A set of questions that require long answers and diagram illustrating

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A set of questions that require long answers and diagram illustrating
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Answer To : A set of questions that require long answers and diagram illustrating

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Economics, according to Alfred Marshall, is the study of ordinary people.Life's business unfortunately, in most schools and colleges throughout the world, cheating has become a routine part of life for a huge percentage of students. This is a rising issue about academic dishonesty since it cuts to the heart of the objective of higher education. Stu
dents may lack basic knowledge and skills not covered by their transcripts. Furthermore, this dishonesty is uncomfortable for students who are honest academically as well as with their teachers, because their purpose is to communicate information through instruction.
Cheating, according to Murdock and Anderman (2006), is a decision made by the student who carefully assesses the rewards and costs connected with the cheating conduct. According to their theory, "when the costs exceed the apparent reward, the action is less likely to occur." (Page 136). Murdock and Anderman's study was unique in that it looked at the link between multiple personality traits and other motivational theories, including accomplishment goal theory. They came to the conclusion that a student's proclivity to engage in academic dishonesty is greatest when the student has a low impression of their competence and a low projected likelihood of being discovered.
This frontier indicates both the students allocate their time and their academic performance.
This frontier indicates optimal allocation of Angela’s feasible frontier
A production possibilities frontier (PPF) is a curve in business analysis that depicts the amounts that can be produced of two items if they both rely on the same finite resources to manufacture them excellent. PPF is also significant in economics. It may be used to show that a country's economy is most efficient when it produces only what is most qualified to create and conduct business with other countries. Country’s requirements differ from the rest of the world's requirements. In our example the frontier indicates the allocation of student resources between time and academic performance.
If you only study for an hour, you should spend that hour performing the most critical research that can be done in an hour, and you will see a huge improvement in your hours worked scores. The second lesson is less valuable than the first, and the third hour is less valuable than the second. As a result, spending more money on something lowers the unit value created. The idea of declining marginal returns is at work here.
3. Contract fraud, if unchecked, will endanger the integrity and credibility of Australia's higher education industry, both domestically and globally. The new rule is aimed at those who offer and advertise fraudulent services, not at students. Students who cheat will continue to be subject to the academic integrity standards, processes, and consequences of the school. The new law has no effect on these institutional policies. This policies leads to increase the study hours for Angela and Bruno by reducing the leisure because they can’t opt for paid services to improve the academic performance. By refe
ing the figure below the optimal feasible point of both Angela and Bruno will A B in production possibility frontier.
Question 4
Cheating will leads to restrict the thought process of students. When they seek online platform for cheating the persons who is writing the exam or research paper will improve their knowledge rather than improving student knowledge. This will affect the academic reward of the student in short term...

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