Answer each question in 4-5 lines:</o:p> Q1: what is the concept of Ijtihad and why is it important?</o:p> Q2: how does al-Ghazali connect Sufism with orthodox theology and...

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Answer each question in 4-5 lines:

Q1: what is the concept of Ijtihad and why is it important?

Q2: how does al-Ghazali connect Sufism with orthodox theology and law?

Q3: for Sufis, how is gnosis related to love of God?

Q4: how the Sunni and Shia differ over the understanding of Islamic history (in terms of succession of Prophet Muhammad, Imam vs Caliph)?

Q5: why is love important in Sufism?

Q6: what is the connection between sharia and Sunna? (Hint. Define each and what is the relationship between the two)?

Q7: what is the isnad of a hadith and why is it important?

Q8: how do the Sunni theologies think that evil comes from God?

Q9: explain the difference between shari’a and fiqh?

Q10: why is detachment important in Sufism?
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Ijtihad implies diversifying potential of an individual in certain aspects and utilising it to the greatest extent. Several scholars consider it a strategy for the mujtahid to attain his complete potential in his quest for shariah learning. Ijtihad thereby plays as a unifying framework for legislation1.
Al-Ghazali integrated Sufism's concepts into Sharia law, as well as gave Sufism a systemic representation in his works. When compared to other ideologies, his writings strengthen the status of Sunni Islam. By integrating and synthesising diverse intellectual disciplines, Al-Ghazali endeavoured to
idge the philosophical chasms between rationalist and traditionalist approaches2.
The qalb (heart), which acknowledges God, the ruh (spirit), which loves God, and the innermost core of the si
(soul), which beholds him, are the basic units of spiritual communication for Sufis. Gnosis is a shift of heart, a shift from a heart directed towards God and neighbour to a heart primed to receive the secrets of enlightenment3.
Sunni and Shia vary over the understanding of Islamic...

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