i have crime prevention and community

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Crime prevention and community
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Body    3
Ethnographic evidence and examples (Aboriginal men who resist arrests)    3
Relating the Ethnographic evidence with overrepresentation of the Aboriginal men in the criminal justice system of Australia    6
Conclusion    8
References    9
For this particular assignment I have selected the second topic that is examining the value of understanding the lived experience in terms of assessi
ng the issues of the criminal justice. Furthermore, this argument will also provide a robust argument for convincing the cultural criminologists. Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion it can be said that for this I have considered Aboriginal men who tend to resist the arrest and then relating these to the particular criminal justice policy for instance, the overrepresentation of the Aboriginal men in the justice system of Australia. Furthermore, there are a lot of researchers who have attempted to address the entrenched disadvantages of the Aboriginal Australians who resist arrest. However, still the sustained enhancement in the cultural, social, emotional, physical wellbeing is not at all evident. This particular research work will be representing why Aboriginal men tend to resist arrest and their overrepresentation in the criminal justice system of Australia.
Ethnographic evidence and examples (Aboriginal men who resist arrests)
It can be said that the relationship between the Aboriginal men and the police in the Australia’s tense. The racism, harsh treatment and the behaviour that is inappropriate along with the long sentences are the most common problems in terms of the ethnographic accounts of these men who tend to resist the arrest (Cesaroni, Grol and Fredericks, 2019). There are a lot of instances where the police in the Australia have been disrespectful and heavy handed toward the Aboriginal men. In terms of understanding the entire overrepresentation of the Aboriginal men in the criminal justice system of the Australia, it is necessary for considering in which it is taking place. It can be said that one of the greatest contributor toward overrepresentation were the colonial values underlying the Australian criminal policies, laws along with the practices that have been quite negative for the Aboriginal people. From the year 1788 the Britishers mainly treated Australia as a colony of settlement not of a conquest. The land of the Aboriginal people was taken by the British people on issuing the statement that the land belonged to no-one. As a result these people have been subjected to the assimilation to the procedures and policies that have created individual and collective intergenerational trauma that resulted into the negative impacts on the social determinants in terms of the health for a lot of people (Cunneen, 2006). Furthermore, the literature has highlighted the fact that the impacts of the colonism as well as the behaviour of the other people other than their community are an outcome concerning the disproportionate rates of the incarnation of Aboriginal individuals. Furthermore, it is needless to say that the impact of the socio-economic marginalization on the overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in the Australian criminal justice system. There are a lot of Indigenous cultures in the Australia yet the Aboriginal worldview in terms of the justice as well as harm has a lot of similarities. The western approaches toward the justice outside the inclusion of restorative justice system in Australia, is less relational provided that the crimes are regarded against the state when contrasted with the people who have received the harm.
For example- In one of the case Aboriginal people were hunting in an area that was unfenced in the Western Australia. On the other hand, as per the Land Administration Act, the traditional landowners are allowed to hunt as well as other cultural pursuit on some of the pastoral leases that have embraced their lands (Graham, 2012). However, most of the owners of the station are respectful of these particular rights, in this specific case station employees altered police who dispatched two cars, rudely behaved with the group and showed the immature behaviour. Police have been excessively abusive toward this Aboriginal group and the swearing is regarded as one of the most significant offense that gets the Aboriginal individuals into trouble and then into jail. It has been also observed that police also arrests the aboriginal people for insignificant issues for instance swearing.
It has been observed in Australia police tend to profile the Aboriginal individuals from a very young age. They are severely and...

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