Create a fuzzy logic movie recommender system in Python and compare it with another traditional recommender system

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Create a fuzzy logic movie recommender system in Python and compare it with another traditional recommender system

DataList MovieTitleYearActionAdultAdventureAnimationComedyCrimeDramaFantasySci-FiThrillerWarWestern Le clown et ses chiens1892000-100000000 Pauvre Pierrot1892000-1-10000000 Un bon bock1892000-100000000 Blacksmith Scene18930000-10000000 The Waterer Watered18950000-10000000 Autour d'une cabine1894000-100000000 The Clown Barber18980000-10000000 Horse Trick Riders18950000-10000000 Watering the Flowers18960000-10000000 Awakening of Rip1896000000-100000 Bataille de neige18970000-10000000 Conjurer Making Ten Hats in Sixty Seconds18960000000-10000 Exit of Rip and the Dwarf1896000000-100000 A Hard Wash18960000-10000000 Rip Leaving Sleepy Hollow1896000000-100000 Rip Meeting the Dwarf18960000000-10000 Rip Passing Over the Mountain18960000000-10000 Rip's Toast1896000000-100000 Rip's Toast to Hudson18960000000-10000 Rip's Twenty Years' Sleep1896000000-100000 The Soldier's Courtship18960000-10000000 Les tribulations d'un concierge18960000-10000000 A Terrible Night18960000-10000000 Au réfectoire18970000-10000000 The Bewitched Inn18970000-10000000 Les cambrioleurs18970000-10000000 Chez le magnétiseur18970000-10000000 En classe18970000-10000000 Le cocher de fiacre endormi18970000-10000000 Behind the Scenes18970000-10000000 The Hallucinated Alchemist18970000000-10000 A Badly Managed Hotel18960000-10000000 Idylle interrompue18970000-10000000 The Last Days of Pompeii1900000000-100000 Leçon de danse18970000-10000000 Le planton du colonel18970000-10000000 Le pêcheur dans le torrent18970000-10000000 The Twins' Tea Party18960000-10000000 Une nuit agitée18970000-10000000 The X-Ray Fiend18970000-10000000 Battle of Santiago Bay18980000000000-10 Výstavní párkar a lepic plakátù18980000-10000000 The Burglar on the Roof189800000-1000000 Cinderella18980000000-10000 Come Along, Do!18980000-10000000 The Corsican Brothers1898000000-100000 Cripple Creek Bar-Room Scene189900000000000-1 Le cuirassé Maine18980000000000-10 The Deserter1898000000-100000 Dostavenícko ve mlýnici18980000-10000000 Les farces de Jocko18980000-10000000 Faust and Mephistopheles18980000000-10000 Leçons de boxe18980000-10000000 The Miller and Chimney Sweep18970000-10000000 "The Astronomer's Dream; or, the Man in the Moon"18980000-100-10000 Tearing Down the Spanish Flag18980000000000-10 L'affaire Dreyfus1899000000-100000 Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp18990000000-10000 Au cabaret18990000-10000000 Beauty and the Beast18990000000-10000 Bombardment of Mafeking1899000000-1000-10 Cinderella1899000000-1-10000 Le chiffonnier18990000-10000000 Choque de dos transatlánticos1899000-100000000 Haggard's She: The Pillar of Fire189900-10000-10000 Les dangers de l'alcoolisme1899000000-100000 The Sign of the Cross18990000000-10000 Le déjeuner des enfants18990000-10000000 The Haunted House18990000-100-10000 A Turn of the Century Illusionist18990000000-10000 King John1899000000-100000 A Kiss in the Tunnel18990000-10000000 Matches: An Appeal1899000-100000000 La mauvaise soupe18990000-10000000 Monnaie de lapin18990000-10000000 Mésaventure d'un charbonnier18990000-10000000 Le tondeur de chiens18990000-10000000 Le tonnelier18990000-10000000 Transformations18990000-10000000 A Midnight Episode18990000-10000000 Un lunch18990000-10000000 Summoning the Spirits18990000000-10000 Above the Limit19000000-10000000 As Seen Through a Telescope19000000-10000000 Attack on a China Mission1900-10000-1-100000 Avenue de l'opéra19000000-10000000 Chirurgie fin de siècle19000000-10000000 The Clown and the Alchemist19000000-100-10000 La concierge19000000-10000000 The Enchanted Drawing1900000-1-100-10000 Faust and Marguerite19000000000-10000 Le duel d'Hamlet1900000000-100000 Happy Hooligan19000000-10000000 How It Feels to Be Run Over19000000-10000000 Chimmie Hicks and the Rum Omelet19000000-10000000 Let Me Dream Again19000000-10000000 The Mystic Swing19000000000-10000 Saut humidifié de M. Plick19000000-10000000 Soldiers of the Cross1900000000-100000 Uncle Josh in a Spooky Hotel19000000-100-10000 Uncle Josh's Nightmare19000000-100-10000 Une rage de dents19000000-10000000 Another Job for the Undertaker19010000-10000000 "What Came Out of the Cheese; or, The Lilliputians in a New York Restaurant"19010000-10000000 The Countryman's First Sight of the Animated Pictures19010000-10000000 Execution of Czolgosz with Panorama of Auburn Prison1901000000-100000 Fire!1901-100000-100000 The Haunted Curiosity Shop19010000-100-10000 History of a Crime190100000-1-100000 The India Rubber Head19010000-100-10000 Magical Sword19010000000-10000 Little Red Riding Hood19010000000-10000 "Scrooge; or Marley's Ghost"1901000000-1-10000 The Devil's Seven Castles1902000000-100000 Undressing Extraordinary19010000-100-10000 Sleeping Beauty1903000000-1-10000 Les clowns19020000-10000000 La cour des miracles19020000-10000000 La dent récalcitrante19020000-10000000 The Enchanted Cup19030000000-10000 En faction19020000-10000000 Farces de cuisinière19020000-10000000 Jack and the Beanstalk19020000000-10000 Le lion savant19020000-10000000 Le marchand de ballons19020000-10000000 Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes19020000-10000000 La première gamelle19020000-10000000 Midwife to the Upper Classes19020000-10000000 Trompé mais content19020000-10000000 The Troublesome Fly19000000-10000000 The Devil's Money Bags19020000-100-10000 Uncle Josh at the Moving Picture Show19020000-10000000 Alcohol and Its Victims1902000000-100000 A Trip to the Moon1902-10-10-10000000 The Wild Man of Borneo1902000000-100000 Alice in Wonderland19030000000-10000 The Enchanted Box19030000000-10000 A Chess Dispute19030000-10000000 How Monsieur Takes His Bath19030000-10000000 Dorothy's Dream19030000000-10000 An Extraordinary Cab Accident19030000-10000000 Faust et Méphistophélès1903000000-100000 The Great Train Robbery1903-10-100-1000000 La guirlande merveilleuse19030000000-10000 Capital Execution1903000000-100000 Hiawatha190300-1000-100000 Kit Carson190300000000000-1 Life of an American Fireman1903-100000000000 Mary Jane's Mishap19030000-10000000 The Messenger Boy's Mistake19030000-10000000 The Music Lover19030000-10000000 The Pioneers190300000000000-1 Rip Van Winkle19030000-10000000 The Kingdom of the Fairies190300-10000-10000 The Sick Kitten19030000-10000000 Uncle Tom's Cabin1903000000-100000 Uncle Tom's Cabin1903000000-100000 Voyage of the 'Arctic'1903000000-100000 L'assassinat du courrier de Lyon1904000000-100000 Behind the Scenes19040000-10000000 Rum vs. Cherries1904000000-100000 Le coffre enchanté19040000000-10000 Comment on disperse les foules19040000-10000000 Les deux rivaux19040000-10000000 A Gentleman of France1905000000-100000 The Great Train Robbery190400000000000-1 The Land Beyond the Sunset1912000000-1-10000 Personal19040000-10000000 The Pearl Fisher19070000000-10000 Railroad Smashup1904-100000000000 A Railway Tragedy190400000-1000000 Rescued by Rover190500000-1-100000 The Impossible Voyage1904-10-1000000000 Adventures of Sherlock Holmes190500000-1-100000 The Wig Chase19060000-10000000 The Effects of Too Much Scotch1905000000-100000 The Inexperienced Chauffeur19060000-10000000 Esmeralda1905000000-100000 Los guapos de la Vaquería del Parque19050000-10000000 Los guapos del parque19040000-10000000 The Electric Hotel1908000-1000-1-1000 The Kleptomaniac190500000-1-100000 The Life of Charles Peace190500000-1000000 The Little Train Robbery1905-10000-1000000 The Moonshiners1905-100000-100000 Hanging at Jefferson City191000000000000-1 Raffles, the Amateur Cracksman190500-1000000000 Reuben in the Opium Joint19050000-10000000 Se da de comer19050000-10000000 Los sitios de Chile1905000000-1000-10 The Wooing and Wedding of a Coon19070000-10000000 The '?' Motorist19060000-100-1-1000 The Anarchist's Mother-in-Law19060000-10000000 Cerveza gratis19060000-10000000 Dream of a Racetrack Fiend19060000-10000000 Dream of a Rarebit Fiend19060000-100-10000 The Hand of the Artist1907000-100000000 The Haunted Hotel19070000-100-10000 Humorous Phases of Funny Faces1906000-1-10000000 Kathleen Mavourneen1906000000-100000 The Life of a Cowboy190600000000000-1 A Modern Oliver Twist1906000000-100000 The Night Before Christmas1905000-1000-10000 The 400 Tricks of the Devil19060000000-10000 Røverhøvdingens Flugt og Død1906000000-100000 The Story of the Kelly Gang1906-10-1000000000 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea190700-10000-1-1000 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves1907000000-1-10000 Angelo, Tyrant of Padua1907000000-100000 "An Awful Skate; or, the Hobo on Rollers"19070000-10000000 The Bandit Makes Good190800000000000-1 Ben Hur1907000000-100000 The Lady with the Camellias1907000000-100000 El ciego de la aldea190700000-1-100000 A Curious Dream1907000000-100000 Dr. Skinum19070000-10000000 The Prodigal Son1907000000-100000 The Flight from the Seraglio1907000000-100000 From the Rococo Times1908000000-100000 Hamlet, Prince of Denmark1907000000-100000 Polar Bear Hunt1907000000-100000 Lohengrin1910000000-100000 Lion Hunting190700-1000-100000 The Magic Fountain Pen1909000-100000000 A Misalliance1907000000-100000 Mordet paa Fyn190700000-1-100000 Mr. Gay and Mrs.19070000-10000000 En ny hat til Madammen19060000-10000000 Othello1906000000-100000 Othello1907000000-100000 In the Sultan's Power190900-1000000000 O Rapto de Uma Actriz1907000000-100000 The Red Spectre19070000000-10000 Robbery Under Arms1907000000-100000 The Robber's Sweetheart1907000000-100000 Salaviinanpolttajat19070000-10000000 The Will1908000000-100000 That Fatal Sneeze19070000-100-10000 The Magic Bag19070000-10000000 Yale Laundry19070000-10000000 'Ostler Joe1908000000-100000 The Adventures of Dollie1908-100000000000 After Many Years1908000000-100000 Hamlet1908000000-100000 Hamlet1908000000-100000 The Anarchist's Sweetheart1908000000-100000 Antony and Cleopatra1908000000-100000 The Assassination of the Duke de Guise1908000000-100000 At the Crossroads of Life1908000000-100000 At the French Ball19080000-10000000 An Awful Moment1908000000-100000 Balked at the Altar19080000-10000000 The Bandit's Waterloo1908-100000000000 Barbara Fritchie: The Story of a Patriotic American Woman1908000000-100000 Behind the Scenes1908000000-100000 Betrayed by a Handprint190800000-1000000 Bjørnejagten19100000-10000000 The Black Viper1908000000-100000 Bobby's Kodak19080000-10000000 The Boston Tea Party1908000000-100000 The Boy Detective, or the Abductors Foiled19080000-10-100000 A Calamitous Elopement19080000-10000000 The Call of the Wild1908-100000000000 The Puppet's Nightmare1908000-100000000 Caught by Wireless1908000000-100000 The Christmas Burglars19080000-10000000 Classmates1908000000-100000 The Clubman and the Tramp19080000-10000000 Concealing a Burglar1908000000-100000 The Count of Monte Cristo1908-100000-100000 Cupid's Pranks19080000-100-10000 Desdemona1908000000-100000 The Devil1908000000-100000 Don Juan Tenorio1908000000-100000 Don Quijote1908000000-100000 Don Álvaro o la fuerza del sino1908000000-100000 Ex-Convict No. 9001908000000-100000 The Fairylogue and Radio-Plays190800-10000-10000 Falsely Accused!1908000000-100000 A Famous Escape1908000000-100000 A Fantasy1908000-1-10000000 The Fatal Hour190800000-1000000 Father Gets in the Game19080000-10000000 The Feud and the Turkey1908000000-100000 A Florida Feud: or, Love in the Everglades1909000000-100000 The Flower Girl of Paris1908000000-100000 For Love of Gold190800000-1000000 For a Wife's Honor1908000000-100000 The Girl and the Outlaw1908-10000000000-1 The Greaser's Gauntlet1908-100000000000 The Guerrilla1908-1000000000-10 The Heart of O Yama1908000000-100000 The Helping Hand1908000000-100000 Her First Adventure1908000000-100000 His Day of Rest19080000-10000000 Hulda's Lovers19080000-10000000 The Humpty Dumpty Circus1898000-1-10000000 Ingomar, the Barbarian1908000000-100000 The Ingrate1908-100000000000 The Invisible Fluid19080000-10000000 Julius Caesar1908000000-100000 The Kentuckian190800000000000-1 King of the Cannibal Islands19080000-10000000 The King's Messenger1908000000-100000 Leah the Forsaken1908000000-100000 The Life of an American Cowboy190800000000000-1 Lonesome Junction19080000-1000000-1 Macbeth1908000000-100000 The Man and the Woman1908000000-100000 The Man in the Box190800000-1-100000 The Red Barn Mystery1908000000-100000 The Merchant of Venice1908000000-100000 Mixed Babies19080000-10000000 Monday Morning in a Coney Island Police Court19080000-10000000 Money Mad190800000-1-100000 Mr. Jones at the Ball19080000-10000000 Mrs. Jones Entertains19090000-10000000 Old Isaacs, the Pawnbroker1908000000-100000 Othello1908000000-100000 The Outlaw190800000000000-1 Over the Hill to the Poorhouse1908000000-100000 El pastorcito de Torrente1908000000-100000 The Pirate's Gold1908-100000000000 The Planter's Wife1908-100000-100000 Poverty and Compassion1908000000-100000 The Princess in the Vase19080000-10000000 Raffles, an American Cracksman1908000000-100000 The Reckoning1908000000-100000 The Red Girl1908-100000000000 The Red Man and the Child1908-10000000000-1 Rescued from an Eagle's Nest1908-100000000000 Richard III1908000000-100000 The Roman1910000000-100000 Romance of a Jewess1908000000-100000 The Romance of an Egg19080000-10000000 Romeo and Juliet1908000000-100000 The Sculptor's Nightmare19080000-10000000 She19080000000-1-1000 Sherlock Holmes II: Raffles Escaped from Prison19090000-10000000 Sherlock Holmes III: The Detective's Adventure in the Gas Cellar1909000000-100000 A Smoked Husband19080000-10000000 The Song of the Shirt1908000000-100000 The Stage Rustler190800000000000-1 The Stolen Jewels1908000000-100000 The Taming of the Shrew19080000-10000000 The Tavern Keeper's Daughter1908-100000000000 The Test of Friendship1908000000-100000 To the Custody of the Father1908000000-100000 Susceptible Youth19080000-10000000 The Last Days of Pompeii1908000000-100000 An Unexpected Santa Claus19080000-10000000 The Ballad of Josie19670000-1000000-1 Ballata per un pistolero196700000000000-1 The Bandits196700-1000-10000-1 Banning1967000000-100000 I barbieri di Sicilia19670000-10000000 Barefoot in the Park19670000-10000000 Batman Fights Dracula19670000-10000000 Battle Beneath the Earth196700000000-1-100 Beach Red1967000000-1000-10 The Bear That Wasn't1967000-1-10000000 Bedazzled19670000-100-10000 The Beetle Hunter1967000000-100000 Begushchaya po volnam1967000000-100000 Belle de Jour1967000000-100000 Death on the Run1967-10000-1000000 Berserk1967000000000-100 Bicz bozy1967-1000-10000000 The Big Mouth1967-1000-1-1000000 The Big Shave1967000000-100000 Bike Boy1967000000-100000 Django Kills Softly196700000000000-1 Billion Dollar Brain196700000-1-100-100 The Taming of The Shrew19670000-10-100000 Blast-Off Girls1967-1000-10-100000 Creature with the Blue Hand196700000-1000000 The Blonde from Peking196700-10-10000000 Boa Constrictor196700000-1-100000 The Bobo19670000-10000000 Bokser1967-100000-100000 Bolondos vakáció19680000-10000000 Bomb Voyage1967000-100000000 Bonnie and Clyde1967-10000-1000000 The Borgia Stick196700000-1-100-100 The Born Losers1967-100000-100-100 The Box1967000-100000000 A Boy Called Nuthin': Part 1196700-1000-100000 Bratkartoffeln inbegriffen1967000000-100000 Brighty of the Grand Canyon1966000000-100000 The Brown Hand1967000000-100000 A Witch Without a Broom19670000-100-10000 Bränt barn1967000000-100000 The Rats Woke Up1967000000-100000 A Bullet for the General1967-10000000000-1 The Burning Bush1967000000-100000 The Busy Body19670000-10000000 Kiss Me Monster196900-1000000000 More Than a Miracle19670000-100-10000 C'mon, Let's Live a Little19670000-10000000 Each Time That...1968000000-100000 Cala naprzód196700-10-10000000 Calamity the Cow19670000-10000000 The Man Who Betrayed the Mafia1967000000-100-100 Camelot196700-10-10-100000 Um Campista em Apuros19680000-1-1000000 Canadian Can-Can1967000-100000000 Cannery Rodent196700-1-1-10000000 The Cape Town Affair1967000000-100-100 Capitaine Singrid196800-1000000000 Caprice19670000-1-1000-100 Carmen, Baby196700000-1-100000 Caroline chérie1968000000-100000 Carry on Doctor19670000-10000000 House of 1,000 Dolls196700000-1-100-100 Casino Royale19670000-10000000 Two Undercover Angels19690000-10000-100 Casse-tête chinois pour le judoka1967-10-1000000000 Cat and Dupli-cat1967000-1-10000000 Catalina Caper19670000-10000000 Taste of Killing196600000000000-1 Blue Demon contra cerebros infernales1968-10000000-1-100 Cerul începe la etajul III1967000000-100000 The Fourth Companion1967000000-100000 Chand Par Chadayee196700-10-10-100000 Chelsea Girls1966000000-100000 The Chemistry of Love1967000000-100000 Chhoti Si Mulaqat1967000000-100000 Monday's Child1967000000-100000 Los chicos con las chicas19670000-10000000 Los chicos del Preu19670000-10000000 Chieko-sho1967000000-100000 La Chinoise19670000-10-100000 The Zoo196700000-1-100000 Chudy i inni1967000000-100000 Chuka196700000000000-1 Chun huo1970000000-100000 Las cicatrices1967000000-100000 Cifrato speciale196600-1000000000 China Is Near1967000000-100000 5 de chocolate y 1 de fresa19680000-10-100000 Cine va deschide usa?1967000000-100000 Cisco196600000000000-1 Clambake19670000-10000000 Club de solteros19670000-10-100000 Code Name: Heraclitus1967000000000-100 I Am What I Am1967000000-100-100 Cauldron of Blood1968000000-100000 The Collector19670000-10-100000 Prescription: Murder196800000-1-100000 White Comanche196800000000000-1 Come Spy with Me1967-100000-100000 Come rubammo la bomba atomica19670000-10000000 Argoman the Fantastic Superman1967-10-100000-1000 The Comedians1967000000-100000 Comment les séduire1968000000-100000 Common Law Cabin19670000-10000000 Companions in Nightmare1968000000-100000 A Computer Glossary1968000-100000000 Congratulations It's Pink1967000-1-10000000 The Smugglers19680000-10000000 Cool Cat1967000-1-10000000 Cool Hand Luke196700000-1-100000 Cool It Baby1967000000-100000 The Cool Ones19670000-10000000 Cop-Out196700000-1-100000 Coplan Saves His Skin1968-10000-100-1000 El hombre de Caracas196700-1000000000 Corazón salvaje196800-1000-100000 Corona de lágrimas1968000000-100000 Cosa Nostra, Arch Enemy of the FBI196700000-1-100-100 Cottonpickin' Chickenpickers19670000-10000000 A Countess from Hong Kong19670000-10000000 Evening Class19670000-10000000 A Covenant with Death1967000000-100000 Cover Girl1968000000-100000 Crabbe's Practice1967000000-100000 The Crazy World of Laurel and Hardy19660000-10000000 Creature of Destruction196800000000-1000 Crne ptice1967000000-1000-10 Crow De Guerre1967000-100000000 The Croxley Master1967000000-100000 The Crucible1967000000-100000 Crónica de nueve meses19670000-10000000 Silence and Cry1968000000-100000 The Red and the White1967000000-1000-10 Cuando los hombres hablan de mujeres19670000-10000000 40 grados a la sombra19670000-10000000 Las 4 bodas de Marisol19670000-10000000 Ringo, the Mark of Vengeance196600000000000-1 Summons to Death1967-10-100-1000000 The Cupboard1967000000-100000 Cómo seducir a una mujer19670000-10000000 The Assassin1967-100000-100000 Daffy's Diner1967000-1-10000000 Yongary, Monster from the Deep196700-1000-1-10000 Gappa the Triphibian Monster1967-10-10-10000000 Dante no es únicamente severo1967000000-100000 The Day the Fish Came Out19670000-1000-1000 Days in the Trees1967000000-100000 De trei ori Bucuresti1967000000-100000 The Deadly Affair196700000-1-100000 The Deadly Bees1966000000-100000 The Cups of San Sebastian19670000-1-1000000 Indecent Desires1968000000-1-10000 Despedida de casada19680000-10000000 The Dirty Outlaws196700000000000-1 The Devil a Monk Would Be1967000000-100000 Devil's Angels1967-10000-1-100000 Un diablo bajo la almohada19680000-10000000 Diabolically Yours196700000-1-100-100 Zuan shi da jie an196700000-1000000 Dick Smart 2.0071967-100000000-100 Il magnifico Texano196700000000000-1 Joe l'implacabile19670000-1000000-1 Dynamite Jim196600000000000-1 God Made Them... I Kill Them196800000000000-1 Kill the Wickeds196700000000000-1 God Forgives... I Don't!196700000000000-1 The Dirty Dozen1967-10-10000000-10 Dita Saxová1968000000-100000 Ditirambo19690000-10-100000 Divorce American Style19670000-10000000 Django Shoots First196600000000000-1 Djurado196600000000000-1 Doctor Dolittle196700-10-10000000 Doctor, You've Got to Be Kidding!19670000-10000000 Anyone Can Play19670000-10000000 Navajo Joe196600000000000-1 Domani non siamo più qui1967000000-100000 Don't Make Waves19670000-10000000 Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River19680000-10000000 Doomsday Machine197200000000-1000 Two Brothers, One Death196800000000000-1 The Double Man1967000000000-100 Double Trouble19670000-1-1-100000 Drra på - kul grej på väg till Götet19670000-10000000 The One-Armed Swordsman1967-100000-100000 Two Sons of Ringo19660000-1000000-1 War Italian Style19650000-10000000 2 RRRingos no Texas19670000-100-1000-1 Duel i heshtur1967000000000-100 Ein Duft von Blumen1967000000-100000 Dziadek do orzechów19670000000-10000 The Departure19670000-10-100000 El día de la boda19680000-10-100000 Un día después de agosto1968000000-100000 Días de viejo color1968000000-100000 Easy Come, Easy Go196700-10-10000000 Eat Your Makeup19680000-10000000 The Edge1968000000-100000 Oedipus Rex1967000000-100000 Educando a una idiota19690000-10000000 Three Nights of Love1967000000-1000-10 Eight on the Lam19670000-10-100000 El Dorado1966000000-10000-1 Elvira Madigan1967000000-100000 No Stars in the Jungle196700-1000000000 Encrucijada para una monja1967000000-100000 Engelchen - oder die Jungfrau von Bamberg19680000-10000000 Enter Laughing19670000-10000000 Between Sweet and Salt Water1967000000-100000 Veneri in collegio19650000-10000000 Scandal in the Family19670000-10000000 Este cura19680000-10-100000 ¡Esto es alegría!19670000-10000000 Strange Voyage19640000-1-1000000 Eye of the Devil196600000-1000000 Face to Face196700000000000-1 Die Fahne von Kriwoj Rog1967000000-100000 Das Fahrrad1965000000-100000 Failpass196700000-1-100000 Walls1968000000-100000 Fall of the Goat1967000000-100000 Fando and Lis196800-10000-10000 The Fantasist1967000000-100000 Fantasterne19670000-10000000 The Three Fantastic Supermen1967-10-100-1000000 Triple Cross1966-10-1000-100000 Far from the Madding Crowd1967000000-100000 Farz1967-10000-1000-100 The Fastest Guitar Alive19670000-1000000-1 Fathom196700-10-10000000 Fearless Frank19670000-100-10000 The Fearless Vampire Killers19670000-10000000 La feldmarescialla19670000-10000000 The Valet's Wife19080000-10000000 The Vaquero's Vow1908-100000000000 The Viking's Daughter: The Story of the Ancient Norsemen190800-1000-100000 Where the Breakers Roar1908000000-100000 Wiegenlied1908000000-100000 A Woman's Way1908-100000000000 The Yellow Peril19080000-10000000 The Zulu's Heart1908-100000000000 The Battle in the Clouds19090000000-1-1000 And a Little Child Shall Lead Them1909000000-100000 Andreas Hofer1909000000-100000 The Apache Girl's Revenge1909000000-100000 The Artist's Revenge1909000000-100000 At the Altar1909000000-100000 An Attempt to Smash a Bank1909000000-100000 Aventuras de Pepín19090000-10000000 The Awakening19090000-10-100000 A Baby's Shoe1909000000-100000 The Bailiff and the Dressmakers19090000-10000000 The Child Benefactor1909000000-100000 Baño imprevisto19090000-10000000 The Best Man Wins190900000000000-1 The Better Way1909000000-100000 Bill Sharkey's Last Game191000000000000-1 The Black Sheep1909000000-100000 The Blind Man1909000000-100000 El blocao Velarde19090000000000-10 Bluebeard1909000000-100000 The Broken Locket1909000000-100000 A Message to Napoleon1909000000-100000 The Burglar and the Child190900000-1-100000 The Cardinal's Conspiracy1909000000-100000 A Change of Heart1909000000-100000 A Child of the Forest1909000000-100000 The Children's Friend1909000000-100000 Choosing a Husband19090000-10000000 Comata, the Sioux190900000000000-1 Confidence1909000000-100000 A Convict's Sacrifice1909000000-100000 Corazón de madre1909000000-100000 The Cord of Life190900000-1-100000 A Corner in Wheat190900000-1-100000 The Country Doctor1909000000-100000 A Coward's Courage1909000000-100000 The Criminal Hypnotist190900000-1000000 The Curse of Money1909000000-100000 The Curtain Pole19090000-10000000 The Day After19090000-10000000 The Death Disc: A Story of the Cromwellian Period1909000000-100000 The Death of Ivan the Terrible1909000000-100000 The Deception1909000000-100000 Dos guapos frente a frente19090000-10000000 The Drive for a Life1909000000-100000 A Drunkard's Reformation1909000000-100000 The Eavesdropper1909000000-100000 Edgar Allan Poe1909000000-100000 Eradicating Aunty19090000-10000000 The Expiation1909000000-100000 The Faded Lilies1909000000-100000 A Fair Exchange1909000000-100000 Farmer Giles' Visit to London19090000-10000000 The Fascinating Mrs. Francis19090000-10000000 A Father's Mistake190900000-1-100000 Fellow Clerks190900000-1-100000 A Fool's Revenge1909000000-100000 Fools of Fate1909000000-100000 The Foundling1909000000-100000 Bakchisarayskiy fontan1909000000-100000 The French Duel19090000-10000000 The Friend of the Family1909000000-100000 Fuss and Feathers19090000-10000000 Getting Even19090000-10000000 The Gibson Goddess19090000-10000000 The Girls and Daddy1909000000-100000 The Golden Louis1909000000-100000 The Red Domino1909000000-100000 Hamlet, Prince of Denmark1910000000-100000 Hansel and Gretel1909000000-100000 The Heart of a Clown1909000000-100000 The Heart of a Cowboy190900000000000-1 The Heart of an Outlaw190900000000000-1 Cycle Rider and the Witch19090000-100-10000 Her First Biscuits19090000-10000000 Her Indian Hero191200000000000-1 The Farmer's Grandson1909000000-100000 The Hessian Renegades1909000000-1000-10 The Hindoo Dagger1909000000-100000 His Duty1909000000-100000 His Lost Love1909000000-100000 His Reformation190900000000000-1 His Wife's Mother19090000-10000000 His Wife's Visitor19090000-10000000 The Honor of Thieves190900000-1000000 The House of Cards1909000000-10000-1 The Idiot of the Mountains1909000000-100000 In Little Italy1909000000-100000 In Old Kentucky1909000000-1000-10 In a Hempen Bag1909000000-100000 In the Watches of the Night1909000000-100000 In the Window Recess1909000000-100000 The Indian Runner's Romance190900000000000-1 The Indian Trailer190900000000000-1 Jailbird in Borrowed Feathers19100000-10000000 Je voudrais un enfant19100000-10000000 Jealousy and the Man19090000-10000000 Jessie, the Stolen Child1909000000-100000 The Jilt1909000000-100000 Jones and His New Neighbors19090000-10000000 Jones and the Lady Book Agent19090000-10000000 The Joneses Have Amateur Theatricals19090000-10000000 El joyero1909000000-100000 A Bad Case1909000-100000000 Judgment190900000000000-1 Justicia de Felipe II1909000000-100000 King Lear1909000000-100000 Klebolin klebt alles19090000-10000000 A Woman of the People1909000000-100000 Lady Helen's Escapade19090000-10-100000 Leather Stocking190900-1000000000 The Light That Came1909000000-100000 Lines of White on a Sullen Sea1909000000-100000
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