Cybersecurityin Aviation industryIntroductionA botnet, which is a network of devices connected tothe Internet, is used in a DDOS attack. In this type of attack, multiplecomputers attempt to overload a...

in Aviation industry


A botnet, which is a network of devices connected to
the Internet, is used in a DDOS attack. In this type of attack, multiple
computers attempt to overload a website and crash it. In this instance, the
threat remained unaffected and resolved without causing any significant harm.

His DDOS threat is becoming more and more apparent to
the IT department, as well as to a growing number of computers and his website.
In addition, airports and airlines are well-aware of the dangers and employ
attack mitigation strategies. These threats should not be ignored.


Threats to Aviation If not effectively addressed,
cyber security threats can have a number of negative effects on airlines and

ESET's Global Cybersecurity Advisor, Jake Moore,

Airlines used to go bankrupt because they didn't have
a lot of cash on hand. A lot of businesses don't, but they do a lot of
simulation and training. "When I was going through it, I realized how
common automated unattended systems have become: The number of threats you face
increases with the number of unattended devices and systems you have, like
ticketing and package handling.

"International chaos is caused by airports."

There are numerous economic and political motives at
play here—it's not just about money. For more than two months, the data breach
went unnoticed, compromising login information, payment card information, and
travel booking information.

Your credit card information was stolen when you
entered it. There was clearly a problem with the system's failure to check
particular parts of the network.


“Many of the
victims of these attacks on payment systems are not associated with airports. Although
planes are taking off and landing, thousands of personal data are being
uploaded to the dark web. Moore adds on. Does it exist? No, not in my opinion. Because
we are human, this happened by accident.

"We are doing our best to protect people's lives,
data, and money," the statement reads. "There is a tremendous amount
of work going on behind the scenes."

If people fly twice a year, use the same passwords for
other things rather than creating new ones. This makes it more likely that a
data breach will be successful.

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Nov 11, 2022

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