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Date: 4/9/2022
Table of Contents
1.    Network architecture development    3
2.    Demonstration of communication among nodes    4
3.    References:    7
1. Network architecture development
The actual configuration of any physical network is a critical task and requires an effective implementation in simulation environment so that possible issues can be identified in advance. The network designers makes use of different simulation environments for development of logical designs for the proposed networks. The Cisco which is a well known
and in network appliances provides a simulator named as "Packet Tracer" for developing the logical network. It is one of the best simulator which can be used for the educational purposes. It provides support to most of the networking devices like switches, routers, firewalls, WAP and end user devices. The effective support of this simulator to the networking devices and implementation protocols makes it most suitable for the educational purpose. The sample network architecture which is required for development is already provided, thus, this network architecture is developed in Packet Tracer simulator. The...

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