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1. Joseph should segment the dental market based on “Age” because this is the best way to segment the market, because of the identification of the potential customers in each of the segments and the cost of catering for individuals. Market segmentation according to age is good, but other segments need to be targeted as well. The market segment will have the following division:
· Children: Children will be the 1st target segment because according to the Indian government 70% of the children need dental care in India
· Adults: Adults are more prone to dental diseases in India, and according to the estimates 90% of the adults in the country are estimated to have a dental disease small or big
The other segment which can be made is the Tech Savvy, and Health-conscious young professional, this is a huge segment as these young professionals looking for easy access and good healthcare service all around the year.
2. Mode of marketing communication plays a very important role in letting the target segment know what the company is up to and what services the company provide. Therefore, it is important to identify the right mode of marketing communication which can be as follows:
· Digital Marketing: Digital marketing as a mode of marketing will be very important because of the target segment like the children and tech-savvy professionals
· Advertising: Advertising (i.e., print media, television ads) will be important as this will mean that the adult segment and others are covered
3. The total fixed expense is something that needs to be covered, which are:
    Total Expenses (excluding variable expenses) (in thousands)
    Fixed Expense
    Licensing fees
    Professional education expenses
    Total Fixed Expense
    Medical Staff Expenses
    Dental hygienist
    Dental therapist

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