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BUS 105 Assessment Number 2: Report (Individual)
Submission due: Week 11 (May 27, 2022, Friday before 4pm); Weightage: 30%
This assessment is an individual assignment. All assignments must be submitted through MyCIHE in MS Word format (single file only). Email/hard copy submission will not be accepted.
If it is believed that a student has copied material from another student or any other source without appropriate referencing, the necessary action will be taken under the Institute’s Student Academic Integrity and Honesty Misconduct Policy.
You must submit the assignment electronically via Turnitin on the Unit Moodle site. If you need to apply for an extension, please email the Unit Coordinator Dr Harpreet Kaur ( XXXXXXXXXX) to explain the circumstances and attach all necessary supporting documentation.
Late penalties will be applied for assignments submitted after midnight on the due date without an approved extension. More details on late penalties are provided in the Unit outline.
Task: Report
Format: Report with the following sections: Title, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Reference List
Word count: 1500 (excluding reference list)
Assessment Topic:
a. Find the most cu
ent published national economic statistics report of any country you want to do the research on.
For example – If you decide that you want to conduct a research study on CHINA, you can use the below-mentioned link from google to find their national economic statistics –
The objective of this task is that you get the feel of a real-life example of a country’ economies and how does it work.
. Read the national key economic components from the data provided on their government website and write a report with an intention of completing the following tasks:
1. Provide a
ief summary of the socio-economic conditions of the country you have selected.
2. Looking at the contents page and flicking through the report, identify the major highlights of the report.
3. List and
iefly discuss the national economic statistics of the countries such as – GDP, National Income etc. Also, identify the main components which are contributing in GDP, such as education, agriculture, mining etc.
4. Briefly discuss the macroeconomic indicators of the country you have selected, such as Inflation and unemployment. You need to mention the relevant theory to explain the relationship among those variables.
5. Compare the variation of these macroeconomic indicators over the period of two years.
6. Use appropriate and relevant graphs and statistics to explain the relationships among the macroeconomic variables.
7. Provide conclusion and your recommendations for the economic growth of the country you have selected.
Total marks – 30. Refer to the marking ru
ics (next page) for more details.
    High distinction
85 – 100%
75 – 84%
65 – 74%
50 – 64%
    a, b, c and d
- main dimensions of topic are clearly identified
    Topic is shown to be highly significant, relevant and is effectively introduced
    Topic is shown to be significant, relevant and is effectively introduced
    Topic is shown to be relevant; the purpose of the report is clear in this segment.
    Topic is shown to be relevant. But the purpose of the report is not clearly shown in this
elevant purpose of this report is shown in this segment of the report.
    Discussion in the Main Body:
· logical argument
· effective research
· critical evaluation of ideas
· ordered and structured paragraphs
· sentences logically connected
ect referencing
    · Strong, logical arguments; high quality and quantity of evidence that supports convincing and coherent case
· shows a polished and imaginative approach to the essay with high clarity of expression
· Source information collected for all graphics, facts and
quotes. All documented in desired format.
    -Coherent, logical arguments; good quality and quantity of evidence that supports consistent case
· carefully and logically organised and written clearly
Source information collected for all graphics, facts and quotes. Most documented in desired format.
    -Logical argument; good quality and quantity of evidence that supports a persuasive case
· good organisation and coherence and mostly written clearly
Source information collected for graphics, facts and quotes, but few documented in desired format.
    -Mostly logical argument; adequate quality and quantity of evidence that supports a simplistic case
· little attempt to organise in a logical manner, or lacking clarity of expression
· Source information collected for graphics, facts and quotes, but not documented in
desired format.
    · Inconsistent, illogical or incoherent argument; poor quality and/or quantity of evidence
· disorganised and/or incoherent
Very little or no source information was collected.
    Conclusion: 15%based on objectives identified in introduction
compelling, strongly based on objectives set out in introduction
    -rounds off argument; consistent with objectives set out in introduction
    - mostly rounds off argument; consistent with objectives set out in
    - not convincing; sometimes inconsistent with objectives set out in
    - weak and not convincing; inconsistent with objectives set out in introduction
    Overall presentation: - spelling; syntax; grammar; layout
15 %
    - Uses a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures with full flexibility and accuracy
Produces rare minor e
ors only as ‘slips’
    - Uses a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures flexibly to convey precise meanings
Mostly produces e
or-free sentences
    - Uses a sufficient range of vocabulary and complex sentence forms to allow some flexibility
Frequently produces e
or-free sentences, though some grammatical mistakes persist
    - Can generally be understood throughout
    - Uses a limited range of vocabulary and grammatical structures which are minimally adequate for the task
May make noticeable e
ors which cause some comprehension problems
BUS105 Assessment 2 - Ru
ic for Report
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Answer To : I have choosed Australia

Komalavalli answered on May 17 2022
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Social economic condition of Australia
The Australian economy saw a robust growth rebound towards the end of 2021, and one-time indications indicate that economic activity will be in early 2022, facing the Omicron epidemic and east coast floods. The economy's hidden power is most visible in the job market, where circumstances are the best they've been in year
s. Hard work, assistance requirements, and tax measures enhance household income, even if rising energy and food prices have a the impact on household finances is enormous. The rise in commodity prices following Russia's invasion of Ukraine enhanced national revenue in general mostly through greater profits in the resource sector and increased government taxes.
Major highlights of the report:
Inflation in Australia is still much lower than in other complex nations, despite the fact that it has rebounded faster and stronger than projected. For the third and third quarters, main inflation is 2%, 5.1 percent more than previous years. While fuel prices and other global variables have had a substantial impact on quarterly performance, the causes of inflation are growing. Companies are raising their prices when delivering ripple pressure, yet demand is still high. The average reduction in inflation is 1.4 percent every quarter and 3.7 percent over five years.
Inflation expectations are also much higher than three months ago. The big title
With rising fuel costs adding to new house prices, spot inflation is likely to peak around 6% in the second half of the year. Decorate Average inflation is anticipated to reach 434 percent. When supply disruptions begin to fade, inflation will fall below these peaks. However, with labor market circumstances at their tightest in a long time, it is projected that wage increases will continue in the future. Inflation should rebound to 2% to move to a target range of 3% by 2024.
The job market has improved considerably, and there is a high need for workers. In recent months, the unemployment rate has risen to 4%, and measures to reduce underemployment are also available. At a time when activity and employment/population ratios are at historic highs, job supply is extremely high.
National Economic Statistics
GDP of Australia
GDP increased by 3.4 percent this quarter as a result of protracted shutdowns in NSW, Victoria, and the ACT in October 2021. The increase follows a 1.9% decline in the previous quarter. GDP in the December 2021 quarter was 3.4 times higher than in December 2019 before the out
The deployment of the Omicron instance in the second half of December 2021 had no significant impact on the quarter's operations. Domestic demand raised GDP by 2.9 percentage points in the end. Household final consumption spending contributed 3.2 percentage points as business and consumption limitations were eased. This was substantially offset by investment, which reduced growth by 0.3 percentage points (private) and 0.1 percent (public).
Household expenditure increased by 6.3 percent in the third quarter, up from 4.8 percent in September and reaching pre-pandemic levels for the first time.
Service spending climbed by 6.3 percent. With the removal of travel restrictions and commerce, hotels, cafés, and restaurants (+24.3%), entertainment and culture (+17.1%), and health (+7.9%) increased. Spending on services remained at pre-pandemic lows of 3.9 percent, indicating ongoing limits in specific spending objectives such as travel.
Goods spending climbed by 6.3 percent. During the lockdown time, when non-essential retail establishments are shuttered, this represents pent-up...

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