E marketing "Chef Collete’s Body Fuel Inc. DIGITAL MARKETING PROJECT - CHEF COLETTE’S BODY FUELS Digital Marketing Project - Chef Colette’s Body Fuels Page | 1 DIGITAL MARKETING PROJECT - CHEF...

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Company is madeup one called ″″Chef Collete’s Body Fuel Inc.″ What you need to do on it is : Explanation of strategic use of content : § SEO/keyword considerations § Marketing funnel location i will attach documents of what has been written on company so far to give you more understanding.

E marketing "Chef Collete’s Body Fuel Inc. DIGITAL MARKETING PROJECT - CHEF COLETTE’S BODY FUELS Digital Marketing Project - Chef Colette’s Body Fuels Page | 1 DIGITAL MARKETING PROJECT - CHEF COLETTE’S BODY FUELS TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 1 4 Digital Marketing Plan 4 Objectives & Company Background 4 Environmental Scan/Situational Analysis 4 Target Market 5 Customer Analysis 5 Digital Marketing Strategy (4Ps) 6 Evaluation: Measurement & Performance 6 Conclusion 7 PORTFOLIO ITEMS 8 Website 8 Landing Page 10 Search Ads 13 Display Ads (Banners) 14 Social Media Ads 14 PART 2 14 CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY 14 Vision & Objectives 14 Audience 15 Explanation of Strategic Use of Content 16 Content Marketing Execution and Tactics 16 SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY 16 Overview 16 Use of Social Media Channels 17 Execution & Tactics 17 Measurement 17 PORTFOLIO ITEMS 18 Content Marketing Strategy 18 Blog Posts 18 Other Content Type 18 Paid Ads 18 Email to Promote New Content 18 Examples of Using Social Media 18 Social Media Strategy 18 Hoodie Give Away Event 18 Shopping From Home (Collaboration with Cornershop by Uber) 21 Refer A Friend Promotion 24 References 27 Page | 2 DIGITAL MARKETING PROJECT - CHEF COLETTE’S BODY FUELS Appendix 27 Work Distribution 27 OVERVIEW 29 Your group will be preparing a digital marketing strategy to launch a dog walking business OR another business (must be approved by the instructor). In addition, the group will be preparing a corresponding content strategy, complete with actual digital marketing assets. This assignment is to be completed in groups. It is recommended you work on this project throughout the semester as there are many deliverables. 29 PART 1: DIGITAL MARKETING PROJECT – 100 POINTS (10%) 29 PART 2: DIGITAL MARKETING PROJECT – 110 POINTS (10%) 30 Page | 3 DIGITAL MARKETING PROJECT - CHEF COLETTE’S BODY FUELS PART 1 Digital Marketing Plan Objectives & Company Background E-commerce is becoming the core business pathway in the near future, thus every company needs to expand their appearance and recognition on the Internet obviously to increase market share and get potential customers. For this assignment, we desire to introduce Chef Colette’s Body Fuel Inc. to the wider market, approach to more audiences, grow the brand awareness and seek out new customers. In that case, digital platforms such as SNS, website, search ads, social media ads, etc. are necessary in terms of conducting our digital marketing strategy. Moreover, we believe those tools will be very helpful to assist the team launching this business as well as find out what are the suitable ways to get benefit and profit for the project plan. The business that we are planning to work on is about healthy organic foods and detox drinks named Chef Colette’s Body Fuel Inc. that will be located in BC. The owner of the brand - Chef Colette is a detox consultant and has many many experiences of detox programs for many spas and hotels. Overall, there are 3 main product lines that we are going to presentent that can meet any consumers’ using circumstances: - Health Yourself Soup: gives consumers a healthy meal by combining organic, fresh and high nutritions while still flavored. - Spring Box Detox Program: provides a set of organic drinks, helps consumers treat their digestive system, relaxing and healing their exhaust also gets a safe weight loss. - Cold Pressed Herbal Elixirs: contains herbal extracts in pressed juices, can instantly supplement vitamins, minerals and medicinal herbs into the body. Basically, Chef Colette’s Body Fuel’s mission is aiming to improve not only physical health but also mental health of all customers, treating them by 100% organic, fresh and safe-ingredients food and drinks while still keeping it fast and simple. Environmental Scan/Situational Analysis a. Strengths - Limited start up risk - High visible website - Clear and approachable benefits of organic productions - Many choices of produce lines - Deal directly with customers, no middleman - Guarantee the quality of products - Strong social media base Page | 4 DIGITAL MARKETING PROJECT - CHEF COLETTE’S BODY FUELS b. Weaknesses - Inconsistent organic regulations - Late entry in the market - High costs of raw/organic ingredients - Small size of team working on the business c. Opportunities - Increased demands of organic/healthy productions in Canada - Less room to fail - Millennials trends of consuming healthy organic products - Society are more conscious about where the products come from and how they are made d. Threat - Competitors can offer similar products quickly - Rapid growth of organic food industry - Weather changes - High transportation costs - Fast growing segment nowadays - Indirect competitors (organic supermarkets, functional foods businesses,...) Target Market According to Weinstein (2014, p.65), target market refers to the potential customers to which an organization insists on selling its products or services. Since, Chef Collete’s Body Fuel is a company selling organic food and drinks, the main target customers for the organizations would be the young adults that are health conscious. Moreover, the company would target athletes and patients as the products of the company such as “Health Yourself Soup”, “Cold Pressed Herbal Elixirs”, etc. would contribute towards improving health and boosting immunity. Furthermore, the company would target parents of young children with healthy food options for their kids and insist on attracting their loyalty. Finally, people suffering from liver or kidney ailments would also be targeted by the company as the organization sells various types of organic drinks in order to improve the digestive system of individuals in the society Customer Analysis. Customer Analysis As opined by Reinhardt and Gurtner (2011, p.291), customer analysis refers to the needs of customers from an organization. Since, Chef Collete’s Body Fuel would target a large-scale market comprising young adults, patients, children, etc., therefore, the company has adopted a competitive pricing strategy in order to attain the loyalty of customers. Moreover, the online delivery services of the company allow the organization to attract a large-scale customer base.Furthermore, the health influencers and athletes can be targeted by the company in order to increase its sales margins and further promote the new offerings to larger customer groups. Page | 5 DIGITAL MARKETING PROJECT - CHEF COLETTE’S BODY FUELS Digital Marketing Strategy (4Ps) The plan for Spring Box is to have three different programs Bronze, Silver and Gold. The price will vary because each program has different products. Such as bronze will cost $273 (5 day program) it has 5x Super Green Juice, Vegan Mineral Broth or Shorba Beef/Chicken Bone Broth, CCBF Cold Pressed Herbal Elixir and Gut Shot. The silver program cost $383 (7 day programs) which has the same drinks as bronze but with the addition of Adrenal Cocktail. The gold program will cost $1038 and has the same drinks as silver but with the addition of 2x Yoo Poo Shakes, Liver Shot and complimentary dry brush. The pricing of this product could be considered high but for the amount of organic and body friendly products we are selling the price seems reasonable. The placement for these products will be online from our website and we will deliver the packages to the residence of our consumers. Since we are selling packages it would not be profitable to sell our product in stores it will only be an online shop. Also another reason for this shop being online only is covid so the consumer can order the product from the comfort of their home. For promotion of the product we will use Facebook/Instagram to connect with our consumers and also use that platform to repost pictures of consumers using our products. Which in return could increase the number of new customers we would get because the amount of possible new consumers we can have through social media is insane. Also have some internet influencers promote our product and offer a discount if they use the code provided. We could also introduce a loyalty program where the consumer can build up points towards a future purchase. Evaluation: Measurement & Performance The website becomes effective after it covers the financial costs of its development and becomes a stable source of income. We understand realistically that the first month after launching a new project will take time to reach its full potential of success, but at the same time we have created our plan for the first month: ● to sell 20 detox programs; ● to get at least 200 real instagram/facebook followers and build an active community; ● to make people interested in our product offers and make them share their emails with us (minimum 50 emails collected for the first month). We will use three important measurements to understand our website usability. For every step, the tools of Google Analytics can help us: ● Traffic and source of traffic (from social, from ads, from research, referral or direct) - to assess the effectiveness of a new design, site traffic is an important indicator. The more people we can attract, especially from our target audience, the better chance we will have in converting them into customers. ● User engagement - we should consider the time people spend on our site and the number of unique visitors. Ideally, we need to track where the referrals are Page | 6 DIGITAL MARKETING PROJECT - CHEF COLETTE’S BODY FUELS coming from, the length of time on the site, and the point of exit from the site. Moreover, we will track bounce rate, time on site, and page views; ● Conversion rate visit-to-lead - will try to increase our conversion rate by 2-3% initially, to better determine which pages are performing the most and so we can optimize those that can increase this indicator. For instagram and facebook our main goal is to get more interactions with the brand's page such as follows, likes, views, shares and direct messages, to see that people are interested in our product and our vision. Moreover, we plan to create a form for the website where people can share their emails and we can send them our menu and tips from a nutritionist. Once we have obtained emails, we can also work with abandoned carts and send emails notifying our customers that the checkout is incomplete and the goods are waiting for the buyer in the cart. Here we will try to get feedback on why the purchase was not made and improve it for the future. Conclusion It is obvious that many business problems are solved with the help of digital tools such as social marketing, website and email marketing. If you are focused on long-term work, with hopes to attract customers and increase your value for consumers, building out and growing your digital presence should be one the main areas of focus. It will provide your business with a presence on the Internet, recognition, attractiveness to the audience and offer the ability to effectively interact with customers. We are creating projects for health and wellness, and to build a successful project we as marketers need to listen to our customers and create a strong community. Furthermore, to build a successful e-commerce business we understand and have identified the importance of analyzing a scope
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Explanation of Strategic use of Content
The strategic use of content points out tow
ards using the content in the most strategical and planned way. As the Fuel has channelized for the aggressive content marketing the main focus would rely on providing the most preferable content so that it could attract more and more attention of the consumers. The strategic use of the contents define the planned and structured way for the use of content that would be used in the marketing strategy. For the Fuel the initial steps would be to align the content with the overall goals and achievements. The strategic use of the content also points towards specifically placing the content on all the channels that are selected for the advertisement of the content. The strategic use of the content would help Fuel in constructing a framework which could be in considerate with the action plan and content would be the main priority of the action plan. The strategic use of content would help in highlighting the important aspects of the marketing plan of the company on which the main focus of the company relies (Colicev, Kumar & O'Connor,...

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