1,1.52101,13.64,4.49,1.10,71.78,0.06,8.75,0.00,0.00,1 2,1.51761,13.89,3.60,1.36,72.73,0.48,7.83,0.00,0.00,1 3,1.51618,13.53,3.55,1.54,72.99,0.39,7.78,0.00,0.00,1...

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Machine learning with python project 1,1.52101,13.64,4.49,1.10,71.78,0.06,8.75,0.00,0.00,1 2,1.51761,13.89,3.60,1.36,72.73,0.48,7.83,0.00,0.00,1 3,1.51618,13.53,3.55,1.54,72.99,0.39,7.78,0.00,0.00,1 4,1.51766,13.21,3.69,1.29,72.61,0.57,8.22,0.00,0.00,1 5,1.51742,13.27,3.62,1.24,73.08,0.55,8.07,0.00,0.00,1 6,1.51596,12.79,3.61,1.62,72.97,0.64,8.07,0.00,0.26,1 7,1.51743,13.30,3.60,1.14,73.09,0.58,8.17,0.00,0.00,1 8,1.51756,13.15,3.61,1.05,73.24,0.57,8.24,0.00,0.00,1 9,1.51918,14.04,3.58,1.37,72.08,0.56,8.30,0.00,0.00,1 10,1.51755,13.00,3.60,1.36,72.99,0.57,8.40,0.00,0.11,1 11,1.51571,12.72,3.46,1.56,73.20,0.67,8.09,0.00,0.24,1 12,1.51763,12.80,3.66,1.27,73.01,0.60,8.56,0.00,0.00,1 13,1.51589,12.88,3.43,1.40,73.28,0.69,8.05,0.00,0.24,1 14,1.51748,12.86,3.56,1.27,73.21,0.54,8.38,0.00,0.17,1 15,1.51763,12.61,3.59,1.31,73.29,0.58,8.50,0.00,0.00,1 16,1.51761,12.81,3.54,1.23,73.24,0.58,8.39,0.00,0.00,1 17,1.51784,12.68,3.67,1.16,73.11,0.61,8.70,0.00,0.00,1 18,1.52196,14.36,3.85,0.89,71.36,0.15,9.15,0.00,0.00,1 19,1.51911,13.90,3.73,1.18,72.12,0.06,8.89,0.00,0.00,1 20,1.51735,13.02,3.54,1.69,72.73,0.54,8.44,0.00,0.07,1 21,1.51750,12.82,3.55,1.49,72.75,0.54,8.52,0.00,0.19,1 22,1.51966,14.77,3.75,0.29,72.02,0.03,9.00,0.00,0.00,1 23,1.51736,12.78,3.62,1.29,72.79,0.59,8.70,0.00,0.00,1 24,1.51751,12.81,3.57,1.35,73.02,0.62,8.59,0.00,0.00,1 25,1.51720,13.38,3.50,1.15,72.85,0.50,8.43,0.00,0.00,1 26,1.51764,12.98,3.54,1.21,73.00,0.65,8.53,0.00,0.00,1 27,1.51793,13.21,3.48,1.41,72.64,0.59,8.43,0.00,0.00,1 28,1.51721,12.87,3.48,1.33,73.04,0.56,8.43,0.00,0.00,1 29,1.51768,12.56,3.52,1.43,73.15,0.57,8.54,0.00,0.00,1 30,1.51784,13.08,3.49,1.28,72.86,0.60,8.49,0.00,0.00,1 31,1.51768,12.65,3.56,1.30,73.08,0.61,8.69,0.00,0.14,1 32,1.51747,12.84,3.50,1.14,73.27,0.56,8.55,0.00,0.00,1 33,1.51775,12.85,3.48,1.23,72.97,0.61,8.56,0.09,0.22,1 34,1.51753,12.57,3.47,1.38,73.39,0.60,8.55,0.00,0.06,1 35,1.51783,12.69,3.54,1.34,72.95,0.57,8.75,0.00,0.00,1 36,1.51567,13.29,3.45,1.21,72.74,0.56,8.57,0.00,0.00,1 37,1.51909,13.89,3.53,1.32,71.81,0.51,8.78,0.11,0.00,1 38,1.51797,12.74,3.48,1.35,72.96,0.64,8.68,0.00,0.00,1 39,1.52213,14.21,3.82,0.47,71.77,0.11,9.57,0.00,0.00,1 40,1.52213,14.21,3.82,0.47,71.77,0.11,9.57,0.00,0.00,1 41,1.51793,12.79,3.50,1.12,73.03,0.64,8.77,0.00,0.00,1 42,1.51755,12.71,3.42,1.20,73.20,0.59,8.64,0.00,0.00,1 43,1.51779,13.21,3.39,1.33,72.76,0.59,8.59,0.00,0.00,1 44,1.52210,13.73,3.84,0.72,71.76,0.17,9.74,0.00,0.00,1 45,1.51786,12.73,3.43,1.19,72.95,0.62,8.76,0.00,0.30,1 46,1.51900,13.49,3.48,1.35,71.95,0.55,9.00,0.00,0.00,1 47,1.51869,13.19,3.37,1.18,72.72,0.57,8.83,0.00,0.16,1 48,1.52667,13.99,3.70,0.71,71.57,0.02,9.82,0.00,0.10,1 49,1.52223,13.21,3.77,0.79,71.99,0.13,10.02,0.00,0.00,1 50,1.51898,13.58,3.35,1.23,72.08,0.59,8.91,0.00,0.00,1 51,1.52320,13.72,3.72,0.51,71.75,0.09,10.06,0.00,0.16,1 52,1.51926,13.20,3.33,1.28,72.36,0.60,9.14,0.00,0.11,1 53,1.51808,13.43,2.87,1.19,72.84,0.55,9.03,0.00,0.00,1 54,1.51837,13.14,2.84,1.28,72.85,0.55,9.07,0.00,0.00,1 55,1.51778,13.21,2.81,1.29,72.98,0.51,9.02,0.00,0.09,1 56,1.51769,12.45,2.71,1.29,73.70,0.56,9.06,0.00,0.24,1 57,1.51215,12.99,3.47,1.12,72.98,0.62,8.35,0.00,0.31,1 58,1.51824,12.87,3.48,1.29,72.95,0.60,8.43,0.00,0.00,1 59,1.51754,13.48,3.74,1.17,72.99,0.59,8.03,0.00,0.00,1 60,1.51754,13.39,3.66,1.19,72.79,0.57,8.27,0.00,0.11,1 61,1.51905,13.60,3.62,1.11,72.64,0.14,8.76,0.00,0.00,1 62,1.51977,13.81,3.58,1.32,71.72,0.12,8.67,0.69,0.00,1 63,1.52172,13.51,3.86,0.88,71.79,0.23,9.54,0.00,0.11,1 64,1.52227,14.17,3.81,0.78,71.35,0.00,9.69,0.00,0.00,1 65,1.52172,13.48,3.74,0.90,72.01,0.18,9.61,0.00,0.07,1 66,1.52099,13.69,3.59,1.12,71.96,0.09,9.40,0.00,0.00,1 67,1.52152,13.05,3.65,0.87,72.22,0.19,9.85,0.00,0.17,1 68,1.52152,13.05,3.65,0.87,72.32,0.19,9.85,0.00,0.17,1 69,1.52152,13.12,3.58,0.90,72.20,0.23,9.82,0.00,0.16,1 70,1.52300,13.31,3.58,0.82,71.99,0.12,10.17,0.00,0.03,1 71,1.51574,14.86,3.67,1.74,71.87,0.16,7.36,0.00,0.12,2 72,1.51848,13.64,3.87,1.27,71.96,0.54,8.32,0.00,0.32,2 73,1.51593,13.09,3.59,1.52,73.10,0.67,7.83,0.00,0.00,2 74,1.51631,13.34,3.57,1.57,72.87,0.61,7.89,0.00,0.00,2 75,1.51596,13.02,3.56,1.54,73.11,0.72,7.90,0.00,0.00,2 76,1.51590,13.02,3.58,1.51,73.12,0.69,7.96,0.00,0.00,2 77,1.51645,13.44,3.61,1.54,72.39,0.66,8.03,0.00,0.00,2 78,1.51627,13.00,3.58,1.54,72.83,0.61,8.04,0.00,0.00,2 79,1.51613,13.92,3.52,1.25,72.88,0.37,7.94,0.00,0.14,2 80,1.51590,12.82,3.52,1.90,72.86,0.69,7.97,0.00,0.00,2 81,1.51592,12.86,3.52,2.12,72.66,0.69,7.97,0.00,0.00,2 82,1.51593,13.25,3.45,1.43,73.17,0.61,7.86,0.00,0.00,2 83,1.51646,13.41,3.55,1.25,72.81,0.68,8.10,0.00,0.00,2 84,1.51594,13.09,3.52,1.55,72.87,0.68,8.05,0.00,0.09,2 85,1.51409,14.25,3.09,2.08,72.28,1.10,7.08,0.00,0.00,2 86,1.51625,13.36,3.58,1.49,72.72,0.45,8.21,0.00,0.00,2 87,1.51569,13.24,3.49,1.47,73.25,0.38,8.03,0.00,0.00,2 88,1.51645,13.40,3.49,1.52,72.65,0.67,8.08,0.00,0.10,2 89,1.51618,13.01,3.50,1.48,72.89,0.60,8.12,0.00,0.00,2 90,1.51640,12.55,3.48,1.87,73.23,0.63,8.08,0.00,0.09,2 91,1.51841,12.93,3.74,1.11,72.28,0.64,8.96,0.00,0.22,2 92,1.51605,12.90,3.44,1.45,73.06,0.44,8.27,0.00,0.00,2 93,1.51588,13.12,3.41,1.58,73.26,0.07,8.39,0.00,0.19,2 94,1.51590,13.24,3.34,1.47,73.10,0.39,8.22,0.00,0.00,2 95,1.51629,12.71,3.33,1.49,73.28,0.67,8.24,0.00,0.00,2 96,1.51860,13.36,3.43,1.43,72.26,0.51,8.60,0.00,0.00,2 97,1.51841,13.02,3.62,1.06,72.34,0.64,9.13,0.00,0.15,2 98,1.51743,12.20,3.25,1.16,73.55,0.62,8.90,0.00,0.24,2 99,1.51689,12.67,2.88,1.71,73.21,0.73,8.54,0.00,0.00,2 100,1.51811,12.96,2.96,1.43,72.92,0.60,8.79,0.14
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Answer To: 1,1.52101,13.64,4.49,1.10,71.78,0.06,8.75,0.00,0.00,1...

Karthi answered on Sep 03 2021
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With the rising availability of complicated data sets, the application of machine learning in educational and corporate research is progressively growing. ML shows important advantages in terms of performance prediction and identification of undetectable numbers of people, images of different animals, persons, objects and much more with specific histograms and labels. Despite its popularity, many academics are still not acclimated to ML analysis. This can weaken or underestimate the validity and dependability of the ML model, both students and peer reviewers alike. Inexperienced ML specialists, on the other hand, can provide specifics of an analysis that stu
dents can study extremely grainy. There has been scary evidence that ML models have been reproduced illegally and reported in educational or industrial research which raises the necessity for a clear, succinct and comprehensible examination of ML to allow critical understanding and evaluation. A concise and organised report is recommended on the findings of ML analysis aimed at researchers. We also present a list of key reporting materials with examples that may be utilised for the preparation and transmission of ML-based articles to the same audience.
The complexity of broadly classified research in Machine Learning analyses is accelerating as investigators turn to high dimensional data of many fields like business development, clinical research, binary classification, face recognition, object recognition and much more, to study the environment around us and to teach the machines to be make more intelligent and extracting the outcomes. One of the ML (machine learning) forces that promoted their usage in interdisciplinary research, where the result of interests depend often on complicated connections between several elements, can react to complex interactions between inputs when measured in huge sets by default. Researchers have thus used ML to supplement the techniques guided by hypotheses. Due to a shortage of knowledge among researchers, pair reviews and general reading in several areas, reporting, understanding and assessing the authenticity of ML-produced conclusions is a challenge.
Furthermore, incidents of disappointment or non-reproduction and restricted interpretation have put doubt on clinical research ML techniques. The health community needs immediately to acquaint themselves with the basic concepts of ML and to create a structure to ensure that authors, reviewers and readers report, understand and evaluate this analysis consistently. Here we provide ideas for ML reporting that are important to the community that we believe are necessary to create, assess and eventually produce ML outcomes. In the end, we present a fully illustrated template explaining the essential aspects in the literature of ML reporting findings and gives examples including public resources for helping writers share their findings in an equitable way in order to enhance the transparency and replication of their analyses. We have a template inserted in the data supplement and addressed the areas below for convenience.
Machine Learning Architecture and Analysis and Machine Learning Methodology
Each utilised ML model would have four components. (1) the training and trial process, (2) a technique that integrates special hyperparameters (certain parameters whose value is determined ahead to workouts, such as the kernel or duplicate value). Many ML approaches use conventional methodologies, and the major distinction between the traditional model and ML analysis generally consists of how the model is trained and repeated to improve performance and performance overall. The initial idea of the ML would contain machines which could be experienced automatically. ML models still provide considerable versatility and can contain several constructions, training contracts, optimization and customisation approaches to generate tailored parameter or repair workshops that may impact overall performance, but it is always a good thing rather than a constant reality. A measure of superuser and simplicity is the proper adjustment of these knots. The proper testing, copying and reuse of ML models requires clearance reporting if and how buttons, e.g., parameters and hyperparameters, are utilised and put in each category in ML analysis.
An important option for supplier acceptance is the use of ML approaches that may give metrics to provide an insight into the effects of each component of the release. Many ML methods include strategies for glass boxes such as linear sliding and decision trees. Techniques such as a random analysis of the forest, a hidden class analysis and black-box methods such as (pictorial) networks or in-depth learning may be employed in conjunction with the method of translation to produce measurement results or measurement that provide insight into the meaning or consistency of each element in forecasting results. A random forest and an extensive technique of learning, for example, can give measurements of value indicating which elements are closest to interest range. Similarly, the analysis of the hidden class revels the coefficients of the integration of membership estimates into each hidden category in each value variation. For high resolution, compact, complicated data processing, such as employing EHR in full, several methods of ML such implanted neural networks are necessary to forecast patient output or variable output from extremely diverse test findings. The importance of these approaches is the capacity to examine a wide range of various data that might be coupled or unplanned and can be difficult or hard to assess using traditional statistics. This might lead to misinterpretations, however, as data generated by providers of health care are difficult to extract and convey. The use of these approaches would be permitted if there were a stronger speculation than normal computations. The notion of this choice must be well stated because of the signals of employing ML, which are tough to comprehend for researchers.
Measures of Evaluation
It is necessary to establish a test strategy once the research questionnaire and the analytic method have been developed. Success must be defined, and success evaluation methods done. Development of analyses and what is created throughout the training process is directed by performance measures. The ML monitoring analysis can include parameters such as sensitivity / memory, proper devaluation / accuracy amount and the curve element underpinning the typical prediction testing techniques. Also, in ML with uneven data sets (the amount of data points available for each class is different), when performance disparities are not evident, the...

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