Assignment ContentMUST BE APA FORMATEDTITTLE PAGE IS Solution to a Social Issue </o:p> MY NAMETamiya Anderson</o:p> COURSEPSY/405</o:p> Professor:Marie Vargas</o:p>...

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Assignment ContentMUST BE APA FORMATEDTITTLE PAGE ISSolution to a Social Issue

MY NAMETamiya Anderson


Professor:Marie Vargas

As technology advances, new social issues arise regarding the way individuals interact through this technology. As a society, we face challenges related to how these interactions affect our thoughts and behavior. By applying personality theories, we can seek to further understand the causes for these issues. Through understanding the causes, we can create possible solutions to help improve human interactions in society.

Researcha technology-mediated social issue related to the following:

    • adolescent use of social media and text messaging

Writea 1,750-word proposal for a solution to this social issue by applying either the social cognitive or cognitive social learning personality theories to explain human behavior related to the issue. Include the following in your proposal:

    • A description of the issue and explanation of how technology has contributed to its development. Support your explanation with research.
    • An explanation of human behavior related to online social engagement and learning.
    • Possible reasons for this social issue in society based on your explanation of behavior.
    • An application of your chosen personality theory to propose possible solutions for this issue.

Includea minimum of 3 references. Make sure your references other than the textbook arescholarly type references.

Formatyour proposal according to APA guidelines.


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Answer To : Assignment ContentMUST BE APA FORMATEDTITTLE PAGE IS Solution to a Social Issue </o:p> MY...

Amar Kumar answered on Mar 11 2022
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Adolescent use of social media and text messaging
Texting and text informing are instances of socially intuitive advances (SITs) that are starting to reshape the present youth's interpersonal organizations. SITs empower new internet based youth informal communities to lay out and thrive by givin
g quick moving, minimal expense online co
espondence. These web organizations, thusly, may affect youth's disconnected social and companionship organizations. Much has been made about the impact of innovation on high school life. Press reports and parent surveys uncover a scope of sentiments, from overjoyed (examining how socially intelligent innovation could save young people from social disengagement and misery) to troubling (talking about how consistent utilization of these gadgets creates withdrawn lead) (Turow, 1999). Obviously, reality falls some place in the middle of these two limits. There are a large number of components that impact how SITs are used at work, similarly as there are with the reception and utilization of some other innovation.
There are both individual and gathering factors that play a part. This article centers around both of these highlights of SIT use inside one of young people's most impressive organizations: the companion, or kinship, organization.
1. Technology has contributed to its development
A many individuals who answered our study about the probable eventual fate of social and municipal advancement communicated comparative concerns. Innovation, from certain perspectives, produces a greater number of issues than it tackles. A few specialists accept that as people adjust, creating wo
ies about the impact of computerized life will be unquestionably somewhat eased. A few specialists accept that any a
angement could
ing about another a
angement of issues. Others contend that human purposes and maltreatments of computerized innovation are delivering social harms that will be challenging to survive. Among the top stresses over the present computerized stages, as per a large number of these specialists, are the manners by which they are taken advantage of by agitators who proliferate disinformation, as well as protection issues coming from the monetary model supporting the frameworks.
2. Human behavior related to online social engagement and learning
Whenever we explore different avenues regarding innovation, especially online media, our conduct changes considerably more. Individuals' customary utilization of online media has developed to the point that it is quietly implanting an expression into our conduct. Casual gatherings and the hyper-network that encompasses them immensely affect human conduct and society. This incorporates fundamental mind life structures and intellectual ability, as well as original learning strategies. Accordingly, we expect gigantic ramifications for all parts of human progress, including associations, work, learning, workmanship, and play. The following segments check a portion of these consequences out.
I accept that one of the main ramifications of web-based media on the eventual fate of society will be a change in how people speak with each other. From one perspective, this might be a drawback; online media permits clients to take cover behind a PC screen and distribute or participate in te
ible or provocative lead. Others might accept that web-based media...

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