Page 1 of 16 COMP 2139 – ASP.NET Web Application Development Due Date: Friday, April 8th, XXXXXXXXXX:59 pm) Team Size: 2 – 4 Team Members. Project Name: GBCSporting2022_ Problem Synopsis: Having...

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COMP 2139 – ASP.NET Web Application Development
Due Date: Friday, April 8th, XXXXXXXXXX:59 pm)
Team Size: 2 – 4 Team Members.
Project Name: GBCSporting2022_

Problem Synopsis:
Having submitted and reviewed your first assignment, your manager is presently surprised in your capabilities. The
management team has taken note to your strong skill-set and have overwhelmingly received excellent feedback
directly from the clients on the first phase of the application.
Based on the review of your first assignment however, the clients have now come back to your managers and
usiness analysts (BA) with even more requirements. These new requirements have been gathered by your BA’s and
conveniently tabulated into an updated business requirements document. The summary of these new requirements
has been captured in the wireframes and pages below.
Your manager continues to be under direct pressure from the company Director to produce the final product that
essentially encompasses all client requirements. Your manager, fully recognizes your potential, has much more
confidence in you and is now allowing you to lead the remaining portion of this project to completion.
The phase II project deliverables have been scoped-out for and your team by the Business Analysts. Wireframes
have been constructed and provided to further clarify the project deliverables that the solution must contain at a
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Project Brief

Phase II (Assignment 2) will be a group project that will be a continuation of Phase I (Assignment 1). In addition to
the fully functional completion of the Phase I features, Phase II will also incorporate the following:
1. Improve URLs for the application
2. Improve the Razor Views
3. Use TempData to display messages
4. Use a view model with Incidents Manager
5. Update Incidents
6. Add filtering to page
7. Improve validation
8. Manage registrations
9. Encapsulate the data laye
Please note, this document should be read in conjunction with assignment 1 documentation to ensure no
equirements are lacking. To complete this final assignment, you are expected to implement all features, from
assignment 1 and assignment 2, to obtain full marks.
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The About Page

The Business Analysts have provided a wireframe mockup of a potential About Page below:
• Add an About page like the one shown above that’s displayed by the About action of the Home controller.
• Use attribute routing to shorten some of the URLs for the app like this:
Request URL Controlle
about Home/About
products Product/List
technicians Technician/List
customers Custome
incidents Incident/List
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Improve Razor Views

The clients have made requests for the improvement of the navigation bar. The Business Analysts have provided a
wireframe mockup of a summary of the changes requested below:
The navigation bar when the Product Manager page is displayed
The navigation bar when the Technician Manager page is displayed
• Get the navigation links to work co
ectly. For example, the Products link should be active for the Product
controller, the Technicians link should be active for the Technicians controller, and so on.
• Convert the Razor loops that display the items for the elements that contain invalid data.
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Manage Registrations

The clients further require a page that allows and admin user to view the product registrations for a customer, and
add new product registrations as well.
The Business Analysts have also provided a wireframe mockup of a potential Manage Incidents page below:

• The Get Customer page is displayed by the Manage Registrations link on the Home page and by the Registrations
link in the navigation bar.
• The Get Customer page allows the user to select the customer. If the user doesn’t select a customer, the app should
display a message indicating that the user must select a customer.
The Registrations Page
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Specifications (continued…)
• The Registrations page displays the name of the selected customer and all products that have been registered for
that customer. Or, if there are no products registered for the selected customer, this page indicates that there are no
products registered for the selected user.
• To register a product, the user can select a product from the Product drop-down list and click the Register button.
This should add the product to the table of registered products for the selected customer.
• The website should store the customer’s ID in session state. That way, the website can “remember” the cu
• To get these pages to work co
ectly, you should add a linking entity class named
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