Linear algebra and differential equations problem

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a. A and B will have same size
. Trace A = Trace B
c. A^T need not be equal to B^T
d. Yes, rank A = rank B
e. True
If A is symmetric B is also symmetric otherwise not.
Since A can be expressed as a product of elementary matrices we have that A is invertible. Since A is invertible A inverse exists
Hence X = A_1B is the unique solution for X
a. A =
Thus square the elements of diagonal and writte in co
esponding diagonal places.
. In the same lines as above we can see
For nxn matrix diagonal elements in A^n would be square of co
esponding diagonal elements in A
c. Let us assume A^k=
Already true for n=1
Hence A^n = for all natural numbers
d. Extending the...

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