hello i need this program done and a word document of it

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hello i need this program done and a word document of it

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Answer To: hello i need this program done and a word document of it

Abhishek Ranjan answered on Mar 25 2023
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CMSC 430 Project 1
CMSC 430 Project 1
Project Description:
- The project involves modifying the existing lexical analyzer and compilation listing
generator code. The modifications
include adding new tokens for operators and reserved
words, allowing underscores in identifiers, adding a second type of comment, and
counting and displaying errors.
Token Modifications:
- Added a new token ARROW for the two-character punctuation symbol =>.
- Added reserved words: case, else, endcase, endif, if, others, real, then, and when. Each
reserved word is a separate token with the same name as the lexeme but in all upper
- Added two logical operators. The lexeme for the first is or, and its token is OROP. The
second logical operator added is not, and its token is NOTOP.
- Added five relational operators. The lexemes for =, /=, >, >=, and <= are represented by
the single token RELOP.
- Added the binary operator - for the ADDOP token. Added the lexeme / for the MULOP
- Added a new token REMOP for the remainder operator with the lexeme rem. Added a
new token EXPOP for the exponentiation operator with the lexeme **.
- Added a second type of comment that begins with // and ends with the end of the line.
No token is returned. Modified the definition for identifiers to allow underscores but not
consecutive underscores, leading, or trailing underscores.
- Added a real literal token with the name REAL_LITERAL. It begins with a sequence of
one or more digits followed by a decimal point and zero or more additional digits. It may
optionally end with an exponent. If present, the exponent begins with an e or E, followed
by an optional plus or minus sign, and one or more digits.
- Added a Boolean literal token with two lexemes, true and false, and named
Compilation Listing...

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