do exercise 1,2, and 3, found on page 33 to 34

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do exercise 1,2, and 3, found on page 33 to 34

SKM_36818110515540 · Read the McKay & Rosa text, "Communication and Auditing," in its entirety (pages 1 - 32). Prepare written (typed) answers to end-of-text exercises,  selecting one choice  from among the following: · Choice 1: Exercises 1, 2, and 3 · Choice 2: Exercises 4 and 5 · Choice 3: Exercises 6 and 7 · Choice 4: Exercise 8 · Choice 5: Exercises 9 and 10 Your submitted assignment must follow these criteria: · Each exercise or group of exercises must be completed in full, precisely following the instructions in the text. · Your answers must be informed by what you learn from the text. · Your writing must follow rules of proper grammar, punctuation, and syntax.
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Answer To: do exercise 1,2, and 3, found on page 33 to 34

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Exercise 1
a. Meeting Agenda
Audit Planning Meeting for Fleet Technologies May 5, 2003 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Meeting Participants: Jim Avakean, Partner Evan Roy, Audit Manager Mark O'Brien, A
udit Senior Eileen Wood, Staff Accountant
1. Firm Issues a. Increased Competition b. Revenue Growth Risks c. New Business Areas Presenter: Evan Roy
2. Audit Issues a. Client Industry b. Potential Audit Problems Presenter: Mark O'Brien
3. Scheduling a. Interim b. Year-End c. Report Date Presenter: Jim Avakean
4. Staffing a. Teamwork b. Assignments c. Expectations Presenter: Eileen Wood
5. Client Information a. History b. Management Personnel Presenter: Evan Roy
6. Miscellaneous a. Time Budget b. Materiality Presenter: Mark O'Brien
b. Memo to Mark O'Brien
To: Mark O'Brien From: [Your Name] Subject: Audit Planning Meeting Agenda for Fleet Technologies
I have formalized the notes you left on my desk into a meeting agenda for the upcoming audit planning meeting for Fleet Technologies. I organized the agenda based on the topics to be addressed and assigned each topic to the person responsible for presenting the information.
The first item on the agenda is firm issues, which Evan Roy will present. This will be followed by audit issues, which you will present. Jim Avakean will then present on scheduling, while Eileen Wood will present on staffing. Evan Roy will then present on client information, and you will present on miscellaneous topics.
I believe this organization of the agenda will allow for a clear and effective discussion of the topics to be addressed. Each presenter will have a designated time to share their information, and we can move smoothly from one topic to the next.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the agenda.
Best regards, [Your Name]
Exercise 2
To: Audit Engagement Team From: [Your Name] Subject: Client Background and Industry for Audit...

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