Case briefs should be 3 pages maximum (12 point font, double space, appendices or figures can beon extra pages) using the following outline.ffecting the company that requires specific courses...

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Case briefs should be 3 pages maximum (12 point font, double space, appendices or figures can be on extra pages) using the following outline. ffecting the company that requires specific courses of . 1ssue identification (what is currently a action?) . situation analysis (analyzing internal/external/customer factors surrounding the issue(s) . Development of reasonable alternatives (e.g., what options do you think the company could have?) . Recommendation (e.g., among the options, which would you recommend?) Grading rubrics for case briefs 1. \dentification of issues — clearly identified the main issues in the case for analysis and solutions. 2. The quality of the analysis — were the right questions asked with analysis factors surrounding the issues? 3. The feasibility of the conclusions or recommendations — did they follow from the analysis? 4. Evidence of mastery of the frameworks, concepts, and methods developed during the course; and 5, The effectiveness and completeness of the written presentation of the report following the outline Not evident (0) Criteria (point) | Exemplary (1) Acceptable (0.75) Rudimentary Does not clearly issue identify the issue; identification or identifies an unclear issues not | inappropriate central to the issue or case represents the issue inaccurately Main issues are Situations are Clearly identified | properly and with proper clearly diagnosis from the identified, and case with implicit | with some aspects of the discussion or problem and their relationship relationship with | between other main issues subsidiary issues Analysis lacks or | Inappropriate use misuses of analysis and appropriate case incomplete information or provides details or critical analysis Demonstrate the | Analysis is use of case appropriate with information and adequate synthesizes data information and analyze from the case critically with superior insight in its selection of comparison factors View motion photo
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Answer To: Case briefs should be 3 pages maximum (12 point font, double space, appendices or figures can beon...

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    This research paper is based on the case study “NASCA” that explain bran
ding strategy of the company and its brand position in the American market. This paper would identify that main issues faced by the company and its reasons. A situational analysis would also be conducted to attain the objectives of the paper. Finally, reasonable strategies and specific suggestion would also be given in the paper.
Question 1: Issue Identification
Despite the successful branding, Nascar has faced several challenges currently. The leading American motorsports brand has many issues but two of its most alarming issues are- Ownership and Lack of Diversity.
Ownership Structure: Simply, Ownership structure is a type of organizational structure that explains the legal structure of the business entity. On the basis of the study, it is found that, the company is facing serious problem or issue due to its poor, ineffective and inappropriate organizational structure. Apart from this, it should also be noted down that, this is one major criticism that revolves around the famous sports car company. Since its inception, back in 1948, the company has been owned by a French family (Schneider, 2018).
Diversity: Most of the drivers of this company are white males, which raises the question of racial discrimination. Moreover, it is also analyzed that, diversity is help a company in becoming more competitive because it brings different and unique skills and...

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