This post must beat least3 fully developed paragraphs.
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Answer To: 1. Read: (ATTACHED) “Conceptualizing Gender” chapter in Introducing Gender and Women’s Studies...

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Title: Theories of Sex and Gende
Sex and Gende
    The conception and definition of sex and gender
has changed over the last five decades. Primarily gender was defined as masculine and feminine in 1960.Gender was differently theorized by the personal behaviors associated with men and women. For instance, men were depicted as being angry and aggressive and women were defined as being caring. Sex and gender were not distinguished in the early 90’s. Gender was described as a naturally given fact and gender was defined by the location of genitals in the body. Later, sex was defined as a biologically given thing, which all human being has and gender was defined as a cultural interpretation of the biologically given sex. More recently sex is defined as a social construction, on which gender is dependent. Feminist theories of gender have depicted two contrasting approach to determine the linkage of gender and sex (Robinson & Diane). Firstly, gender is being prioritized over sex. It has been stated that to know the sexual orientation and identities the gender must have been known. For instance, to identify...

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