Microsoft Word - RSE4010_ Assignment 2_2021.pdf Resources Engineering, Faculty of Engineering RSE4010 - Mine planning and scheduling Assignment 2 (Individual) Due: Week 10, Friday Worth 17% Assuming...

Microsoft Word - RSE4010_ Assignment 2_2021.pdf
Resources Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
RSE4010 - Mine planning and scheduling
Assignment 2 (Individual)

Due: Week 10, Friday Worth 17%

Assuming that your processing plant is located at X latitude and Y longitude, and using the data in
the table below:

Latitude (X) Longitude (Y) GPS Coordinates

30° 0' 43.308'' S
136° 50' XXXXXXXXXX'' E

a) Plan road and rail routes to transport the concentrate from your processing plant to the
nearest port. Note that you may need to build additional road and/or rail lines to connect
your processing facilities to the existing transportation infrastructure.
b) Estimate the length of new road and rail required and the total transportation distance from
the processing plant to the port. Show the process used to derived these estimates and
state the assumptions employed in your calculation.
c) Using the production schedule developed in Assignment 1, estimate the road and rail fleet
capacity required to transport concentrate to the nearest port. Find the associated road and
rail capex, the fleet capex for both, and the ongoing transportation costs.
d) It is estimated that poor weather will prevent road transportation 20 of the 365 days of
production each year. Assuming the same price for concentrate as listed in Assignment 1
and that payment is not made until the concentrate is delivered to the port, how do these
delays this affect your overall project NPV? (Assume excess concentrate can be stockpiled
until transported and that weather delays do not affect the production schedule).
e) How much should you increase your road fleet capacity to offset the poor weather delays?
Justify your answer.
f) Which method (road or rail) should you use to transport your concentrate? Justify your
g) In reality, what other considerations might you need to take into account when deciding
between transportation options? What other methods could you use to transport

i. a word document including all of your answers.
ii. an excel spreadsheet showing your calculations.

Mode Capex Fleet Capex Fleet Opex
Road $2,000,000/km $45,000/ (Mt km/yr) $0.10/t/km
Rail $5,000,000/km $110,000/ (Mt km/yr) $0.02/t/km
Notes Per km of new road or rail
Based on the
maximum annual
capacity of fleet.
Based on
production and total

Criteria for Marking:
Component Components Value %
Cover page & ToC Neatness, design, title, names, table of contents, etc. Cover page attached and signed 5
Introduction Succinctness, clarity, numbering, comprehensiveness 5
Statement of Aims &
Succinctness, clarity, comprehensiveness 5
Calculation, Results,
and Discussion
Supporting evidence by appropriately referencing, lateral thinking, heading
numbers (for tables on the top and for figures at the bottom), Only compulsory
figures/diagrams and tables and their cross referee within the body of the text
and vice-versa
Conclusions &
Clear statement of findings of the project 15
Whether followed scientific referencing style (Standard approaches must be
All references in the body of the report are in the reference list at the end of the
The Author-date reference system is the standard approach for engineering
Formal issues of the
To get a good mark the following aspects will be considered: thematic and
linguistic coherence, appropriateness and quality of graphics.
Grammar and expression checked (Proof read your report and use the grammar
checking tools in your word processor).
All figures are numbered and have captions. Figure captions are below figures.
All tables are numbered and have captions. Table captions are above tables.
Headings numbered consecutively
Pages numbered
Appendices have the same standard of expression, spelling and grammar as
the main report
Superscripts and subscripts are used as appropriate e.g. m3 not m3 or m^3
Numbers have appropriate significant figures with a comma separating
thousands e.g. 34,000

Marking and Grading:
High Distinction
(70-79 D)
Credit (60-
69 C)
Pass (50-
59 P)
Fail (0-
49 F)
Exceptionally clear
understanding of
subject matter and
appreciation of
issues; clearly and
logically organised
with excellent
Addresses all of
the assessment
criteria to a very
high standard.
Evidence of insight
and originality
where appropriate.
Strong grasp of
subject matter
and appreciation
of key issues;
addresses all
the assessment
criteria, with
several to a high
standard; clearly
and logically
organised with
Evidence of
solid work.
of subject matter
and appreciation
of most of the
main issues;
addresses most
of the
reasonably well.
organisation and
appreciation of subject
matter and issues.
Addresses most of the
assessment criteria
adequately but may lack
in depth and breadth.
Often work of this grade
demonstrates only basic
comprehension or
competency. Work of
this grade may be poorly
structured and
Evidence of lack of
understanding of
subject, minimal or
comprehension and
does not address
the assessment
criteria. Work is
often inadequate in
depth and breadth
and sometimes
incomplete or
irrelevant; lack of
care and thought in
presenting and
structuring work.
Assignment submission
Online Submission: Please submit your work via Moodle site for this unit, which you can
access via the Moodle page of RSE4010.
May 16, 2021RSE4010Monash University

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