Aricle in bullet and subbullet points

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Aricle in bullet and subbullet points

"IS an dividual assignment. We are the general requirements: + This assignment includes two parts. @ In part one, answer the following two questions. * (1) how many hours did you spend on this module? = (2) how are you satisfied with your performance on this module? Why? e In part two, watch videos or read a scientific article posted. = Use your own words to write down 8 things you learn from the videos or the article. Use a bullet with a complete sentence for each of the 8 things. = Use Microsoft Word for the Reflection, name it as firsthame_lastname_Reflection #, and submit it to Blackboard. There are 8 Modules. Therefore, we can name our reflection such as Weihong_Ning_Reflection 1 for Module 1. 3oUENUNUOD PUT “UONOBISIIES ‘SSU[NJISN paa1aoIad usamiaq drysuoneral,, Je aneapow 0 AI[IQE S11 01 anp aFesn wajsAs UOIBULIOFUT OI331R1)S JO uopeAto) i aq 00 yoeduut 103IpUI PUE 1021p © Y10q pey dIysiopes] [eUONIBsUEI) A H “357 PONUNUOD uo yedun 2an1sod © aaey 01 saako]dud yl Aq pazijewudiul 3q Sn oun s Jostazadns 2) 1ey) 2jeoipul diysiopes| [euoneULIOjSURI) IO] SI[NSAT AY J, "WASAS AY} YIM UOIORJSIEes - pum ssaunyasn paatazad yioq ysijqeisa 03 AJijiqe si 03 anp a3esn WISAS uoneuLIOjUl ABBAS JO UOENUNLOD AY} UO oUdNYu Joa1Ipul ue pey diysIoped) [eUOnEULIOJSURL | UOISIA 9AIISI[[00 JOYS © 10] SISAIJUI-J[2S GMO Bq puosuen 0} s1amofjo [But]ndsur,, Aq som diysispes) [euoneULIOjSURY) ‘puey S530 3q uO) "s101ARY2q pajUBMUN 1313p 03 saouanbasuos pue slo1Aeyaq jo JUSWdI0 USI aamsod 10] sprema Jo (uonoesuen) aBuryoxo ay} uodn paseq SI diysiopesy [BUONOBSUR) L Wsis uoyeuLIoyu 5130jens © JO “a8esn 1adoid pue pana : ‘mondord ayy 1oedun Ap2a1p ues 10s; pue p Juos ay 210ja1a1y) pue SHNNOI OM JULIO 115Y) JO Led © sp SII0M aui- [[-u01) Aq Swiss uone penunuoo ay ySnony; pred 381e] WI sjusUn SIAL 119y) Ww aLigguL Jo d3esn LI 11913 01 anfeA 2Imdes SUonezIueg) swaysis asyidiayus JO uoyeUaW, Inj : [duy INJssadons WW ur d JO 301 ay :swaysis uopewLIO uy ANdajyeys jo d8esn Pot Peo : A081 150m H0wg ‘$1amsue Lyipenb papiaoud soe ro PUR $312D anp au A. fqgns | asmesaq IUrULOISd Ly Yim oo sre 2309 SAep # : A I uopdayay s 1d T LOR FN: NN I LEWC YA 74) < deposit account b 4 © pay a bill transfer son) manage ares) activity details documents pending debit card authorization $83.07 outdo online pvt ltd atm debit chegg *order $16.96 debit card authorization $76.69 outdo online pvt ltd tae kwon do martial -$322.20 may 9, 2023 dda purchase *3862 0001 shoprite farmingtn av -$68.43 bristol *ct dda purchase *3862 0008 stop shop 06451309 -$74.60 new britain *ct deposit="" account="" b="" 4="" ©="" pay="" a="" bill="" transfer="" son)="" manage="" ares)="" activity="" details="" documents="" pending="" debit="" card="" authorization="" $83.07="" outdo="" online="" pvt="" ltd="" atm="" debit="" chegg="" *order="" $16.96="" debit="" card="" authorization="" $76.69="" outdo="" online="" pvt="" ltd="" tae="" kwon="" do="" martial="" -$322.20="" may="" 9,="" 2023="" dda="" purchase="" *3862="" 0001="" shoprite="" farmingtn="" av="" -$68.43="" bristol="" *ct="" dda="" purchase="" *3862="" 0008="" stop="" shop="" 06451309="" -$74.60="" new="" britain="">
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Answer To: Aricle in bullet and subbullet points

Jose answered on May 12 2023
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Student Name
1. My Effort
· I spent 6 hours on module 1

· I am satisfied with my performance, because I submitted all the assignment before the due date and provided quality answers
2. Application Portfolio Management—An Integrated Framework and a Software Tool Evaluation Approach
· Most of the organizations facing different problems in developing effective application portfolio. If the companies are using APM that is Application Portfolio Management it helps for improving their performance.
· Application Portfolio Management (APM) is based on matrix...

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