Look over instructions on paper.

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Look over instructions on paper.

ASSIGNMENT # 3 March 2021 MEDIA REVIEW # 1 (Hardware) NET 371 – Wireless Communication Networks Requirement: Article: https://www.fiercewireless.com/5g/t-mobile-rent-payments-25-ghz-may-not-be-so-secret Find an article that relates to wireless / cellular hardware. Try the Chicago Tribune, or any of the telecom or wireless industry trade magazines such as fiercewireless.com, RCR Magazine, or Network World. These magazines all have on-line versions. The article cannot be more than six months old. The article can be on any topic, as long as it relates somehow to wireless communication hardware, as stated above. The article can be from any newspaper, trade magazine, or web site; but the article must not exceed 5 total pages. You will then need to assess the article in the form of a typed (double spaced) by responding to the following questions. The required format for the paper/assignment is to state the question below, then answer the question as it pertains to your specific article. Specifications Give some thought to how you will answer the questions below before you start writing. It will be easy to see if you’ve put any effort into this assignment. 1. In your own words, paraphrase the central topic of the article. What is the “angle”? Is the article taking a positive or a negative perspective on its topic? 2. Regarding the topic of the article, how is it important to the function and/or development of wireless communications? 3. What segment would the service / technology / equipment benefit more, consumers or businesses (or both)? 4. Name at least one (or more) benefit(s) to the service / equipment / technology. Explain the potential benefits in terms of societal improvements, benefits to consumers in general and benefits to businesses. 5. Name at least one (or more) disadvantages to the service / equipment / technology. 6. List as many applications as you can think of for the device, service, or technology. 7. If you could change the device / service / product or technology in any way, how would you change it? If the paper does not specifically address the questions above, 10 points will automatically be deducted from the final grade of the assignment. At a minimum, a reference to the article’s URL (web site location) is required with this assignment. Another option is to copy and paste the article into Microsoft Word and include that document with your assignment submission. In-class students may include a hard copy of the article if they wish. If Assignment #3 is submitted without some form of reference to your source article 10 points will automatically be deducted from the final assignment grade. Finally, the margins of you paper should not exceed one inch from the top, bottom, and sides.
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Running Head: MEDIA REVIEW                                1
MEDIA REVIEW                                        6
Table of Contents
Topic of the Article    3
Development of Wirel
ess Communication    3
Segment Benefitted    3
Benefits in Terms of Social Improvements    4
Disadvantages    4
Applications    4
Implementing Changes    5
References    6
Topic of the Article
The central topic of the article lies in the concept of T-Mobile leasing a 2.5GHz spectrum from the colleges with an expenditure of a high rent per year. The company doe does not want to reveal its rent, which is as high as 55,000 US dollar to lease the high spectrum network of 2.5GHz (FIERCE Wireless, 2022).
It is known that the dispute with the Christian college has made the rent of lease reveal out in the market, which is not positively accepted by the company. The angle of the topic is mainly the rivalry of the T-Mobile with several colleges. The article is taking a negative turn, which has made the company decide to auction itself. The Federal Communication Commission has permitted the auction as well.
Development of Wireless Communication
According to the article, it is highly important to have a wireless network to maintain the spectrum of speed and provide high-speed internet, which will not hamper the smooth functioning of the digital network. As stated by Oughton and Russell (2020), the 5G network is highly important for the functioning of universities, which relies on the online mode of teaching. Hence, leasing the technology to the educational sectors bring a high range of profit. Similarly, in the case study, T-Mobile is trying to tie-up with FIECE Wireless to get the maximum benefit of the 5G wireless service of the network.
Segment Benefitted
The business segment will be benefitted more from the wireless network, as high-speed internet is required for the functioning of each sector including education, employment, industries, healthcare sectors and information...

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