Instructions For the last major activity of the course, you will develop a 6- to 8-page, APA style, observation paper where you will identify a research question of your choice, then integrate...

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For the last major activity of the course, you will develop a 6- to 8-page, APA style, observation paper where you will identify a research question of your choice, then integrate relevant theories and research findings to discuss your observations. Think of it as an advanced version of your first assignment with more structure and details, now that you're more advanced in your knowledge of social psychology principles.

For specific details of the project, please refer to your Syllabus under Project Descriptions, Applied Final Project - Observation of Social Behavior.

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Running Head: OBSERVATION OF SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR                1
OBSERVATION OF SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR                        2
Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Principles of Social Psychology    3
Social Cognitive and Behavior Theory    4
Naturalistic Approach    5
Understanding of the Observation    6
Conclusion    7
References    8
Appendix    10
The social behavior of a person indicates the way a person behaves or it is influenced to behave with their su
oundings or a situation. Such behaviors can be observed carefully and related to the social psychology principles to understand about the characteristics and attitude of the person being observed.
Observation of the social behavior of a person can be done in a naturalistic way where the daily activity of the person observed is not affected yet he can be well understood through his attitudes towards different situation. For my observational research, I have tried to observe a person in the cashier line in a grocery shop, which made me think about the factors related to behavioral changes. This arose the research question, which I wanted to get answer through the naturalistic observation, which is, ‘Does social situation determines human behavior?’
For my research, I have chosen the naturalistic approach of observation and the social behavior and cognitive theories to form my thesis statement justifying my question. Several research on the topic has helped me to gather the knowledge to prove the determination of human behavior through social situations according to the principles of the social psychology.
Principles of Social Psychology
The principles of social psychology used in my observational research are the goal orientation of social behavior, the situations determine the outcome, analyzing behavior of others and reflection of the personality through social behavior. According to Stangor, Jhangiani and Ta
y (2014), the principle of social psychology helps to identify the social behavior in a conceptual level and the way it changes with different social situations.
For example, a person in a grocery store will behave differently according to the su
ounding situation, whereas if the same person is visiting a zoo for recreation, then it will show an uplift in his mood according to the su
ounding situation. These principles are applied in my observation to support my research question of social situation determining the human behavior. From my observation and understanding through naturalistic approach, these principles can be clearly justified proving my research question. The principles are applied from both the ends of the person I observed and myself, which has helped me to get a clear understanding about behavioral change related to social situations.
Social Cognitive and Behavior Theory
The human behavior tends to imitate the activities from the su
oundings and behave accordingly to the situation. The cognitive theory justifies this act of a person, which can be observed through naturalistic observation. In my observation, the cognitive theory plays a major role as the activities of the person in the cashier line were facing a continuous change according to the several situations in the queue.
According to Carillo (2010), the social cognitive theory is the best approach for behavioral studies by the psychologists, which works on a framework. The cognitive theory represents the behavioral changes related to the su
ounding situation, which helped me creating this work on observational research.
On the other hand, the social behavior theory represents the changes in behavior a person possesses to accommodate in their su
oundings. As mentioned by Pincus and Ansell (2013), the theory of social behavior deals with the identification of the personality of the person. How the person deals with a situation shows his personality and attitude. The personalities can be calm, aggressive, motivated, energetic, affectionate, empathetic, altruistic, or revengeful.

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