Final Essay--Sociological Film Analysis Final Essay: Sociological Film Analysis (6-8 pages, double-spaced, Times 12 point font) Extensively and accurately reference and integrate two (2) theories from...

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Final Essay--Sociological Film Analysis
Final Essay: Sociological Film Analysis (6-8 pages, double-spaced, Times 12 point font)
Extensively and accurately reference and integrate two (2) theories from our course
into an in-depth sociological analysis of a film of your choosing.
Use this outline for your paper:
1. Write a clear introduction, in which you name the film, very
iefly describe its premise, and
iefly explain its sociological importance. (1 paragraph)
2. Clearly identify the character(s) under analysis. Include their social characteristics, such as
their sex, gender, race/ethnicity, age, class, sexual orientation, education level, and anything
else that is important to a full and accurate portrait of each character. (1 paragraph)
3. Explain the social context for these characters which is presented in the film. Include
membership and reference groups, relevant social institutions, community characteristics,
and so on. In using these terms, define them and reference the course text. While you may
use (very)
ief summaries of plot and scenes to explain and interpret the material,
understand that this is neither a general plot summary nor a movie review – all description
should be relevant to the analysis. (1-2 paragraphs)
4. THIS IS THE BULK OF YOUR ESSAY: Reference and cite two distinct sociological
perspectives (theories or concepts) from the course text to analyze the characters’ behaviors
and interactions in the film. For example, you could use Conflict Theory and Symbolic
Interactionism to analyze their behaviors and interactions. Each application of the theory
should cover 1-2 pages of your assignment. Make sure to fully integrate the application of
the theory referenced, do not merely make a one sentence reference stating, “this reminds me
of …” (4-6 paragraphs, totaling 3-4 pages of the 6-8 page paper)
5. Explain what you believe the filmmaker is trying to say about the social representations here,
then provide your own interpretation of the behaviors and interactions as portrayed, using
concepts from course texts in your analysis. Discuss any biases you see represented in the
film. You may include here your own feelings as a viewer – this can include your ‘gut’
feelings, but also make sure to explain your perception in a sociologically informed manner.
(1-2 paragraphs, totaling 1/2-1 page of the 6-8 page paper)
6. Discuss how you think this film might affect viewers’ perception and understanding of the
social issues represented (i.e. does the film promote tolerance of difference? Does it reinforce
stereotypes about race, class, gender, etc?). Provide examples from the film to support your
assertions. (1-2 paragraphs, totaling 1/2-1 page of the 6-8 page paper)
7. Write a clear conclusion, in which you remind the reader of why the film is sociologically
interesting and important, what sociological theories it exemplifies, and how it might impact
our culture. (1 paragraph)
• Proofread your paper to ensure you have written a clear and coherent argument.
• You should use (quote & paraphrase) our course text extensively, always taking care to
properly reference in ASA style. Plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the course and can
lead to disciplinary action.
• Outside sources, such as academic journal articles, may be used to supplement your analysis,
ut do not cite any sources that are not academic in nature (i.e. no blogs, websites, magazines,
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Sociological Film analysis
Sociological Film analysis
Final Essay
By the virtue of this report, I have performed extensive analysis on American black comedy of 1999.
American Beauty is one of the most renowned and critically acclaimed movies that can explain several active concepts of sociology.
With IMDB rating of 8.4 out of 10 it is one of the most popular movie. American Beauty directed by Sam Mendes and written by Allan Ball is one of poignant story that explains various sociological themes all across the development of the plot. In this story, characters of the movie strive to exhibit themselves as the All American Family, who live in a beautiful house, drive decent cars and appear to be completely normal in the eyes of common public. However, audience also witness the deep and dark side of each character that help many to resonate with the movie even more. Author Mr. Ball worked on the script of this sociological master pieced after getting inspired from the case of Amy Fisher. She was perhaps modern age Lolita who killed the wife of her supposed love interest. Essentially, this movie can be expressed as the movie that is perhaps satirizing how personal satisfaction as well as beauty can be viewed by the American middle class. Furthermore, the movie concentrates on exploration of movie in aspect of intimacy, parental love, materialism, sexuality, redemption and self-liberation. Right from the floating bag of plastic to the red roses as well as their petals and several other visual motives can support to communicate the depth of the theme.
Character Analysis
Character under the spectacles is also the protagonist of the movie, Lester Burnham. As the curtains of movie, opens we witness that Lester can be considered as Pushover with very little command at home. His wife and both her daughters’ do not really connect with him well. At professional end as well he is on verge of being fired because of poor performance. It is evident from the plot of the movie that he is experiencing a state of mid-level crisis. However, he finds new zeal and energy as he come in touch with Angela Hayes, who is the best friend of his teenage daughter. Lester begins to develop deep sexual feeling for Angela and feels physically attracted to her. In fact, Lester starts to work on his physical appearance and health because he wants to look good for Angela. Although, Lester's feeling and intention regarding her daughter' best friend are wrong at so many levels but these feeling urges him to better himself. In fact these intentions serves as a
eath of fresh air and inspiration for the new version of oneself.
Lester as a character is in an unhappy ma
iage, he frustrated and dissatisfied. Furthermore, he has a strong feeling that he isn’t respected by her daughters nor his wife. After more than a decade of ma
iage, Lester feels...

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