BIEN Are«gonnet 307" choose to speak to someone that4. Why does the persona inspond to him?5. How is the problem of the persona in “Sonnet 104” different from that of...

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BIEN Are «gonnet 307" choose to speak to someone that 4. Why does the persona in spond to him? 5. How is the problem of the persona in “Sonnet 104” different from that of tl “Sonnet 307?" 6. What do you think is the reaction that Petrarch is expecting from his re: sonnets? Why do you say so? 7. Who of the two personas in the sonnets do you think is in a worse situ: your answer. 4 8. If you were to give titles to “Sonnet 307” and “Sonnet 104, hve what would 9. If theipersona in each son net wer Why do you say so? © to posta status on social media g 10. What makes “Sonnet 3077 et 307” and “Son, flicts arising from h Sonnet 104” univer. aiove? Universal in their gee , " r depiction 2p Tree. "omy \ * adi tminan ho = And we woulq Woon toatl ould bring Ts no 2qualty of woe | fagr: net, Parhaps lives : Have greedy da bewall; from me But the dark autumn evening paced my dear memory of 9 hour sets free $0 10tus talk of the Jou Past then, tenderly, Ru Sonnet 104 Wana = by Francesco Petrarch di Translated by Sir Thomas Wyatt i yo! Uy Lowa W A find no peace, and all my wat ls done, oye! UWE 3 / 1 Tear and hope, | burn and freeze like co. 8 3 | Aly above the wind, yet can | not arise; y fom ' And nought | have, and all the world | season. Arland dha pded “That loseth nor locketh holdeth me in prison -And holdeth me not=yat can | scape no wise— sree \e Nor letteth me live nor die at my device, 9 And yet of death It giveth me occasion. heme @ Without eyen | see, and without tongue | plain. 7 ory ~ | desire to perish, and yet | ask health. h Id | love another, and thus | hate myself, ed £23 | feed me in sorrow and laugh In all my pain; | Likewise displeaseth me both life and death, And my delight Is causer of this strife. Comprehension Questions: Lidl \ er are the nu images used In the selection? (Visual, fudtoy@ictory, Gueta- tory, Tactile, Motion) | J a and the one spoken to? What 2 In"Sonnet 307 what Is common between the person does the persona want from the in ines 3 and 4 of “Sonnet 307" what does the persona wish to convey by alluding to nd 4 of " ETE the times of the day and the seas® Tae ———— Rules Apply 145 pl $Y g—_7 o the theme of a particular literary selectioy Fi ; nts specific to 2 genre may contribute t ements £ nsory images. i ’ : J o ory images makes the description more Viv id in the minds of the ] | images of details described or depicted in a written t arer connections between what they are reading and wha through se The use of sens By forming menta to make cle be they have actually seen Of experienced in real life. / i Closely study the examples showing the different kinds of sensory images: Auditory Olfactory [TE E1C1Y Tactile Kinesthetic GC cos (touch) (motion) readers. readers are able . patches of + hearts « scents |. spicy leaves |» rough green in the pounding of cheap and herbs | edges of the dry field loudly inthe = perfume |» tasty | ancient cliffs « flickers of quiet room from a | servings ie the farmer's | and lighton a « beating nearby local | oforganic | coarse and inthe moonless of drums store | fibers | withered night echoing - rising smoke | | hands faintly from from burning | | the distant leaves | | hills QUICK CHECK: Sonnet 307 and Sonnet 104 How does a person cope with feelings caused by the experience of falling in love or of losing a loved one? Read the sonnet below. Then, answer the questions that follow. Word Chest Look for the meaning of the following we - hastening + bosom qu: » bewail - banished Sonnet 307 by Francesco Petrarch O lovely little bird, | watch you fly, And grieving for the past | hear you sing. | see the night and winter hastening, | see the day and happy summer die. If you could hear my heart in answer cry Its pain to your sad tune, you'd swiftly wing 144 Unit 2
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Answer To: BIEN Are«gonnet 307" choose to speak to someone that4. Why does the persona...

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Sonnet 104 and 307
Answer 1
There are several types of sensory images, such as visual, tactile, auditory, motion, auditory, and g
ustatory. For example, he can see without the use of his eyes and perceive things by touch and sound. Furthermore, he laments not only with his tongue but also with the manner in which he acts, walks, and makes bodily gestures. That is, despite the loss of his tongue and eyes, he retains these senses (Eriksen, 2010).

Answer 2
In "Sonnet 307," both the persona as well as the one addressed are mourning the loss of a person they love. The persona desires for the latter to approach him so that they can talk about the past (Fowler, 1986).

Answer 3
The persona wishes to keep each other in her/his thoughts each and every day that she/he misses in order to convey his message. And they yearn to be together, enjoying hours with one another (Neumeyer, 1979).

Answer 4
This is because the poet's heart reflects the bird's melancholy song. The poet wants the bird's consoling company so they can mourn together (Olivera, 2010).

Answer 5
In sonnet 104, he ponders the perplexing state that love has placed him in. However, in sonnet 307, the problem of persona is having fluctuations between states as a way of demonstrating instability (Eriksen, 2010).

Answer 6
He wants his readers to...

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