MBA XXXXXXXXXXOrganizations, Markets, And ManagementTeam Problem WriteupDue Friday, October 28th, by 11:59pm1 AssignmentThe purpose of this assignment is to get your core team interacting with...

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I want one problem to be on Game theory and one to be on Monopolist market within the Liberian Market

MBA 6243 - Organizations, Markets, And Management Team Problem Writeup Due Friday, October 28th, by 11:59pm 1 Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to get your core team interacting with the material together as we head into the final exam. Each team member must draft a problem to be solved (like a question for an exam) that addresses some real-world situation. These scenarios can come from news articles, podcasts, videocasts, or any other sources that are available to a potential reader. This problem should be relevant to the individual’s interests, their home country, or their personal experience. Team members are permitted to estimate/approximate relevant numbers, or use any form of abstraction that we have used in class in order to construct these problems, but the problems must be answerable given the material from the course. Each problem should start with a description/summary of the situation to be addressed (the scenario). Subsequently, each problem must have a least two questions (two parts) to be an- swered and each question must require application of different course material to be solved. The questions can apply material from anything covered in the course, but team members should coordinate so that there is diversity across the problems in the final writeup. Note that each problem and associated set of parts/questions is limited to one page (not including graphs, data, or tables if they are needed). Finally, each problem must include a well written solution for each individual question. The solutions for each problem should be two pages or less (not including graphs or tables). Thus, each problem should not exceed 3 pages in total (not including graphs, data, or tables if they are needed). Note that every team member must contribute substantially, and any team member that does not may face a grade penalty up to the entire value of the assignment. Once these drafts are complete, the team should work together to refine and improve each problem, the associated questions, and the solutions. The goal is to have a list of problems that assists the reader in understanding how the course material can be applied in the real world. Relevance to the material, correct application of the material, diversity of the material covered, creativity, difficulty of the questions/solutions, and the quality of the writeup itself are all important considerations in this assignment. Once this is complete, the team must draft a document that describes the relevance of each problem to the material, the source of the student’s interest in the problem (personal experience, career aspirations, etc.), and the class session(s) to which the team believes the problem might be relevant. 2 Deliverables One team member must submit a single well-organized document via CARMEN including: 1. The scenario description and associated questions from each team member 1 2. The solution for each team member’s questions 3. The relevance and inspiration description for each problem The intended audience of this document is your peers in the program. Be sure to reference any copyrighted material used in the write-up, provided links/directions to necessary reading, and feel free to include a ToC and other organizational devices as your team sees fit. As always, if you have questions about the assignment please contact me. 2 RedAssignment RedDeliverables
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Product market with game theory:
Let us consider there is two firm in a electronic product market, they are Bosch and Tern who is facing a situation whether to sell a high quali
ty or low quality product with a motive to maximize their revenue. Solution for this problem can be identified through game matrix.
Game matrix between bosch and Tern
(profits in million)
(profits in million)
    High quality(20,000 units)
    Low Quality(20,000 units)
    High quality(10,000 units)
    Low quality(10,000 units)
    High quality(20,000 units)
    ($40 ,$25)
    ($40 ,$50)
    ($40 ,$20)
    ($40 ,$0)
    Low Quality(20,000 units)
    High quality(10,000 units)
    Low quality(10,000 units)
When Bosch moves first in the game we will look into column wise payoff. $40 million is the highest possible profit that Bosch can earn so he chose to supply low quality motors of 20,000 units. By considering bosch action Tern will look into the row wise payoff, the highest possible payoff that the Tern can earn is $30 million at nash equilibrium point Ten will choose to buy motor of high quality and Bosch will supply low quality motors of 20,000 units.
In one shot simultaneous game both firms decide their outcome at a time, let’s consider that tern and Bosch chose high quality of 10,000 units of motors If we examine the payoff clearly, its revealed that pay off will $20 million for tern and $10 million for Bosch, this would result in disequilibrium because there is a possibility for both the firms to deviate from their choice and earn high payoff. At nash equilibrium there is no chance of deviation from the chosen...

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