Human Capability Management (HCM) Research Case Project (100 points) A- Part – 1 pageFor each proposed project, you MUST submit a one-page proposal. The proposal will typically include HCM...

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Human Capability Management (HCM) Research Case Project (100 points)

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Human Capability Management (HCM) Research Case Project (100 points) A- Part – 1 page For each proposed project, you MUST submit a one-page proposal. The proposal will typically include HCM research case project topic and rationale on why this is a relevant to HCM, name of the organization, proposed methodology, and list of three secondary sources from where the information will be collected. A one-page submission is sufficient. Once done with this A, then use the topic to start working the on the B part. B- Part – 10 pages HCM Research Case Project Guidelines BUAD 660 Human Capability Management -- Dr. Beale Many of the concepts covered in this course are best learned when applied or observed in real life organizations. The research project is an applied case assignment that will help students to use higher-order intellectual skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. The project is based on experiential learning theory. The purpose is to reinforce understanding of the course concepts and connecting them with real situations. This project should include a brief description of a problem facing an organization with respect to Human Capability Management (HCM) concepts (e.g., competence and capability, improving knowledge, skills, and abilities, performance enhancement, learning organization, role of manager in learning, role of individual in learning, role of top management support in learning, and performance culture), at a point in time and provide the rationale for a recommended course of action. The main purposes of the assignment are to identify and define the problem(s) facing the organization; utilize theories and concepts learned in this course to analyze the situation to identify and understand the boundaries and constraints; generate realistic alternatives, to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and the consequences of decisions; and recommend a course of action. While doing the research project, you may find some key pieces of information missing, but this is a part of reality. Management decisions are never made on the basis of complete information. The following steps are a suggested framework for the research project 1. Obtain sufficient background information about the organization relevant to the case, including but not limited to the following: • Overview of the organization (type of industry, organization structure, etc.) (This is the first section of your project. It introduces the organization. This section of the paper should be about one-half [1/2] page.) 2. The purpose of the project is to include a brief description of a problem/opportunity facing an organization with respect to HCM issues. It may be an issue related to (but not limited to) job performance, commitment, perception, emotions, satisfaction, motivation, trust, communication, group/team dynamics, power, conflict management, and leadership. The issue must be real and not imaginary. In writing this section, consider the following: What is/are the organizational behavior related issue(s) in the case? · Identify the issue(s) in a couple of sentences. This is short and concise. · Briefly, in your own words and in a couple of sentences, why is it an issue? (This is the second section of your project. It sets the stage for your analysis. This section of the paper should be one-half to one page.) 3. Next collect information to analyze the issue or problem. You may research the company using "grey literature" pertaining to the organization, published academic or trade literature, popular media coverage and you may gather information first-hand from a person working in the organization. To gather first-hand information, try to use your personal contacts to request an interview with someone who has experienced or observed the situation. This may be a manager, supervisor, employee, or owner. For additional insights, you may interview more than one person from the same company involved in related issues. The person(s) you are interviewing must be willing to cooperate with you on this project. You need informed consent from the person(s) involved and you must provide the name, designation, and email address of the person and include it in the report as Appendix A. Should the person(s) you approach have any questions that you are unable to address, please ask them to contact me directly at [email protected]. In writing this section, consider the following: · What are/ were the circumstances leading to the issue/problem you identified in section 2? · Who are the important stakeholders? What is the nature of relationship between the stakeholders, so far, who has been harmed and who has gained benefit? · What HCM related theories and concepts are relevant to the issue and how they apply to the issue/ problem? · What are/were possible consequences of the issue/problem? (This is the third section of your project. This section of the paper should be two to three pages.) In the fourth section, provide alternative courses of action to remedy the problem/issue. In writing this section, consider the following: What are the alternative courses of action to remedy the problem that you have identified? Who must act in each alternative? · Provide three distinct alternatives for the most important issue that you identify in Section 2. · The three alternatives should address a range of actions about that issue(s). · The same person or entity should be the “actor” in all three alternatives. Next, · For each alternative, thoroughly evaluate the alternatives, their outcomes, and their possible effects on all of the parties involved. (Ask yourself, do these alternatives solve the issue you identified in section 2?) · Be sure to state how your alternatives are supported by relevant concepts/ theories. 4. (This is a major part of your paper and requires you to consider all of the possibilities and their effects on the stakeholders. It should be approximately two to three pages.) 5. In this section, make a specific recommendation based on your analysis of the issue/ problem. Consider the following in writing this section: Your recommendation should be one of the three alternatives that you have proposed. Use supporting data (e.g., important facts, analysis of alternatives, and key concepts studied in the course) to argue why your recommendation is the best alternative. Does your recommendation provide a reasoned solution to the issue(s) you identified in Section 2? Please note, merely stating your opinion without supporting data (e.g., important facts, analysis of alternatives, and key concepts studied in the course) is not a recommendation. (This part of your paper should be at least one page.) 6. When you finish writing, leave yourself time to stand back from your report so you can get some perspective on it. Read the report and take notes before you start the conclusion1. Consider the following: · Conclusion must link to the rest of the report. · Highlight the significant elements from the report and draw out the main points you want to make about the topic - and make them at a general level. · Avoid introducing new material. (This part of your paper should be one-half page.) Other considerations: You are expected to consult a variety of sources that go beyond the textbook and lecture materials to find information on your chosen topic, including a description of the issue addressed and its relevance to training and development and organization. Proper referencing of your sources is required (American Psychological Association - APA format). Your Report should not exceed 10 typed pages (excluding cover page and reference page), double spaced with 1-inch margins, 12 font size.
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Part A
Employee engagement in Information Technology companies is important for the organization for achieving goals. Employee engagement involves interest in organizational principles. It includes performing with a positive attitude towards the organization. It can help in explaining efforts in the work and requirements for completing the work on time. It is relevant with HCM it can help identify the outcome that is necessary for addressing the need in an organization. It can help in demonstrating the environment that is required for using the capability. Hyperlink InfoSystem is the mobile development company that delivers the best solution for ap
plication and web development. Secondary research will be used in the research; it is the method that involves the use of existing data. The information can be collected and summarized for increasing the overall effectiveness of the research. It includes research material that can be published in documents and research reports. The documents can be made available on websites, public libraries and data that are filled in surveys. This is the cost effective way for making research on the existing data. Published sources include reports that include journals and magazines. Reports contain data regarding trade and this information can facilitate different types of secondary research. Data from websites can be used for the research and it acts like secondary data information. Data released by the government can be used and it is based on investigation with function of value sources of the secondary data.
Part B
Background information of organization
Hyperlink InfoSystem is a mobile application development company. The company is well known for crafting innovation including development of mobile applications and websites. It provides a wide range of customized services for game development, mobile application, block chain development and AR development. It includes a skilled team that is engineered for bringing growth for the business. It can help in delivering services and do not compromise on quality and time. It starts with the foundation and implementation of strategies for considering possible factors that can affect the growth of employees in the company. The company was started in the year 2011. The business continues to build the technology based platform for encouraging sharing of creative thinking and information. It provides the ability for engaging quickly and it can help in staying aged in the companion. It includes relying on the technology with the ability of engaging with employees both in and out of the office. The level of collaboration allows employees to maintain a better work-life balance. The technology in the workplace continues to allow businesses to improve their communication with employees. The technology can help in expanding the business more quickly and efficiently. The company uses virtual technology, online portals and social networking for making employee engagement better. It can help in expansion of business technology that can help in elevating the communication and allows information to be exchanged with the use of multiple channels.
Hyperlink InfoSystem uses self-services management that allows employees to manage and access data of the company. It includes the use of a self-service portal that includes human resources to allow employees to perform various tasks. It includes the ability for responding quickly for network requirements that can help in updating information for employees. In the company, collaboration has been an essential method that can help in communication. It is important for making the business successful and it includes collaborative efforts for differentiating between goals, budgets and project management timelines. It enables employees to remain engaged and work between departments. It can help in facilitating a variety of different ways for sharing information. The workgroup allows diversifying the business goal between employees and helps in sharing multiple points of view for development of streaming communication, budgets and structuring timelines (Sun & Bunchapattanasakda, 2019). Development and training is essential for the company for remaining competitive in the market. It includes blended learning that allows employees to maintain flexible schedules.
Purpose of the project
    The identified issues are related to employee engagement in the information technology company. The problem includes communication gap among employees, it happens when employees do not know what is happening in the organization and the level of engagement drops. It is when interaction with peers is interrupted and do not receive the recognition for the work. It can result in demotivating employees in the organization. The inefficient use of analytics of employees can create gaps in recognizing the efforts of employees. People analytics is important for the organization and it is important for looking for improving engagement of employees. It includes analyzing and compiling data of employees (Kwon & Kim, 2020). The analytics tools can help in identifying the root causes for employee engagement problems. It may be caused because of a lack of expertise in people analytics and it can create issues in organization. Lack of support from leaders is another issue and improper engagement of top level leaders in organization. This is related to unfair adjustment in the management style and it can cause friction for the two-way communication between deferment levels of management.
    Toxicity in the workplace is terrible for employee engagement. It can cause irritation, backstabbing, anxiety and irritation. It includes some factors that can create a negative work environment including burnout, poor communication and stress. It can be the loss of zest for work and includes issues that can persist for a longer time and it requires improvement. Gauging engagement of employees has always been a challenge because it can be seen as more than a metric (Lee, Rocco & Shuck, 2020). It required understanding organization in standing in terms of employee engagement for development for focusing on strategies. The lack of opportunities has been a common reason for employees to leave jobs. It is serious about removing barriers in employee engagement that can decrease opportunities for employee engagement. The failure of worker career progression can trigger the feeling that can be stuck in the job. Lack of transparency can be the issue and it can create issues in communication between...

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