KII4003 Working With Spreadsheets Assessment 2 KII4003-AT-V XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXDowntown Australia Pty Ltd t/a Kingsford International Institute XXXXXXXXXXRTO:45363 | CRICOS: 03689D XXXXXXXXXX1...

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KII4003 Working With Spreadsheets Assessment 2 KII4003-AT-V1.22052018 Downtown Australia Pty Ltd t/a Kingsford International Institute RTO:45363 | CRICOS: 03689D 1 KII4003 Working With Spreadsheets Assessment 2 KII4003-AT-V1.22052018 Downtown Australia Pty Ltd t/a Kingsford International Institute RTO:45363 | CRICOS: 03689D 2 Assessment Information Welcome to your Student Assessment Workbook for KII4003 Working with Spreadsheets. Unit of Competency BSBITU402 Develop and use complex spreadsheets This Student Assessment Workbook is where you will write all your responses for the knowledge questions and simulation tasks. Please refer to the Student Assessment Guide for more information. This assessment has the following two events: Assessment Event 1 – Knowledge Questions There are five questions that will provide us with evidence of your general knowledge of concepts in relation to ergonomics, work organisation strategies, energy and resource conservation techniques, and spreadsheet functions. Assessment Event 2 – Simulation: Milk Daily Fresh You will complete a number of tasks associated with designing and developing an automated spreadsheet template. These tasks will be based on your role of Document Management Specialist in a simulation for Milk Daily Fresh, an organisation that retails fresh milk products. To complete the Simulation, you will need to refer to the following resources: Project Brief.pdf Outlines the business needs and provides a paper design prototype to give you an idea of how the Sales Report Template must look. You will produce the Template based on the requirements specified in this document. Current Sales Data.xlsx Spreadsheet that holds raw data for the current year’s sales performance per quarter for the entire range of products. You will use this data to retrieve the current sales performance for the selected range of products as specified in the Project Brief. Historical Sales Data.txt Text file that holds raw data for the previous year’s sales performance per quarter for the selected range of products. You will import this file into your spreadsheet environment as per the requirements given in the Project Brief. Organisational Logo.png Milk Daily Fresh company logo. You will use this media file as stipulated in the organisational Style Guide. Milk Daily Fresh Style Guide.pdf Organisational Style Guide that provides the standards for spreadsheet production. You must conform to these standards when designing and producing the Sales Report Template. Ergonomics and Work Organisation Policy and Procedures.pdf A policy and procedures document that outlines Milk Daily Fresh’s organisational ergonomic, energy, and resource saving practices for document production. You will demonstrate yours understanding on these in Task 1. Please note that your responses for both assessment events can (where appropriate) use dot point format. See below an example of a dot point response and a full sentence response. KII4003 Working With Spreadsheets Assessment 2 KII4003-AT-V1.22052018 Downtown Australia Pty Ltd t/a Kingsford International Institute RTO:45363 | CRICOS: 03689D 3 Dot point format Presentation Plan includes the following:  outcomes  needs of the audience  context. Full sentence format When you are preparing for a presentation, there are a number of tasks that must be carried out. These are listing the outcomes that you want to achieve, followed by the identification of the needs of your audience. When you have completed these two tasks you then check on the room that you will be conducting the presentation in. KII4003 Working With Spreadsheets Assessment 2 KII4003-AT-V1.22052018 Downtown Australia Pty Ltd t/a Kingsford International Institute RTO:45363 | CRICOS: 03689D 4 Important Information: Remember, you do not type your answers in the Student Assessment Guide but use this Student Assessment Workbook instead. The Student Assessment Guide is simply a guide to explain what you are required to do, and by doing so, this will assist you to perform at your best. Please type your answers for the questions in Assessment Event 1 in this Student Assessment Workbook. In Assessment Event 2, you are required to produce a spreadsheet template and a PDF export of this template as the output of the simulation. Your Assessor will need electronic copies of these files in order to assess your performance in these assessment tasks; therefore, you will not use the Student Assessment Workbook for this purpose, rather, you will upload these files to the web-based cloud storage platform which you will have created in Task 2.2. Please refer to Task 2.2 in the Student Assessment Guide for specific instructions. However, note that Task 8 will require you to produce screenshots of your cloud platform with folders and files, and then attach to this Student Assessment Workbook as an Appendix. To Achieve Competence
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Conditional Formatting
It is a formatting function that us used to emphasize the selected data that meets certain threshold and conditions. It is also leveraged for highlighting and differentiating the data in the spreadsheet with respect to others. Essentially, any individual can apply a specific format like highlighting the text or cell or implementation of colors while we want to differentiate the data that meets the conditions.
Example Use in Real Life - This is mo
st commonly used feature that is primarily leveraged in the corporates that requires to offer monthly reporting. By leveraging this function, business professionals are able to comprehend the data easily, identifying the areas where conditions have met and where they haven’t met. Hence, they know where to make adjustments and improve on which aspects in the business.
Analysis ToolPak
Analysis ToolPak is a function in the Excel that is available as an extra "Add-In". Essentially, it is an established small program in excel, once installed offers data analysis tools. It is of great use in financing, statistics and engineering data comprehension.
Examples Use in Real Life - Analysis ToolPak is option that is commonly utilised by students who are performing tremendous amount of research as well as areas that demands computing for statistics. This tool offers smoother computation of data.
Cell Formatting
This one of the commonly used functions in excel that offers user to change the appearance of the cell in the sheet. Specifically, this option only influences the appearance of the cell and doesn’t impact on the value of the data. Therefore, a person can apply number format like percentage, currency, time and date as well as accounting. Other functions of cell formatting include alignment, font styles and border designs.
Example in Real Life - This can be leveraged by accounting professors and students that can use practices in their exercise of reporting and analyzing numbers. Therefore, while conducting the bank reporting, encoders can utilize the format of currency where they can choose the symbol of currency as well as automatically appear on each cell with input.
Functions & Formulas
Functions can be explained as easily accessible and available in excel with predefined purpose. For instance, function of SUM that allows the addition of values present in different cells.
Example in Real Life - The tracking of the expenses and entire computation can be performed using these functions. Business professionals can utilize various functions to chalk out their reports.
Pivot Tables
This is a functionality that is leveraged with different combination of rows and columns that requires to be monitored or tracked. Pivot tables permits the user to frequently compare values from one and another.
Example in Real Life - An example can be business professional one can utilize this function to comprehend different products that were sold with respect to geography, market segments and client-base
This is one of the most powerful functions as it allows the user to present and display the data vividly. There are different types of charts available that can be leveraged like bar graph, column chart, doughnut graph and scatter plots.
Example in Real Life:
One of the best examples of utilizing the charts in practical application is displaying the results of political polls.
Sorting - It is method of synchronizing the data into an order like ascending or descending order. This can help in clear analysis of data and enhance comprehension even by viewing the content.
Filter - The function of filter offers an easy extraction of data that matches the larger sets of sourced data. Essentially, the filter is very dynamic and values can change according to what is been sourced.
Formula Auditing - In excel, function of formula auditing permits us to see the relationship between the cells and formulas. Formula auditing becomes important when we are working with the complex functions and desire to check if there are any errors. Furthermore, function of auditing also provides ways to track the particular functions.
Macros - Macros comes into power, when one wants to automate the set of actions that are repeatedly performed in the excel. Essentially, macro is an action or group of actions that can be performed multiple number of time and produce results.
Freeze Panes - A tool that allows one to lock the rows or columns can consider as headings. Essentially, it is very useful since when we scroll down or try to view the rest of sheet the first row or column which is been freeze remain on the screen.
Split View - This functionality displays two windows side by side in the form of split-screen with the black partition in the center. It is designed to offer multi-tasking feature both at the same...

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