Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
    Unit Code
    ICT 205
    Unit Title
    Mobile Application Development
    Assessment Type
    Individual Assessment
    Assessment Title
    Laboratory Session Week 8
    Purpose    of    the
assessment    (with ULO Mapping)
    ULO 1. Apply web knowledge to the development of mobile applications
ULO 2. Design user interface for touch screen applications
ULO 3. Build Software application for mobile use.
    Total Marks
    Word limit
    Due Date
    Submission Guidelines
    · All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
· Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using APA referencing style.
    · Extensions to assignment deadlines (not including exams) based on mitigating circumstances shall be at the discretion of the Lecturer for a unit. Mitigating circumstances are circumstances outside of the student's control that have had an adverse effect on the student's work or ability to work. Extensions of up to three days are permissible.
· Students must email or otherwise write to the Lecturer prior to the due date for an assessment item. The student must produce a copy of their work to date on the assessment, demonstrating that they have commenced work.
    Academic Misconduct
    · Academic misconduct involves cheating, collusion, plagiarism or any other conduct that deliberately or inadvertently claims ownership of an idea or concept without acknowledging the source of the information. This includes any form of activity that negates the academic integrity of the student or another student and/or their work. Please refer 2.6 Academic misconduct – plagiarism, collusion and cheating for further details.
Assignment Description (Total marks 20)
Test Duration: 3 Hours
You are required to perform ‘Start New Activity on Button Click in Android Studio’ and required to upload the screens along with
ief description at the end of lab test on the Moodle.
Submission Guidelines
You can combine all the screen shots in one word file with
ief description and numbering.
Marking Guide:
    Android Studio
    Installation and Configuration
    First Activity
    Creation of first activity with a button
    Second Activity
    Creation of second activity with text view
    Java Program
    Writing Java code in Main activity
    Final Output with Two screen shots
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