Paper Topic: Applications of Cryptography in Daily Life </o:p> </o:p> Format : Strictly APA</o:p> </o:p> Pages : 8pages (Excluding title pages and references)</o:p>...

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Paper Topic:Applications of Cryptography in Daily Life

Format: Strictly APA

Pages: 8pages (Excluding title pages and references)


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Applications of Cryptography in Daily Life        9
Table of contents
Introduction    3
Importance of Cryptography    3
Applications of Cryptography in Daily Life    4
Encryption/Decryption in email    4
Encryption in Instagram    5
Electronic Money    5
Time Stamping    6
Encryption in WhatsApp    6
Authentication/Digital Signatures    7
Future scopes    7
Conclusion    8
References    9
Cryptography is used in applications like electronic commerce and electronic voting to ensure that they are utilised securely and safely. Cryptographic primitives such as digital signatures, hash functions, and MAC algorithms are employed. Although there are numerous efficient and safe algorithms, only a small number of them are actually employed. For digital signatures, for example, three cryptographic techniques are extensively employed. RSA [RSA78], DSA [NT94], and ECDSA [ANS05] are the three algorithms. A subset of these algorithms is implemented in most hardware devices, such as smartcards and Hardware Security Modules (HSM). Even software implementations employ these methods exclusively, despite the fact that other algorithms have previously been implemented. We estimate that one or more of these three techniques is used in at least 90% of electronic signature applications. Other cryptographic algorithms, on the other hand, provide characteristics not found in these basic methods. There exist algorithms that are post-quantum secure, for example. It's helpful to understand how these algorithms function in real-world situations before utilizing them. However, it is unclear what the fundamental requirements are for diverse applications and cryptographic devices. We give the data needed to elucidate this in this work.
Importance of Cryptography
Present day encryption utilizes a far reaching set of strategies to baffle the foe's detestable objectives while yet engaging legitimate client's admittance to data (Al-Humadi, 2020). Cryptography is an essential gadget for guaranteeing data security. It gives the four most huge data security administrations –
· The digital signature offers a non-repudiation service to protect against any disputes that may occur as a result of the sender's refusal to pass on a communication.
· Confidentiality Encryption techniques can protect information and communication against unwanted disclosure and access.
· Cryptographic hash functions serve an important role in ensuring data integrity for consumers.
· All of these key cryptographic services have made it possible to do business through networks utilizing computer systems in a very efficient and effective manner.
· Authentication Information may be protected against spoofing and forgeries using cryptographic techniques such as MAC and digital signatures.
Applications of Cryptography in Daily Life
Encryption/Decryption in email
Email encryption shields the substance of emails from anyone trying to get information about a part from outside the email discussion. In its mixed express, an email can at absolutely no point in the future be examined by an individual. Yet again your private email key can open and scramble your emails into the primary message (Hameed, I
ahim, Manap and Mohammed, 2020). The development of public key cryptography is utilized to encode email messages. Each email address is related with several keys, which are important to encode or interpret an email. A "public key" is one...

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