Mathematical literacy

Mathematical literacy

| gelling tortillas, It QUESTION 1 tal Lake. Chloe decides 10 get up a Hilla for R15. A food fair is going to be held at Zoo (|. She sells each tO costs Ck i d R500 to rent the stall. SH : costs Chloe RS to make a tortilla an he tortillas i sells The table below shows the income that Chloe will make if she 50 id | Tso 5 0 | 2 —1-% — 87m, 3000 |. 2750 I.1.1 Write down a formula to represent Chloe’s total expenses: 2) Total Expenses = ++ 1.1.2 Draw up a table to represent Chloe’s expenses if she sells 0, 50, 100, 150, 200 and . 2350 torullas. 3) 1.13 Use Annexure A to draw, on the same set of axes, a line graph representing Chloe’s total income and another line representing her expenses. Label the graphs accordmgly. (5) 1.1.4 Determine the mmumum number of tortillas that Chloe must sell in order to break even (2) 1.1.5 Chloe sold 240 tortillas. Complete the income and expense statement on the ANNEXURE PROVIDED for the sale of 240 tortillas and show how much profit she made. (6) Fixed cost Cost of each tortilla _ | Total Cost of 240 tortillas _| Profit nS HUAWEI P smart 2021 Q 48MP QUAD CAMERA — - 1.2 C ; Lo ‘bloe 1S Savi § Saving mone : : While browsi £ money to buy a flat screen television and to install DS /S1 Y > .) 3 Ct ~ . . 3 ng the internet, she came across the following special promotion. TV in her flat. [ ead CEA Chloe does not have enough money to pay cash for these items and investigates the hire purchase option. The deal entails the following: e 10% deposit e 20, 75% annual simple interest and 3 years to pay. liscount offered on the more expensive original price was R10 499, 00 in (3) 1.2.1 The promotion on the internet states that the ¢ option is 15%. Calculate the percentage discount if the order to verify the claim. 12.2 If Chloe decides to take the more expensive deal. Calculate the deposit she has to pay. (2) (2) 1.2.3 Identify the interest rate charged on the financed amount. 899.99 as a deposit. Calculate the amount payable after 3 years, excluding hat he already paid. (4) | [29] QQ HUAWEI P smart 202 ; <4 48mp="" quad="" camera="" 3="" ‘elevati="" gy="" inv="" ane:="" 48="" |="" ©="" also="" cll="" cs="" cca="" vwa="" ~~="" 2="" she="" n="" “="" ea="" pet="" ty="" iiot="" motte="" ths="" to="" ns="" 10="" 3s="" -="" wiig="" llco="" 1="" e="" actual="" length="" and="" width="" the="" floor="" plan="" does="" not?="" 1="" 3=""> as researched that on average the COC aILal “4 pak ~¥ Ol (6 NN [I mr oF FTIrnETSIE = URINATION latin Anlsooro LR i 20 TO le 35cm d bag? ; the peat-insulate 3.1 How many pizza boxes could Hot P12zaS fit into re : 3 4 a | tive. be more compet! 3.2 Hot Pizzas decide to increase the size of their p1ZZ85, Sr They will now use a pizza box that is 15% b1g8et in all dim nt 2 Show all 32.1 Will Hot Pizzas still be able to use Thando’s heat-insulated re bag 5) dimensions of the new pizza box to substantiate yout answer 3.2.2 If Thando’s bag is still an option, how many pizza boxes can fit Into her bag after the 15% increase? [9]
Aug 22, 2023

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