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Microsoft Word - Ass2_2022
Faculty of Science and Engineering

Department of Computing
COMP3770/6770: Management of IT Systems and Projects
2022 – Individual Assignment 2 – 20% of semeste
Considering the Triple Constraint, while capturing the expertise of Company X
Due : 5pm – Thursday 14th April
Lecturer: Dr. Peter Busch

Page 2
MS Project 1

(20 marks - 20%)

Scope statement 2
Date: March 3rd 2022
Prepared by Dr. Peter Busch – Chief Technology Officer - Company X
Company X - an SME founded in 2012, provides IT services. The following paragraph is taken from the paper presented in
appendix 1.
The founders share extensive experience in the IT industry with ways to improve the delivery of IT services. Together
they’ve formed a company that is continually growing with over 25 team members located in the heart of Sydney.
The business is built on best practice to ensure an engagement model that is responsive and flexible. The company
values the success of guiding and supporting their clients through the focus of using DevOps strategies enabling them
to deliver automated Azure platforms and data centres. Company X also uses Microsoft 365 and Citrix to build modern
and secure workplaces for their clients. The team provides advice and solutions by integrating best practices with
leading technologies. They have a strong record in delivering IT Infrastructure projects across a diverse range of
clients that are on-time, within budget and high-quality outcomes. Their services include Azure Factory, Modern
Workplace, Cyber Security, Managed Services, Hy
id Cloud, DevOps, Digital Healthcare and Business, Industry
Solutions, WiFi, Modern Desktop Servicing, Windows Analytics and more. These services enable the support of IT
needs across a range of locations and platforms for optimal performance, allowing companies to focus on their core
usiness effectively and efficiently. Their organizational structure chart (figure 1) is generalized (Cen and Busch,
2019 p. 916).
Figure 1: illustrating the structure chart of Company X (with IT specific staff in the red rectangle)

1 Or other suitable PM software – up to you!
2 See appendix 1 for a full background to the scenario presented here.

Page 3
Answer Q1 and Q2:
Q1. Assume YOU are the project manager (PM) in company X (a real IT company) illustrated above. Fifteen (15) staff are
illustrated in figure 1, of which we could consider the 8 profiled in the red rectangle to comprise the actual IT staff.
The CTO (i.e., me - with the CEO’s blessing) has instructed you (PM) to prepare a project plan for a knowledge system
garnering expertise in the firm, regarding the sorts of technologies listed in the background above. To remain
competitive company X needs to draw better upon their internal knowledge. The system requirements at a high level
are as follows:

System Characteristics and Requirements: 3

1. The system must run on the company’s existing intranet using cu
ent hardware and software as much as possible.
2. The new system should be user friendly.
3. The main requirements of the system are to:
 Allow potentially all employees to access stored expertise in areas of the company listed above.
 The system should also enable staff to determine which of their colleagues have expertise in specific areas,
should the system itself not store such specialised knowledge.
 The system should be up to date insofar as staff who may have left the company are so recorded, meaning that
expertise may need to be sought from outside the organisation.
 The system should provide all location details for cu
ent staff, including their position description and
iographical information.
 Provide a means for staff to enter areas of expertise they may have. Such expertise descriptions will be in the
form of keywords chosen from a thesaurus in the system; staff will also be able to add vetted keywords, should
satisfactory keywords not exist.
Project success criteria:
Our goal is to complete this project within 4 months for no more than $? 4 The main goal is increase access to expertise by
providing a system that can be used by all 25 staff in the company ideally, even though the 8 staff listed above, comprise the
core of staff with most of the IT knowledge (15 marks).

Q2. Comment on the importance of the Triple Constraint with reference to both the concepts provided in Cen and Busch
(2019 – see Appendix 1) and relating such concepts to the scenario you have worked on in question 1. What do you
think are the most important constraints in the assignment scenario here – Scope, Time, or Cost? Why? (5 marks).

3 Note – you are not installing this system, merely working out the project management for the installation!
4 Meaning you tell me what you think the project will cost with the 8 staff members, over a 4-month timeframe.

Page 4
Basic assignment steps
a. You are the PM as illustrated in figure 1. Consider your salary cost too.
. Company X wants a knowledge system which can store expertise on the platforms, software and cloud knowledge
of 8 staff in particular, mentioned in the scope above.
c. As PM, it is assumed you have some knowledge of the potential of cloud.
d. Company X would like their intranet knowledge system online in 4-month timeframe.
e. For consideration here, Company X has 1 PM (you), and 7 other IT staff. 5
f. You as PM can work out the budget - there is no co
ect answer here! What do you think it might cost over the 4
 One way to work the payments out might be to work out an hourly rate of pay and multiple by the number
of days per week and weeks per month your staff might be allocated to the lab.
 Again - there is no one co
ect answer here, just how well you explain yourself and why.
 You can be creative and Google costings - just write where you derived these costings in your report
 The more thorough/convincing/plausible your explanation is – the better.
g. Consider, as with any workplace, the above staffing is only partially dedicated to achieving the end goal of the
knowledge system establishment in 4 months. You decide what fraction of time is spent by staff on this initiative!
h. This project represents an intra-organisational view of PM.
i. Consider the Triple Constraint as discussed in appendix 1 (Cen and Busch, 2019) and answer question 2.

5 You are the PM - so you work out the costings of these staff. ‘Google’ what the salaries might be.

Page 5
Assignment Algorithm

1. Implement the above project scope (basic assignment steps) into MS Project (or appropriate PM software). You are free
to modify the WBSs as you see appropriate (15 marks).
Please answer the following: -
 How long will your project take?
 How did you calculate this? (explain)
 Provide the critical path (e.g., figure 1 below) for your implementation.
 You may use the network diagram feature in MS Project (or equivalent) and modify/comment to illustrate
your point, rather than redrawing from scratch.
 Provide a discussion of your approach – how did you a
ive at your costings, timeframes, how staff were
allocated and so on?
 Hint: higher grades tend to refer to sources of information 6
Figure 1: Determining the critical path for project X (source: Schwalbe, 2018 p. 260).
2. Write your answer to question 2 (5 marks).

6 See assignment 1 – appendix 1.

Page 6
Deliverables – soft copy only
1. One (combined) pdf file containing your MS project (or equivalent) solutions (question 1), which includes:
a. WBS charts, including

i. Gantt chart
ii. Network diagram
iii. Resource graphs etc., and discussion/commentary/costings.

2. The answer to question 2.

Place your soft copy (1 file) in the appropriate folder on iLearn (Turnitin submission).

Marking Ru

Note higher grades include examples from the literature. Higher grades show greater initiative in costings, providing
explanation for why staff cost what they did, reasons for time durations on tasks and so on. The critical path will be well
explained, showing good understanding of what is taking place.

(Borderline Pass-Fail)
(Distinction to HD)
Comprehending the
underlying scenario
An understanding that
organisations have
PM strengths,
expressed through
asic statements
articulating how some
organisations may be
etter because of PM.
Some indication
literature exists
providing wider
examples of CM,
staffing etc. in
Recourse to the literature,
illustrating similar
organisation profiles with
egard to CM and PM,
staffing etc. and how
these factors relate to the
material under study.
A comprehensive study of
the literature providing
deeper examples of similar
CM and how PM has
strengthened them.
PM software
Limited use of PM
software showing
some understanding
of the tool.
Competent use of PM
software showing
understanding of the
software, perhaps
making some basic
Good understanding of
the software, using tool
appropriately without any
significant mistakes.
Excellent understanding of
the PM software, using tool
appropriately at an expert
PM modelling
understanding of PM
modelling, some
obvious mistakes.
understanding of PM
modelling, some
trivial mistakes still in
evidence, but
generally an
understanding of what
is taking place and
Good grasp of PM
inging in
other examples of PM
modelling from the
literature explaining how
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Subodh answered on Apr 10 2022
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Question 1
How long will your project take?
Four Months
Satrt Date: 02/05/2022 (DD/MM/YYYY)
End Date : 02/09/2022 (DD/MM/YYYY)
How Did you calculate this ?
I have created work
eak down structure in Micrsoft Project. Assigned the resource with required efforts anf date. Finally a
ived the End Date of Project.
Provide the critical path (e.g., figure 1 below) for your implementation?
Under MS-Project file
Provide a discussion of your approach – how did you a
ive at your costings, timeframes, how staff were allocated and so on?
We have eight technical resources. But there is no designer and developer to develop the application so taken one Developer and one designer additional resource. They will be utilised 100% of
their capacity. Other staffs have not much utilisation except Project Leader and Project coordinator.
Resource will be utilised as per following Matrix.
Resource Required Skill Possible Utilization Utilisation
Designer HTML, Good
exposure to web
design tool like
adobe etc.
Website Design 100 30 Need to out
.NET Developer C#, ASP.NET Website Development 100 30 Need to out
Principle Cloud
Cloud Migration Requirement
Gathering, UAT
20 30
Senior System
Can support in
development and
Development , UAT
20 30
Senior Network
Network Website Security /
access within
10 30
Senior DevOps
Devops Server configuration,
Website Deployment
10 30
Azure Senior
Cloud Consultant
Azure Cloud Requirement
Gathering, UAT
10 30
Azure Engineer Azure Cloud Requirement
Gathering, UAT
50 30
Question 2
1. Gantt Chart
WBS Task Name Duration Start Finish Predecessors Resource Names
1.1.1 Project Idea collaboration 1 day Mon 02-05-22
Mon 02-05-

Azure Engineer [20%],Azure Senior Cloud Consultant
[20%],Designer,Developer,Principle Cloud Consultant
[20%],Project Coordinator [50%],Project Manager ,Senior
DevOps Consultant [20%],Senior Network Consultant...

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