*********** http://us-covid-19-tracker.herokuapp.com/ ***************** The Senior project final report should include a detailed description of the design and implementational aspects of your...

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***********http://us-covid-19-tracker.herokuapp.com/ *****************

The Senior project final report should include a detailed description of the design and implementational aspects of your project. It is considered as a user manual that guides the reader into all the steps needed to use your system and apply it in practice. The preferred format for the written final report is discussed as follows:</o:p>

- Title Page: Title, group member names and emails, name of advisor and email, date of submission.</o:p>

- Abstract:The abstract should contain a very short description (1-2 short paragraphs) of the report. Keep in mind that an abstract represents a very short summary of the entire report and should not simply be a subset of the introduction or conclusion section. First state the 1) problem to be solved, and then 2) your solution. Then specify 3) your key results from the work and what you learned from the research. Finally, 4) list keywords that best categorize your work.</o:p>

- Introduction:The introduction should be approximately 0.5 to one page in length, and should contain the following information:</o:p>

  • Problem Statement: State the problem to be solved. Why are you doing this work and what significance does it have in the relevant literature? Even if your project is applied (as opposed to research-oriented), you are building a system because a problem, requiring a solution in the form of a computer program, exists.</o:p>
  • Solution Statement: State your solution to the problem.</o:p>
  • Contribution: State how your solution builds upon and extends current technology.</o:p>

- Literature Survey:The set of resources you used (the Internet, books, references) to solve your problem and achieve the objectives of the project proposed. Moreover, this section states who else has worked on this problem or similar problems (you should do most of your citations here). For applied projects, provide information on other existing programs which will use your program.</o:p>

- Conclusions and Future Extensions: State what you learned from your work. Sometimes this section is labeledConclusion,SummaryorConcluding Remarks. In this section:</o:p>

1. Summarize what you did. This can be viewed as theevidence.</o:p>

2. State what you learned (the actual conclusions that you a drawing).</o:p>

3. State future work and directions, and then list any open problems.</o:p>

List theadvantagesanddisadvantagesof your work. In what ways is your solution deficient or lacking? You are not divulging a weakness in your work when you state problems that still remain. You may also have a separate section for future work.</o:p>

- Acknowledgements:Acknowledge any individuals who have helped you during the course of the project. If you have been supported by a company or a scholarship/fellowship, then this should also be gratefully acknowledged.</o:p>

- References:All senior projects, especially research-oriented projects, should include at least a few references to the literature. You can choose any style but be consistent and complete in your reference list. You should pick a particular style such as one promoted by a technical society (ACM, IEEE, SPIE, API, or AIP).</o:p>


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Answer To: *********** http://us-covid-19-tracker.herokuapp.com/ ***************** The Senior project final...

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Group Member Names
Name of Adviso
Email of Adviso
Abstract    3
Introduction    3
Problem Statement    4
Solution Statement    5
Contribution    5
Literature Survey    6
Conclusion    8
Acknowledgement    9
References    10
In this report we will discuss about the application which was developed in the United states. This application is used to get all the
information about the cases, deaths, recovered, vaccinated or any other related information with the corona cases. All the data has been collected from different places and sources and then it is implemented in the application.
The application shows all the information in the form of Maps and when the user clicks over a specific area then it shows information about that specific country in the form of a table. The result also has a graph which will show the index for the cases. In this report we will discuss about this application and how it can be implemented.
This report includes an introduction part which has the basic introduction about this disease and why it was important to design the system. Then it provides problem statement for the system and then the solution statement. It also provides contribution of this application in the society. After that literature review was performed to collect all the information which can be used for the application and then it shows conclusion.
This application was developed so that the user able to get updated information. This report has detailed description about the whole application and how it was implemented. It shows all the research work which is done to collect the information about the code cases and how we can implement the application.
The Covid-19 is an infectious disease which is generally caused by the novel severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus and it became the global pandemic. There were high chances of the transmission when the case fertility rate was more than one and it was nothing like therapy or the vaccine which can be effective as the antiviral.
The main solution for managing the whole pandemic was to utilise containment and the mitigation. The people were relying forward establish public health principles and the countries across the world, but they have different digits for the success in managing the overall burden of covid 19. There is digital health technology which are providing pending strategy and they are responding in different manner switch are difficult to achieve in the manual process.
There are countries like the South Korea who have integrated their digital technology with the government for end containment and their mitigation process and it also includes the surveillance, contact tracing, strict quarantine and the testing. All these methods are related with the early flattening of the incidence curves.
The South Korea has managed the whole situation very well as they have only 0.5% of the covid 19 deaths for per one less people. The USA has 3 times much better intensive care units as they have beds per 10000 people, and it is ranked as the number one in preparedness for the pandemic before rip endemic came into the picture and it has sustained 10 times as many deaths first area.
Problem Statement
ently the people do not have any system which can provide them real time information. The people are watching television used and reading the newspaper, but all of this information is prepared by the human cannot be trusted.
The people are getting fake news which is created environment of threat among the people. The people are not able to live happy as they are afraid of this disease and its consequences. it is important that a new application can be designed which can provide real time information to the people and it will be trustful.
Solution Statement
To solve the problems, we can...

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