MSP Sustainable Infrastructure Design Project – see Design Submission - Fishermans Bend (The Project) Your company has been asked to bid create the...

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MSP Sustainable Infrastructure Design Project – see Design Submission - Fishermans Bend (The Project) Your company has been asked to bid create the infrastructure master plan for a new 21st century carbon neutral redevelopment based on Triple Bottom Line sustainability principles. You need to provide a conceptual design and feasibility study for the project. • Infrastructure – holistic infrastructure designed to survive a post oil world. • We recommend applying permaculture principles are used for transport zoning, nutrient recycling and food production within the precinct footprint. • Some natural gas is allowed as backup but remember we are aiming for Carbon Positive! This must include best practice, evidence-based sustainability appraisal processes used throughout all stages of the project to integrate: • Energy, water, waste and resources, environmental benchmarks and toolkits such as Green Star Communities, landscape biodiversity, sustainable urban agriculture, ‘greentech’ economic development, community consultation and sustainable resettlement, carbon neutral transport, applicable regulatory and planning frameworks and governance. Preliminary costing should be undertaken. In depth analysis of one or two of the above sustainability aspects should be undertaken. Project Submission Guidelines For the final project please consider the following: · The project submission consists of a short report, a poster, and a (6 minute) presentation to the group about your design. · The project submission report should be 20-40 pages. This should be about half graphs and images. Please ensure you reference any materials that are copied into the project. · The report should contain information on the site and surrounding context, an overview of the city and its systems, the shape and general design of the city, details of the sustainable infrastructure to be implemented, and more detail on the technical aspects and design of the topic your group chose. · Please put a table in the report showing how the city generally meets the requirements of the Green Star Communities framework. · The poster should look good and have some details. Print it on the largest printer you can find – either a2 or a1 (or Even A0 – but this may not necessarily get you extra marks) or get blank paper and glue smaller text and pictures to it. · The poster should be relevant from a couple of distances – big text, something eye catching and some images for the casual passer by, but more detail if someone wants to stop and have a look. · For the presentation guidelines - Google pecha kucha · Please focus on feasibility. We do not want to know everything about everything – We want this project to be decisive about the best solutions you have chosen for the site based on social, environmental and economic considerations. The projects will be assessed as follows: 1. Project Context 2. City overview of urban systems 3. Technical detail of research topic 4. Clarity of the material 5. Clarity of your city ‘vision’ Please submit all materials and your presentation in .PDF format to [email protected] and in hard format to Ed. All materials should contain your names. References: Fishermans Bend Masterplan: Google Earth & SketchUp: Green Star Communities framework: communities/ Australian Green Infrastructure Council (AGIC) toolkit framework: Moreland STEPS: The State of Australian Cities 2010 report: Green Roofs Australia: Permaculture: or Knox Central: Masdar: Burwood Heights Structure Plan and background information: Tonsley Park: mailto:[email protected]
Mar 23, 2021

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