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Assessment 3: Individual Business Report




PART 2- 1350 WORDS


Completion and Submission:

Cadmus - You will be using Cadmus to complete, and submit, this assessment. Cadmus is an online environment for written assessment.


See the separate Assignment page that provides further detail about Stage 1 and Stage 2 of this report.

Weighting: 40%

(Stage 1 - 15%; Stage 2 - 25%)


Course code and name: ACCT1046 Accounting in Organisations and Society

Assessment name: Individual Business Report

Learning objectives assessed: CLOs 1-5

Marking criteria will be based on technical accuracy, ability to contextualise written response to the case situation, and ability to use the micro-credential knowledge in referencing your research resources in the business report.

The individual business report is a staged submission report provided as a formalised structured template that is used to capture and submit your responses using the Cadmus platform. This activity is an important demonstration of the consolidation of your knowledge gained throughout the semester with the focus of the report centred around a creative business idea / initiative / innovation that does not already exist.

The Cadmus platform will be used for the completion and submission of this assessment and the submissions will go through the Turnitin software. We are using the Cadmus platform for this assessment as it provides analytics that evidence how you have completed the assessment adding to the authenticity of your work. The Cadmus platform is designed so that work is completed directly in the platform. Apart from minimal copying and pasting that you are asked to do (for example, copying a template into the workspace, copying the e-checklist into the Notes section of Cadmus) via the instructions, all other work must be typed directly into the Cadmus platform. That is, do not prepare your answers in separate software (or in a separate place) and then paste your answers into Cadmus. This does not provide evidence of authenticity. You must complete your work directly in Cadmus so that you (and the teaching team/markers) can see the process you went through in completing this assessment.

While you may normally complete your assessments using software and platforms that you are already familiar with, it is also important that you can embrace and learn to use other software and platforms that you are not so familiar with. While this can sometimes bring some uncertainty and discomfort, in the work environment, we need to be adaptable and familarise ourselves with new processes, new products, new software, new technology, etc, particularly when dealing with a work environment that is often evolving and changing... so sometimes need to get out of our comfort zone and embrace change!

Note that the same business idea must be used for stage 1 and stage 2 unless prior approval is provided by the course coordinator. Unauthorised change of the business idea when completing stage 2 will result in zero marks for stage 2. Marking criteria will be based on technical accuracy, ability to contextualise your written response to the case situation, and your ability to use the academic integrity awareness micro-credential knowledge in referencing your research resources in the business report.

In addition to completing the business report requirements, you will also be required to demonstrate evidence of the successful completion of the RMIT micro-credential 'Academic Integrity Awareness', which is designed to assist you with ensuring integrity, honesty and fairness in your scholarly work. This micro credential provides an understanding of the importance of referencing your work which will be demonstrated within your report. You have unlimited attempts at this micro-credential however to successfully complete it, you need to obtain 100% on the questions asked in it. So, it is a good idea to complete it as early as possible. You will be required to insert your digital badge link in your business report. If you have already successfully completed this micro-credential previously, you just need to paste the digital badge link into your report as specified in the instructions you will see (that is, you do not need to complete this micro-credential again). Further information about this micro credential will be provided on Canvas/Cadmus.

Note: Late submission penalty 10% per day applies and submission will not be accepted 5 days after the deadline unless you have special consideration approved.

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Answer To: Assessment 3: Individual Business ReportI JUST NEED PART 1 DONE BY TONIGHT PART 2 BEFORE 30TH...

Shubham answered on Nov 26 2023
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Report Stage 2:
Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
In the context of GreenTech industry, Corporate Social Responsibility includes that commitment to minimizing environmental impact for promoting sustainable practice and ensuring eco-conscious consumer behaviour. This includes ensuring responsible sourcing of material
s and contributing to global efforts in combating climate change. The CSR requires engaging with community for educating users on sustainable living and collaborating with regional environmental initiatives (Awaysheh et al. 2020). The business acknowledges social responsibility of providing accessible green products, reducing carbon footprints and participating in local environmental projects. It aligns with operations with dual goals of ecological sustainability and community well-being.
CSR impact on external stakeholders
1. Environmental Organizations:
· Positive CSR Impact: It is commitment to promoting sustainability and eco-conscious living that aligns positively with environmental organizations. It includes offering curated marketplace of energy-efficient appliances, eco-friendly gadgets and renewable energy solutions. The platform contributes to reducing carbon footprints and promoting green living practices.
· Actions to Further Enhance CSR Impact: It includes collaborating with environmental organizations for joint initiatives like tree-planting campaigns and renewable energy projects that enhance positive impact. GreenTechHub allocates percentage of profits towards supporting environmental conservation projects and demonstrate tangible commitment to cause.
2. Local Communities:
· Negative CSR Impact: Inefficient inbound logistics cause delays in stocking curated products that negatively impact local communities by limiting product availability and hindering user experience (Barauskaite and Streimikiene, 2021). It delays that can affect customers that rely on access to sustainable products leading to dissatisfaction and decreased engagement.
· Actions to Mitigate CSR Impact: Implementing streamlined inbound logistics processes and ensuring efficient procurement of sustainable products that are crucial steps to mitigate negative impact. GreenTechHub could establish local partnerships with suppliers to minimize delays that contribute to positive community experience and supporting local businesses engaged in sustainable practices. Proactive communication can cause delays and efforts to improve logistics could help manage customer expectations and maintain community trust.
CSR impact on internal stakeholders
Internal Stakeholder Groups:
1. Employees:
· Positive CSR Impact: The sustainability-focused mission of GreenTechHub can positively impact employees by ensuring sense of purpose and pride in contributing to environmental goals. The focuses on continuous innovation and staying updated with green technology trends provides opportunities for professional growth and skill development.
· Actions to Further Enhance CSR Impact: Implementing employee wellness programs like eco-friendly commuting incentives and green office practices that can enhance positive impacts (Kim, Kim and Qian, 2018). This requires involving employees in decision-making processes related to sustainability initiatives and recognizing the contributions through rewards and...

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