ISY10212 Contemporary Issues in MM & IT 2018 Some Options for Assignment 3: Report Topic and Presentation The following offers a list of about 70 broad ideas suitable for students to consider as a...

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ISY10212 Contemporary Issues in MM & IT


Some Options for Assignment 3: Report Topic and Presentation

The following offers a list of about 70 broad ideas suitable for students to consider as a Report Topic for this unit in 2018.

Students are encouraged to select an area to specialise in for their Report. The focus should be to define a narrow, but deep (detailed), area of research. It is anticipated that pursuing such a “narrow and deep” topic area is likely to provide students with high levels of autonomy, ownership, motivation and personalised learning outcomes.

The list is only intended as an idea prompt. Students are encouraged to identify alternative topic areas to pursue if they wish, but these must be submitted to their tutor for consideration and authority to proceed.

Each of the topics identified below contains ethical considerations. Each is open to be viewed for its relative strengths and weaknesses (positive and negative effects). Such a balanced consideration of strengths and weakness must be incorporated into the Report.

Areas which do not hold such “two-way” arguments are not suitable as a Report Topic area. For example, the incidence of malware (such as viruses) is not a suitable report topic area as it is “all bad” in its effect on society…unless a student can clearly argue some positive effects.


Graham Cooper 31/ July/ 2018

Note: A few additional topics were added at 5 Aug 2018.

These are indicated in BLUE below to aid identification.

- Cooper , 5 Aug 2018.

1. Communicating with IT

Social networking sites; user groups, Twitter, Facebook

Social networks and age restrictions

Mobile computing: Laptops, tablets and smart phones; work from anywhere world applications for mobile consumers

2. IT is a whole new Industry

Who pays; business models for the internet

Australian National Broad Band Network; costs, benefits and roll-out

3. Weather IT is good

Weather forecasting; for tomorrow or for next year

Real time updates; Warnings and Alert Systems

4. IT can get f$#@ed!

Pornography industry; early adopter of on-line technology and business

Issues of cross boarder jurisdiction. Host country laws, but delivery is global.

On-line gambling. New business opportunities or new social problems?

5. Kill IT

Violence in video games; does this induce violence in individuals and society?

Risks to national security from cyberterrorism and cyberwarfare.

6. IT is just like me

Usability - Human Computer Interface and interactions (visual, aural, touch, gesture, thought).

Interface agents

7. IT is child’s play!

Educational applications in schools and universities. What has changed?

Gamification and its role as homework.

8. IT is role play

Training applications in industry.

Simulations – from low level flight simulators to complete control rooms.

9. IT is just a game

The evolution of computer games and where to next?

Dedicated consoles - PlayStations, X-Boxes, Nintendo …and Interfaces

Multi-player on-line games

10. IT is cheap as chips

E-waste.; Cheaper to throw away than modularize to aid recycling

11. Can you trust IT?

Online banking and purchases; can they be trusted?

Cryptocurrencies as a method for payment.

12. Is IT safe?

Security & encryption. How to keep secrets

Biometrics; finger prints to face recognition

Geo tracking…a study in time and space

13. IT is the law

Overlap and tensions between national and international laws

Privacy and confidentiality - what implications for data management?

14. Protecting the worth of IT

Intellectual Property in IT is worth how much?

Options for protecting against Pirating

15. Find IT and Attack IT

Unmanned military drones

Spying and eavesdropping; government surveillance of ICT

Google Earth and Street View

16. Tomorrow the World [Wide Web]!

Internet of Things

Media convergence, media control and media monopolies

17. “Everything is going extremely well” (HAL, 2001)

Computer control; operation, monitoring and management

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

18. I’ll buy IT

PC or Apple? : History, now and future of computer hardware

Open source and freeware

19. Congratulations! IT is a girl!

Gender bias in the IT industry and in games

Equity and accessibility

20. IT has health implications

Health risks; eye strain, RSI, UV radiation, games and internet addiction

Games to keep you healthy and to aid rehabilitation

The good and bad prospects of on-line health records

21. Understanding IT

Using IT and multimedia to make complex information simple

IT can see patterns – Deep Learning in Big Data

22. IT has its own culture

Chat groups and gamers

Anonymity and other persona; from escapism to sanctuary from social awkwardness

23. We can make a show on IT

Influence of multimedia and IT in popular movies – 2001, Star Wars, I robot, Her, ex Machina

Uptake of multimedia cartooning and 3D modeling; From The Simpson’s, to Lord of the Rings and beyond

24. IT can cause a clash of cultures

Issues of intercultural and indigenous perspectives

25. IT has a future

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Mobile computing, clouds and ubiquitous computing

26. Joe Blogs about IT

Web logs; documenting life in a war zone

You Tube; from entertainment to education

27. IT was always going to be about politics

Politics and the use of new media.

Whistle blowing through Wikileaks and other sites


28. IT prints in 3D

Printing physical objects…from guns to body parts

29. IT provides free knowledge to the masses

Free educational and information sources; Wikipedia, the Khan Academy and TED talks

30. Face (book) up to IT

Facebook and social experiments conducted upon their users

Monetarization of Social Networks

31. Look out for IT above

Drones for the consumers; air borne cameras or invaders of personal space

Micro Satellites for daily updates of images of Earth

32. IT is Disruptive

IT in transport- ride sharing such as Uber

IT in accommodation – house sharing such as Airbnb

IT in classified adverts – selling 2nd
hand on Gumtree and eBay

33. IT has a special role

Impact of IT in the music industry

Impact of IT in the film industry

Impact of IT in the tourism industry

Impact of IT in the sports industry

Impact of IT in science

Impact of IT in the [placeholder] industry

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Answer To: ISY10212 Contemporary Issues in MM & IT 2018 Some Options for Assignment 3: Report Topic and...

Kuldeep answered on Sep 03 2020
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Contemporary issues in IT
Running head: Contemporary Issues
Contemporary Issues
Contemporary issues in IT    September 3    2018    
Executive Summary
ICT is a broad field that covers different technologies that can easily store, receive and transmit the data electronically. As electronic devices are so tightly integrated into the structure of modernized society the strengths and weaknesses of the ICT use in different fields might not be instantly apparent. This report includes a current issue in the area of encryption technology. This report also highlights social, cultural, et
hical, and legal implications of encryption technologies, and how these aspects may differ in different countries.
Introduction    4
Is IT safe: Security & encryption    4
Positive and negative effects    5
Positive Points    5
Negative Points    6
How to keep secrets    6
Future of Encryption    7
Social, cultural, ethical, and legal implications    8
Conclusion    11
References    13
Contemporary issues with information business or trend are popular all over the world. However, they are more concerned with the problem of information management. Professional skills, skills, and attitudes to the globalization of ICT and information services have led to emerging problems in information management and knowledge management in the recent past to information society and knowledge organizations. The problem now needs to be changed to information management. In this release, there are tremendous changes in the information business. Information technology is exceedingly promoted as a strong mechanism to promote health care security (Choudhury & Kirubanand, 2018). The irony is that there is little focus on the security of healthcare IT. Computer scientists and professionals have broadly studied the issue of ensuring performance in the safety of critical computing frameworks and systems. They developed a conceptual approach and a set of strategies or techniques for incorrect or abnormal operations (or the result of the proper operation, exceptions in context) that could jeopardize the user, the public, and the environment. However, such methods are not usually used in the healthcare IT, which is usually developed without special consideration of a unique requirement of special factors as well as safe operation.
Is IT safe: Security & encryption
There is always a need for secure and secret communication in the field of database systems. When transmitting data, it is always possible to intercept on the outside of the sender-receiver domain. Modern digitalized encryption methods form a unique basis of database security in today's digital world. Earlier data encryption was used by the military as well as by government organizations to keep their information secret but is currently used to protect information in its various citizen systems. In the year 2007, the US Government reported that almost 7% of large and small companies surveyed the encryption or partial data used during the transport. Using an Encryption Algorithm (password), the information (simple text) is defined as the process of converting a non-readable form (encrypted information called Shift) so that no one Even without the knowledge of decrypting this information, it could not be accessed. "Encoding data from a specific algorithm that is unreadable without any decryption key from any program" is known as encryption (Setyaningsih & Iswahyudi, 2012). In the computing world, encryption is a way by which simple text or different type of data is easily converted into a readable version in an encoded version which can be decoded by another organization if they have smooth access to the decryption key. Encryption is the most significant way to provide data security, particularly for the security of the data transmitted over the network. Encryption is broadly utilized on the internet to safeguard user information or data sent between the browser and the server to keep the secrets, including strong passwords, payment related data and any other personal or delicate information that must be considered private. Several organizations moreover individuals generally encrypt security for sensitive data which is stored on computers, mobile devices such as phones or tablets and servers.
Positive and negative effects
Positive Points
Encryption always provides protection for data: Generally, data is weakest when moving from one different location. Encryption works throughout data transfer or rest, and this is the ideal solution whether anyone is archived or how to use it. Encryption must be standard for each and every data stored at all times, no matter whether it is considered "important" or not.
Maintains encrypted data integrity: Hackers can not only steal information but can also change the data to fraud. Although the technician can change the encrypted data, the data received will be capable to detect the damage and thus will respond quickly to cyber attacks (Zhang & Wang, 2012).
Encryption is part of compliance: Several industries have strict compliance needs and requirements to assist in the protection of organizations that collect personal industries. HIPAA, FIPS, and other rules rely on safe methods for example encryption to secure and protect data, and enterprises can utilize encryption for complete security.
Negative Points
Does not protect the data in transit: Encryption is still has its own drawback the first is that it cannot protect the data in transit. In particular, if a user shares data between devices or sends data by email, the data in transit is not protected. Hackers can easily steal it.
Slow down the computer: In addition, in the case of full disk encryption, the entire drive is encrypted. In this case, the authentication key is required to decrypt the drive data whenever the user attempts...

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